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Panini (Austria) - Panini Foto-Cards 1998

Panini Foto-Cards 1998
100 cards

The checklist is missing seven cards - nos. 1 to 5 and 14 and 15. If you can help with any of the missing information please get in touch.
UPDATE (01-07-2019 12:11):  Nauzet Rodríguez Melián has been able to provide the names for all the missing cards so this checklist is now complete. Nauzet is still looking for two cards to complete his collection - 64 (Richard Kitzbichler (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)) and 98 (Team Photo (SV Keli Ried)) - please get in touch if you have these cards available for sale or trade.

1.  Kazimierz Sidorczuk (Sturm Graz)
2.  Franco Foda (Sturm Graz)
3.  Ranko Popovic (Sturm Graz)
4.  Mario Posch (Sturm Graz)
5.  Darko Milanic (Sturm Graz)
6.  Gunther Neukirchner (Sturm Graz)
7.  Hannes Reinmayr (Sturm Graz)
8.  Roman Mahlich (Sturm Graz)
9.  Gilbert Prilasnig (Sturm Graz)
10.  Markus Schupp (Sturm Graz)
11.  Tomislav Kocijan (Sturm Graz)
12.  Wolfgang Hopfer (Sturm Graz)
13.  Ivica Vastic (Sturm Graz)
14.  Mario Haas (Sturm Graz)
15.  Joseph Spiteri (Sturm Graz)
16.  Franz Almer (Liebherr GAK)
17.  Stipe Brnas (Liebherr GAK)
18.  Jurgen Hartmann (Liebherr GAK)
19.  Damir Muzek (Liebherr GAK)
20.  Gregor Potscher (Liebherr GAK)
21.  Ales Ceh (Liebherr GAK)
22.  Dieter Ramusch (Liebherr GAK)
23.  Gerald Strafner (Liebherr GAK)
24.  Zjelko Radovic (Liebherr GAK)
25.  Michael Anicic (Liebherr GAK)
26.  Herfried Sabitzer (Liebherr GAK)
27.  Herbert Wieger (Liebherr GAK)
28.  Raimund Hedl (SK Rapid Wien)
29.  Martin Hiden (SK Rapid Wien)
30.  Nikola Jerkan (SK Rapid Wien)
31.  Krzysztof Ratajczyk (SK Rapid Wien)
32.  Christian Prosenik (SK Rapid Wien)
33.  Oliver Freund (SK Rapid Wien)
34.  Martin Braun (SK Rapid Wien)
35.  Michael Wagner (SK Rapid Wien)
36.  Theo Gruner (SK Rapid Wien)
37.  Samuel Ipoua (SK Rapid Wien)
38.  Christian Stumpf (SK Rapid Wien)
39.  Marek Penksa (SK Rapid Wien)
40.  Wolfgang Knaller (FK Austria Memphis)
41.  Anton Pfeffer (FK Austria Memphis)
42.  Trifon Ivanov (FK Austria Memphis)
43.  Jurgen Leitner (FK Austria Memphis)
44.  Herbert Gager (FK Austria Memphis)
45.  Julius Simon (FK Austria Memphis)
46.  Ernst Dospel (FK Austria Memphis)
47.  Andreas Schiener (FK Austria Memphis)
48.  Ronald Brunmayr (FK Austria Memphis)
49.  Thomas Janeschitz (FK Austria Memphis)
50.  Tschertschessov (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
51.  Michael Streiter (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
52.  Roland Kirchler (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
53.  Zoran Barisic (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
54.  Hannes Jochum (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
55.  Markus Aichner (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
56.  Stefan Marasek (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
57.  Jerzy Brzeczek (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
58.  Chritian Mayrleb (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
59.  Francis Severeyns (FC Tirol Milch Innsbruck)
60.  Walter Kogler (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
61.  Adi Hutter (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
62.  Walter Hormann (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
63.  Rene Aufhauser (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
64.  Richard Kitzbichler (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
65.  Edi Glieder (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
66.  Laszlo Klausz (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
67.  Gernot Plassnegger (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
68.  Valdas Ivanauskas (SV Wüstenrot Salzburg)
69.  Zelko Pavlovic (LASK Linz)
70.  Klaus Rohseano (LASK Linz)
71.  Cheick Sidy Ba (LASK Linz)
72.  Johann Kogler (LASK Linz)
73.  Rune Tangen (LASK Linz)
74.  Jurgen Panis (LASK Linz)
75.  Peter Pawlowski (LASK Linz)
76.  Geir Frigard (LASK Linz)
77.  Kazimierz Wegrzyn (SV Keli Ried)
78.  Goran Stanisavljevic (SV Keli Ried)
79.  Walter Waldhor (SV Keli Ried)
80.  Oliver Glasner (SV Keli Ried)
81.  Michael Angerschmid (SV Keli Ried)
82.  Marcel Oerlemans (SV Keli Ried)
83.  Martin Unger (SC Austria Memphis Lustenau)
84.  Richard Padmore (SC Austria Memphis Lustenau)
85.  Peter Kosturkov (SC Austria Memphis Lustenau)
86.  Samuel Koejoe (SC Austria Memphis Lustenau)
87.  Roger Prinzen (SC Austria Memphis Lustenau)
88.  Peter Guggi (VfB Admira Wacker Mödling)
89.  Mario Hieblinger (VfB Admira Wacker Mödling)
90.  Peter Mraz (VfB Admira Wacker Mödling)
91.  Team Photo (Sturm Graz)
92.  Team Photo (Liebherr GAK)
93.  Team Photo (SK Rapid Wien)
94.  Team Photo (FK Austria Memphis)
95.  Team Photo (FC Tirol Innsbruck)
96.  Team Photo (SV Wustenrot Salzburg)
97.  Team Photo (LASK Linz)
98.  Team Photo (SV Keli Ried)
99.  Team Photo (SC Austria Memphis Lustenau)
100.  Team Photo (VfB Admira Wacker Modling)

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