Thursday, 2 May 2019

Topps - UEFA Champions League Living Set (01)

UEFA Champions League Living Set
3+ cards

Topps is hugely excited to introduce the UEFA Champions League Living Set! Celebrating the world’s best footballers, these exquisite hand-drawn cards by Musa Drammeh capture the icons of the game in beautiful detail and are featured in the iconic and collector-favourite "Topps 1977/78 Footballers" trading card design. Unless transferred to another team, only one card will ever be produced for each player. There will be no player duplication, even for following seasons, giving you just one chance to get your hands on the portraits of your footballing heroes. Don’t miss out on these sensational cards, check out the Champions League Living Set now.
UPDATE (02-05-2019 16:11):  All three cards are now available from and they cost £4.00 each (No quantity discount at the moment) or all three cards for £10.00. In Germany the prices are €4.99 per card  (No quantity discount at the moment) or the set of three for €11.99. The prices for North America are $7.99 per card (5 cards - $20.00; 10 cards - $37.00; 20 cards - $67.00) or all three cards for $14.99 (No quantity discount advertised at the moment).

1.  Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)  -  Print run = 3,512

2.  Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United FC  -  Print run = 1,298
3.  Weston McKennie (FC Schalke 04)  -  Print run = 1,359


  1. Lets see what price these are

  2. Yeah, I don't think I mentioned it but they go on sale tomorrow. I'll add more details as soon as I know them.


    1. £4 a card with Winston McKennie #3 no details yet of other 2

    2. I still can't see prices....

  3. For the baseball living set it is $8 per single card and $15 for a 3 card bundle. They are released 3. Also, when you buy single cards, you get discounts for the higher quantity just like with Topps NOW. This is just how it is for baseball, though


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