Friday, 14 December 2018

Konga (Spain) - Konga Deporte y Premios (1966)

Konga Deporte y Premios
264 stickers

I don't have a checklist for this collection but they are similar to the ones produced by Fher for their Campeonato Mundial de Fútbol 1966 album. The difference being these are numbered and the numbering doesn't seem to follow any sort of pattern. I wonder if they might be from a 1966 World Cup section within another album. The Fher album Campeonato de Liga 1966-67 can also be found with Konga stickers, I've no idea if that is relevant but I thought I would mention it anyway. Can anyone provide more information?
UPDATE (19-12-2018 11:33):  Mark Avenell and I have been doing some more research into this collection and although it's mainly football the album also includes other sports. I've amended the title of this post to show the album title.

1-176.  La Liga (A. Bilbao - Valencia C.F.)
177.  Yashin (Rusia)
181.  Moore (Inglaterra)
182.  Beckenbauer (Alemania)
183.  Bobby Charlton (Inglaterra)   -   added 15-09-2019  -  thanks to Gregory Graetz
185.  Mazzola (Italia)
186.  Seeler (Alemania)
187.  Eusebio (Portugal)
188-209.  Cycling
210-220.  Swimming
221-231.  Basketball
232-242.  Other Sports (Show Jumping, Motor Racing, Boxing, Judo, etc.)
243-264.  Athletics

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