Monday 16 April 2018

Editora e Comercial Campos Lopes Ltda. (Brazil) - Milionario Mundial 62

Milionario Mundial 62
Editora e Comercial Campos Lopes Ltda.
? cards

Gregory Graetz has provided the following information about this set. It's not known how many different cards were issued, the backs of the cards include drawings of a wide range of items that can be had by exchanging 500 cards, items include footballs, dolls, food mixers, clocks, transistor radios, bedspreads, sewing machines, etc. The set is know as a vari-backed one, the backs of all the cards are different but each card only has one back design.
UPDATE (18-07-2020 11:51):  Another ten names added, thanks to Paul Bowditch.
UPDATE (06-11-2020 11:46):  Bob Lapides has provided scans of the Pele card.
UPDATE (18-03-2021 09:28):  More names have been added to the list. There are now 5 names against number 10. I suppose it's possible that all the players can be found with numbers from 1 through to 11. At the moment there are 28 different players in the list of 38 cards.
UPDATE (19-03-2021 08:31):  Lucian has provided more information and it's looking likely that all the players can be found numbered 1 to 11. I've compiled this chart showing those cards that have been confirmed. There are currently 30 players listed.
UPDATE (22-03-2021 09:03):  Peter has been in touch and shared images he has received from Moacir Andrade Peres confirming that there are 30 players featured and all are available numbered 1 through to 11. I have translated some of the prizes but there are a few of them that I failed to translate so they are still in Portuguese.

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