Monday, 12 November 2018

Portland Pride - Portland Pride (1997) - Fred Meyer

Portland Pride
Portland Pride / Fred Meyer
9+ cards

This set of cards comes from 1997 when Portland Pride played in the final season of the Continental Indoor Soccer League. They were founder members of that league that only lasted five seasons. I don't have a complete checklist for this set but I've listed the squad for the season and identified those cards that I know of.

1.  Brett Phillips  -  confirmed
3.  Oth Ngonethong  -  confirmed
7.  Abraham Rubio  -  confirmed
10.  Rob Baarts  -  confirmed
12.  Ralph Black  -  confirmed
20.  Jeff Betts  -  confirmed
22.  Roger Gantz  -  confirmed
25.  Brian Negrete  -  confirmed
97.  Franklin McIntosh  -  confirmed
Zack Chown
Kiley Couch
Tom Crane
Ben Erickson
Peter Kavanagh
Kevin Legg
Ban Lensch
Joey Leonetti
Dan Packer
Scott Sagar
Chris Scotti

Charles Unaka

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