Saturday, 27 October 2018

Upper Deck - 2018 Goodwin Champions (04) - Black VIP Achievement Set

2018 Goodwin Champions
Upper Deck
150 base cards

This is one of 11 exclusive VIP cards and the whole set is available through the e-Pack online version of 2018 Goodwin Champions when redeeming VIP Prize Cards #P1-P4.

VIP Black World Champions Achievement Set
11 cards

WC-1.  LeBron James
WC-2.  Wayne Gretzky
WC-3.  Shanshan Feng
WC-4.  Ben Simmons
WC-5.  Jose Santos
WC-6.  Serena Williams
WC-7.  Matthias Dandois
WC-8.  Tiger Woods
WC-9.  Patrick Roy
WC-10.  Andre Silva
WC-11.  Michael Jordan

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