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Worthington Best Bitter - Heritage Collection (1992)

Heritage Collection
Worthington Best Bitter
36 cards (6 footballers)

Modern reproductions of 1920's and 1930's cigarette cards.

Association Footballers

1.  S. Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
2.  J. Mercer (Everton)
3.  E. Drake (Arsenal)
4.  V. Woodley (Chelsea)
5.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)
6.  T. Lawton (Everton)

Cricketers, 1928

7.  C. Hallows (Lancashire)
8.  Hon. F.S.G. Calthorpe (Warwickshire)
9.  Mr. D.R. Jardine (Surrey)
10.  W. Rhodes (Yorkshire)
11.  H. Stucliffe (Yorkshire)
12.  Mr. P.G.H. Fender (Surrey)

Men of the Moment in Sport (Lawn Tennis)

13.  J. Borotra (France)
14.  Karel Kozeluh (Czechoslovakia)
15.  Rene Lacoste (France)
16.  H.W. Austin (Cambridge and England)
17.  E. Higgs (England)
18.  H. Cochet (France)

Prominent Golfers

19.  Bobby Jones
20.  T.H. Cotton
21.  Miss Joyce Wethered
22.  Abe Mitchell
23.  James Braid
24.  Walter Hagen

Jockeys, 1930

25.  H. Wragg
26.  F. Winter
27.  H. Beasley
28.  C. Elliott
29.  S. Donoghue
30.  G. Richards

Rugby Internationals

31.  H. Boughton (Gloucester and England)
32.  R.C.S. Dick (Cambridge, Guy's Hospital and Scotland)
33.  E.S. Nicholson (Oxford, Rosslyn Park and England)
34.  D. Thomas (Swansea and Wales)
35.  W. Wooller (Sale, Cambridge and Wales)
36.  W.H. Weston (Northampton and England)


  1. Hi There,

    I have quite a few of these cards, not a full set.
    Can you please give me an idea of the price maybe single cards.

    Thank You

    Graham Knott

    1. Hi Graham,

      I don't have any cards for sale, sorry.



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