Friday, 16 November 2018

Upper Deck - 2018 Goodwin Champions (07) - Week 3 Photo Variation

2018 Goodwin Champions
Upper Deck
150 base cards

Each Thursday for the first 4 weeks following the release of 2018 Goodwin Champions, a new set of achievements will go live and will provide all types of collectors a shot at some of the most exciting and exclusive achievement cards to hit Upper Deck e-Pack! In addition, 3 new Photo Variations, Photo Variations Red Parallel, & Photo Variations Black Parallel cards will be randomly spiked directly into unopened packs of 2018 Goodwin Champions. The complete checklist with 115 scans of the fronts and backs of the different versions of the three football cards (Andre Silva, Sofia Huerta, Shelina Zadorsky) can be found here - Upper Deck - 2018 Goodwin Champions (02) - Checklist.

Week 3 Photo Variation (1:183 packs)
3 cards
PARALLEL: Week 3 Photo Variation - Red (1:1,015 packs)
PARALLEL: Week 3 Photo Variation - Black (1:2,610 packs)

6.  Ryan Blaney
9.  Andre Silva
40.  Wayne Gretzky

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