Monday, 16 April 2018

Editora e Comercial Campos Lopes Ltda. (Brazil) - Milionario Mundial 62

Milionario Mundial 62
Editora e Comercial Campos Lopes Ltda.
? cards

Gregory Graetz has provided the following information about this set. It's not known how many different cards were issued, the backs of the cards include a drawings of a wide range of items that can be had by exchanging 500 cards, items include footballs, dolls, food mixers, clocks, transistor radios, bedspreads, sewing machines, etc. The set is know as a vari-backed one, the backs of all the cards are different but each card only has one back design.

1.  Zequinha
2.  Altair
3.  Pele
3.  Vava
4.  J. Marinho
5.  Jurandir
5.  Orlando
6.  Moacir
7.  Oreco
7.  Pepe
8.  Dida
9.  Jair
10.  Castilho
10.  Dino
11.  Joel
11.  Mengalvio
11.  D. Sordi

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