Saturday 4 November 2017

When Saturday Comes - The Half Decent World Cup 98 Wallchart and Stickers

The Half Decent World Cup 98 Wallchart and Stickers
When Saturday Comes
40 stickers

The wallchart and sheet of stickers were included with the June 1998 issue of When Saturday Comes. The idea was to decide which statement on the stickers best described each team as they were eliminated from the competition. Most are generic, but there are two stickers for Scotland - Agony and Ecstasy and a couple of England stickers too.

Eng-ger-land Patriotic fever and rejoicing
Plucky performance... young squad... build for the future, etc.
England are rubbish!
Lovely champs
Nasty champs
Aging team
Own worst enemy
Forgettable as usual
Mmm, lovely passing triangles, not much else
They should have got day return tickets
Good technique - but not enough stamina
Cute, loveable and easily blown away
Fantastic entertainers, but never world class
They're OK, but it's not really their game, is it?
Ha! It's a dream come true
They'll be pleased with the silver
Sometimes second just isn't good enough
Had terrible luck
Good in the air, bit not very attractive
Strong at the back, but pretty think up front
Robotically efficient
Didn't really care what happened to them
One player carried them
Their fans will be miserable now
Their fans will be in heaven
Nearly caused a major upset
They made a good impression
Goodbye and good riddance
Draw specialists
Didn't deserve to be knocked out
Ah well, they'll be home in time for tea
Slow starters
In a difficult group
No discipline
Talented youngsters
Referees gave them a hard time
They didn't expect to go so far

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