Tuesday 17 April 2018

Artua (Spain) - El Mundial de Espana (1982)

El Mundial de España
25 cards

Gregory Graetz has provided a checklist for this collection. The first 23 cards are the actual team photos.  Card 24 is an anonymous/faceless artist-drawn card of the captains from Spain & Yugoslavia, and no. 25 is an anonymous/faceless team picture of the Spanish side.  The back of the album was a contest to guess the score of the Spain v. Yugoslavia game and also to guess the roster of who would be in the Spanish team.

1.  Argentina Team
2.  West Germany Team
3.  Austria Team
4.  Belgium Team
5.  France Team
6.  Italy Team
7.  Yugoslavia Team
8.  England Team
9.  Scotland Team
10.  Northern Ireland Team
11.  Soviet Union Team
12.  Czechoslovakia Team
13.  Hungary Team
14.  Poland Team
15.  Brazil Team
16.  Chile Team
17.  Peru Team
18.  Honduras Team
19.  Algeria Team
20.  Cameroon Team
21.  El Salvador Team
22.  New Zealand Team
23.  Kuwait Team
24.  Spain v. Yugoslavia Captains
25.  Spain Team

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