Wednesday 14 March 2018

Midjy Photo Outfit - Footballers (03)

Midjy Photo Outfit
30? cards

Robert Muat has provided details of four more negatives/cards. I've updated the list. The image on the left is the actual negative provided by Midjy, the image on the right is the card.
UPDATE (17-04-2020 00:18):  Ian Black has provided scans of three more Midjy cards.
  1. Black (Southampton)
  2. Gordon Bremner (Motherwell)
  3. Bobby Brown (Queens Park)
  4. Hugh Brown (Partick Thistle)
  5. Alfie Conn (Hearts)
  6. Cowan (Morton)
  7. Cox (Rangers)
  8. D. Duncan (East Fife)
  9. Bobby Evans (Celtic)
  10. George Hamilton (Aberdeen)   -   added 13-03-2023
  11. Billy Houliston
  12. H. Howie (Hibernian)
  13. Les Johnstone (Clyde)
  14. John Kelly (Third Lanark)
  15. T. Lawton (Notts County)
  16. C. Liddell (Morton)
  17. Jimmy Mason (Third Lanark)
  18. Stan. Matthews
  19. Willie Miller (Celtic)
  20. Reilly (Hibernian)
  21. Sagar (Everton)
  22. Davie Shaw (Hibernian)
  23. R. Simpson (Glasgow Celtic)
  24. Gordon Smith (Hibernian)
  25. Stubbins (Liverpool)
  26. Swift (Manchester City)
  27. Waddell (Rangers)
  28. Woodburn (Rangers)
  29. Archie Wright
  30. George Young (Rangers)
  31. Young (Rangers) & Reilly (Hibernian)

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