Sunday, 11 March 2018

Crack (Argentina) - Super Futbol (1979) (02) - Discs

Super Futbol
320 discs

I've been asked if I have a checklist for these circular discs but I don't really have enough information about these, even though they are from the same collection as the Super Futbol cards checklisted previously. There seem to be between 12 and 20 per team but these are the only ones I have recorded so far.
UPDATE (14-03-2018 11:46):  Gustavo Riganti has informed me that I am making a mistake in crediting the issue of this collection to 'Industria Argentina' as during this period they were made by a company called Crack. 'Industria Argentina' is similar to 'Made in UK'.

1.  Quinteros (Atlanta)
4.  Filipetto (Atlanta)
9.  Sanchez (Atlanta)
14.  Marinich (Atlanta)

10.  Maradona (Argentinos Juniors)
12.  Ulla (Argentinos Juniors)

1.  Pogany (Chacarita)
2.  Lopez (Chacarita)
3.  Pasucci (Chacarita)
4.  Giovanni (Chacarita)
5.  Alarcon (Chacarita)
6.  Galvan (Chacarita)
8.  Benitez (Chacarita)
10.  Raschia (Chacarita)
12.  Tarantino (Chacarita)

2.  Pereyra (Colon)
4.  Mazo (Colon)
6.  Mainonis (Colon)
7.  Mantaras (Colon)
8.  Monzon (Colon)
9.  De Meola (Colon)
11.  Arico (Colon)
15.  Erni (Colon)

9.  Gottardi (Estudiantes)

3.  Pellegrini (Gimnasia)
11.  Esquivel (Gimnasia)
12.  Cragno (Gimnasia)

1.  Borzi (Huracan)
7.  Clide Diaz (Huracan)
8.  Babington (Huracan)
10.  J. Sanabria (Huracan)
11.  Romano (Huracan)
15.  D'Anadrea (Huracan)

3.  Villaverde (Independiente)
13.  Lencina (Independiente)

3.  Simon (Newell's Old Boys)
12.  Carrasco (Newell's Old Boys)

5.  Alonso (Racing Club)
17.  Rodriguez (Racing Club)

2.  Saporiti (River Plate)
3.  Pavoni (River Plate)
13.  Rodriguez (River Plate)

3.  Van Tutne (Rosario Central)
11.  Diaz (Rosario Central)
16.  Magistral (Rosario Central)

7.  Mastromauro (Platense)

3.  Milozzi (Quimes)

2.  Villar (San Lorenzo)
7.  Marangoni (San Lorenzo)
17.  Hallar (San Lorenzo)

3.  Mazzoni (Union)
9.  Giachelo (Union)
12.  Trucco (Union)
13.  Bertole (Union)
15.  Lopez (Union)

4.  Jorge (Velez)
9.  Castro (Velez)
12.  Auntoun (Velez)


  1. Hi Alan! I am Gustavo Riganti from Argentina. I have already sent you some information about albums from Argentina. In this case I comment on this album especially. It is called "Super Futbol", was launched in 1979 by the company CRACK. There are 434 in total. Of which 144 are rectangular cardboard and 290 discs. By mail I will send you some photos and the checklist. regards

    1. Hi Gustavo,

      Thank you very much for your help, I have received your e-mail and I will be contacting you soon.

      Kind regards,




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