Friday, 26 October 2018

A.C.W. Francis (Grenada, West Indies) - Sports of the Countries

Sports of the Countries
A.C.W. Francis
Grenada, West Indies
25 cards

This collection was also issued in the United Kingdom by Dickson Orde & Co - 
Dickson Orde & Co. - (DIC-070a/b) Sports of the Countries.
UPDATE (12-04-2019 13:47):  Steve Marchitelli has provided scans of a black back version of the cards in this set.

Sports of the Countries - Blue back
Sports of the Countries - Black back

1.  England (Soccer)
2.  Spain (Bull Fighting)
3.  Canada (Ice Hockey)
4.  Russia (Athletics)
5.  Australia (Cricket)
6.  Ireland (Hurling)
7.  India (Polo)
8.  Austria (Skiing)
9.  Puerto Rico (Cock Fighting)
10.  Hungary (Water Polo)
11.  America (Baseball)
12.  Brazil (Basketball)
13.  Italy (Cycling)
14.  South Africa (Golf)
15.  Hawaii (Surfing)
16.  Wales (Rugby)
17.  Japan (Judo)
18.  Siam (Fighting Fish)
19.  France (Grand Prix Motor Racing)
20.  Pakistan (Hockey)
21.  China (Table Tennis)
22.  Argentina (Horse Racing)
23.  Switzerland (Curling)
24.  Malaya (Badminton)
25.  Scotland (Tossing the Caber)

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