Thursday, 2 May 2019

D.C. Thomson / The Hotspur - Fun Stickers (1971)

Fun Stickers
D.C. Thomson / The Hotspur
15 stickers

This sheet of stickers was included with the issue of The Hotspur dated 23 October, 1971.

The Fastest Sheriff in the West (End)
:Howdy Old Timer
:Ah Lost Ma Dog
:Go for your Guns
:I'm Wild Bill Hiccup
I'm a Football Fan - I Haye Your Team
:A One Club Man that's me!
:We Can Lick You Lot - we've got long tongues
:We Need Your Support - Hand over your braces
:I'm a Stopper
I Like School - Holidays
:Sir Says I'm Bright - Signed Wally Bright
:I'm Teacher's Pet (hate)
:I Like Schoolmeals - what's wrong with me!
:I'm in a Class of my Own - everyone else is absent!

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