Thursday, 16 May 2019

Quaker Oats - Oat Krunchies Action Superstar (02)

Oat Krunchies Action Superstar
Quaker Oats
2? card

Following on from showing Kevin Keegan recently, here's another back cover of a box of Oat Krunchies, this one is from 1973. I've also discovered that they are numbered and I think the Allan Clarke one is no. 3.

1.  Ray Illingworth (Cricket)
2.  Ken Buchanan (Boxing)
3.  Allan Clarke (Leeds United)
4.  Virginia Wade (Tennis)
5.  Jackie Stewart (Motor Racing)
6.  Anita Lonsbrough M.B.E. (Swimming)
7.  Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
?.  Sue Barker (Tennis)
?.  Muhammed Ali (Boxing)
?.  Alan Pascoe M.B.E. (Athletics)

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