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Jez (Yugoslavia) - Minhen 1974 u Karikaturi

Minhen 1974 u Karikaturi
216 stickers

These stickers are similar to the ones issued in Italy by Edis, Minhen is the Yugoslav word for Munich. I only know of these 16 stickers of Yugoslav players but this list is probably incomplete as there are 18 players shown on the front of the album.

Hadziabdic (Jugoslavija)
Pavlovic (Jugoslavija)
Katalinski (Jugoslavija)
Bogicevic (Jugoslavija)
Holcer (Jugoslavija)
Oblak (Jugoslavija)
Petkovic (Jugoslavija)
V. Petrovic "Pizon" (Jugoslavija)
Karasi (Jugoslavija)
Jerkovic (Jugoslavija)
Bajevic (Jugoslavija)
Surjak (Jugoslavija)
Bjekovic (Jugoslavija)
Acimovic (Jugoslavija)
Vladic (Jugoslavija)
Dzajic (Jugoslavija)

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  1. Hi. Here is my list of this set. Incomplete, but more names. Kind regards Øivind

    Complete teams:
    Emblem (Jugoslavija)Map (Jugoslavija)Maric (Jugoslavija)O Petrovic (Jugoslavija)Buljan (Jugoslavija)Hadziabdic (Jugoslavija)M Pavlovic (Jugoslavija)Katalinski (Jugoslavija)Bogicevic (Jugoslavija)Holcer (Jugoslavija)Oblak (Jugoslavija)I Petkovic (Jugoslavija)V. Petrovic "Pizon" (Jugoslavija)Karasi (Jugoslavija)Jerkovic (Jugoslavija)Bajevic (Jugoslavija)Surjak (Jugoslavija)Bjekovic (Jugoslavija)Acimovic (Jugoslavija)Vladic (Jugoslavija)Dzajic (Jugoslavija)
    Emblem (Argent.)Map (Argent.)Babington (Argent.)Santoro (Argent.)Wolff (Argent.)Houseman (Argent.)Vocine (Argent.)Bertoni (Argent.)Franciscosa (Argent.)Balbuena (Argent.)Lopez (Argent.)Brindidi (Argent.)Avellay (Argent.)
    Emblem (Brasil)Map (Brasil)Leao (Brasil)Ze Maria (Brasil)Marco Antonio (Brasil)Pereira (Brasil)Piazza (Brasil)Clodoaldo (Brasil)Levinha (Brasil)Rivelino (Brasil)Jairzinho (Brasil)Paulo Cesar (Brasil)Edu (Brasil)
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    Emblem (B.D.R.)Map (B.D.R.)Maier (B.D.R.)Hoettges (B.D.R.)Breitner  (B.D.R.)Schwarzenbeck (B.D.R.)Beckenbauer  (B.D.R.)Cullmann (B.D.R.)Hoeness  (B.D.R.)Heynckes (B.D.R.)Müller  (B.D.R.)Netzer (B.D.R.)Overrath(B.D.R.)
    Emblem (Nederl.)Map (Nederl.)Neeskens (Nederl.)Krol (Nederl.)Haan (Nederl.)Cruyff (Nederl.)Van Hanegem (Nederl.)Suurbier (Nederl.)Hulshoff (Nederl.)Mühren (Nederl.)Rep (Nederl.)Stuy (Nederl.)Keizer (Nederl.)
    Emblem (Sveriga)Map (Sveriga)Andersson (Sveriga) Hellstroem (Sveriga)Olsson (Sveriga)Karlsson (Sveriga)Norqvist (Sveriga)Larsson (Sveriga)Svensson (Sveriga)Torstenson (Sveriga)Kindwall (Sveriga)Edström (Sveriga)Sandberg (Sveriga)
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    These are not complete teams

    Emblem (Australia)Map (Australia)Wilson (Australia)Alston (Australia)Fraser (Australia)
    Emblem (Bulgaria)Map (Bulgaria)Ivkov (Bulgaria)Petkov (Bulgaria)

    Emblem (Chile)Map (Chile)
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    Emblem (Uruguay)Map (Uruguay)Rocha (Ururguay)
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