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JF Sporting Collectibles - Footballers ~ Cut Signatures

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures
JF Sporting Collectibles
2244 cards

Postcards with printed photo and a cut signature pasted to the front. Some cards, mainly Manchester United ones, also have career details on the back.

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - October 2005
23 cards

Eddie Wainwright (Everton)
Eric Moore (Everton)
Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea)
Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool)
John Charles (Leeds United)
Dick Whittaker (Chelsea)
Laurie Scott (Arsenal)
Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
Tommy Eglington (Everton)
Fred Else (Preston North End)
Tommy Thompson (Aston Villa)
Alf Young (Huddersfield Town) - 1930s
Brian Peterson (Blackpool)
Brian Birch (Bolton Wanderers)
George Robledo (Newcastle United)
Cyril Lello (Everton)
Jimmy Tansey (Everton)
Bryn Elliott (Southampton)
Derek Reeves (Southampton)
Ewan Fenton (Blackpool)
Gerry Cakebread (Brentford)
Brian Harris (Everton)
Len Ashurst (Sunderland)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - November 2005
29 cards

Billy Rees (Tottenham Hotspur)
Stan Aldous (Leyton Orient)
Peter Farrell (Everton)
Tom Jones (Everton)
Viggo Jensen (Hull City)
Raich Carter (Hull City)
Ken Harrison (Hull City)
Bill Perry (Blackpool)
Bobby Brennan (Luton Town)
Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)
Eddie Hopkinson (Bolton Wanderers)
Joe Hayes (Manchester City)
Bobby Johnstone (Manchester City)
Alan Oakes (Manchester City)
Billy Spurdle (Manchester City)
Leslie Compton (Arsenal)
Wally Barnes (Arsenal)
Don Roper (Arsenal)
Joe Mercer (Arsenal)
Lionel Smith (Arsenal)
Ray Daniel (Arsenal)
Tom Finney (Preston North End)
Jack Hedley (Sunderland)
Charlie Hurley (Bolton Wanderers)
Ron Reynolds (Tottenham Hotspur)
Barry Butler (Norwich City)
Johnny Hubbard (Rangers)
Eddie Lowe (Aston Villa)
Harry Parkes (Aston Villa)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - December 2005
25 cards

Ian McNeill (Leicester City)
Adrian Thorne (Brighton & Hove Albion)
Charlie Dyke (Chelsea)
Stan Hanson (Bolton Wanderers)
Harry Webster (Bolton Wanderers)
Harold Hassell (Bolton Wanderers)
Norman Bodell (Crewe Alexandra)
Frank Lord (Crewe Alexandra)
Bill Bly (Hull City)
Tom Berry (Hull City)
Frank Seddon (Hull City)
John McCole (Leeds United)
Albert Nightingale (Leeds United)
Barrie Betts (Manchester City)
Cliff Sear (Manchester City)
Joe Walton (Preston North End)
Harry Penk (Southampton)
Ken Brown (West Ham United)
Phil Woosnam (West Ham United)
John Williams (Plymouth Argyle)
Phil Taylor (Liverpool)
Walter Winterbottom (Manchester United) - 1930s
Bobby Russell (Chelsea)
Tommy Walker (Chelsea)
Bobby Campbell (Chelsea)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - December 2006
30 cards

Ernie Bond (Manchester United)
Ronnie Burke (Manchester United)
Bobby Harrop (Manchester United)
Wilf Trainer (Manchester United)
Harry McShane (Manchester United)
Sammy McMillan (Manchester United)
Jesper Olsen (Manchester United)
Pat Dunne (Manchester United)
Noel McFarlane (Manchester United)
David McCreery (Manchester United)
Jimmy Nicholson (Manchester United)
Peter Jones (Manchester United)
Reg Hunter (Manchester United)
Bill Fielding (Manchester United)
Ronnie Briggs (Manchester United)
Freddie Goodwin (Manchester United)
Ronnie Cope (Manchester United)
Laurie Cassidy (Manchester United)
Harold Bratt (Manchester United)
Tommy Lowrie (Manchester United)
John Fitzpatrick (Manchester United)
Tommy Heron (Manchester United)
Johnnie Downie (Manchester United)
Harry Gregg (Manchester United)
Ken Morgans (Manchester United)
Nobby Lawton (Manchester United)
Noel Cantwell (Manchester United)
Steve James (Manchester United)
Ian Donald (Manchester United)
Bryan Robson (Manchester United)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - January 2006
44 cards

 Joe Fagan (Manchester City) - 1940s
 George Young (Rangers) - 1940s
 Alec Stock (Leyton Orient) - Manager
 Jimmy Murphy (Manchester United) - Assistant Manager
 Frank Swift (Manchester City) - 1930s
 Alec Herd (Manchester City) - 1930s
 Fred Tilson (Manchester City) - 1930s
Matt Busby (Manchester City) - 1930s
 Alf Bellis (Bury) - 1950s
Pat Kelly (Barnsley) - 1950s
 Archie Whyte (Barnsley) - 1950s
 Bill Buchan (Hull City) - 1950s
 Arthur Stevens (Fulham) - 1950s
 John Grant (Everton) - 1950s
 Len Goulden (Chelsea)
 Gordon Dugdale (Everton) - 1940s
 Johnny Wheeler (Bolton Wanderers) - 1950s
 Harry Mattinson (Preston North End) - 1950s
 Hugh McLaren (Derby County) - 1950s
 Eddie Werge (Charlton Athletic) - 1950s
 Fred Worthington (Bury) - 1950s
 Harry Bodel (Bury) - 1950s
 Dave Massart (Bury) - 1950s
 Bryan Edwards (Bolton Wanderers) - 1950s
 Doug Holden (Bolton Wanderers) - 1950s
Peter Sillett (Chelsea) - 1950s
Ray Middleton (Derby County) - 1950s
 Jimmy Dunn (Derby County) - 1950s
 Grenville Hair (Leeds United) - 1950s
 George Meek (Leeds United) - 1950s
 David Wagstaff (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1960s
 Gordon Fincham (Leicester City) - 1950s
 Derek Mayers (Preston North End) - 1950s
 John Wightman (Blackburn Rovers) - 1930s
 John Flood (Southampton) - 1950s
 Fred Kiernan (Southampton) - 1950s
 John Hoskins (Southampton) - 1950s
 Dave Dunmore (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
 Jock Vinall (Norwich City) - 1930s
 Jack Holliday (Brentford) - 1930s
 Jock Weir (Celtic) - 1940s
 Alex Boden (Celtic) - 1940s
 Les Johnston (Celtic) - 1940s
 Jack Gallagher (Celtic) - 1940s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - March 2006
41 cards

Bill Foulkes (Manchester United) - 1950/60s
Ronnie Blackman (Reading) - 1940s
Joe Crozier (Brentford) - 1940s
Billy Gorman (Brentford) - 1940s
Archie MacAulay (Arsenal) - 1940s
Cyril Sidlow (Liverpool) - 1940s
Billy Liddell (Liverpool) - 1940s
Bob Paisley (Liverpool) - 1940s
Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic) - 1940s
Harold Phipps (Charlton Athletic) - 1940s
Harold Hobbis (Charlton Athletic) - 1940s
George Male (Arsenal) - 1940s
J. Logie (Arsenal) - 1940s
Leslie Compton (Arsenal) - 1940s
Joe Mercer (Arsenal) - 1940s
John Walker (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1940s
Reg Tricker (Arsenal) - 1920s
Stan Earle (West Ham United) - 1920s
Wilf Phillips (Millwall, Clapton Orient) - 1920s
Stan Charlton (Arsenal) - 1950s
Ken Hardwick (Doncaster Rovers) - 1950s
Bill Paterson (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Ron Walker (Doncaster Rovers) - 1950s
Jack Bray (Manchester City) - 1930s
Sam Barkas (Manchester City) - 1930/40s
E. Bates (Southampton) - 1940s
Eric Day (Southampton) - 1940s
Jack Clough (Middlesbrough) - 1920s
Bert Watson (Middlesbrough) - 1920s
Ernie Muttitt (Middlesbrough) - 1920s
Bill Scott (Middlesbrough) - 1920s
Gwyn Hughes (Northampton Town) - 1950s
Eddie Murphy (Northampton Town) - 1950s
Maurice Candlin (Northampton Town) - 1950s
Don Adams (Northampton Town) - 1950s
John Croy (Northampton Town) - 1950s
Arthur Banner (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Les Blizzard (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Tommy Harris (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Pat Welton (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Peter McMahon (Leyton Orient) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - April 2006
33 cards

Johnny Anderson (Manchester United) - 1940s
Len Cardwell (Manchester City) - 1940s
Phil Taylor (Liverpool) - 1950s
Bill Jones (Liverpool) - 1950s
Willie Fagan (Liverpool) - 1940s
Ian McPherson (Arsenal) - 1950s
George Curtis (Southampton) - 1950s
Ray Westwood (Bolton Wanderers) - 1930/40s
Arthur Geldard (Everton) - 1930s
Jack Charlton (Leeds United) - 1950/60s
Derek Reeves (Southampton) - 1950s
Dave Ewing (Manchester City) - 1950s
Dave Corbett (Plymouth Argyle) - 1960s
John McHugh (Watford) - 1930s
Bob Irvine (Watford) - 1930s
Ted Sagar (Everton) - 1950s
Les Massie (Huddersfield Town) - 1950s
Bill Dodgin (Fulham) - 1950s
Walter Fielding (Everton) - 1950s
Ken Oliver (Derby County) - 1950s
Harold Roberts (Chesterfield) - 1940s
Peter Robinson (Chesterfield) - 1940s
Fred Capel (Chesterfield) - 1940s
Bob Southall (Chesterfield) - 1940s
Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers) - 1950s
‘Tim’ Coleman (Middlesbrough) - 1930s
Peter Burke (Norwich City) - 1930s
Bernard Robinson (Norwich City) - 1930s
Harry Proctor (Norwich City) - 1930s
Roy Clark (Manchester City) - 1950s
Billy Lane (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1920s
Jack Wheeler (Huddersfield Town) - 1950s
George Robledo (Newcastle United) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - May 2006
21 cards

George Swindin (Arsenal) - 1950s
George Murphy (Bradford City) - 1930s
Adam Mitchell (Bradford City) - 1930s
Charlie Moore (Bradford City) - 1930s
Charlie Bicknell (West ham United) - 1930s
Micky Fenton (Middlesbrough) - 1940s
Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough) - 1940s
Dave Cumming (Middlesbrough) - 1940s
Jimmy McCabe (Middlesbrough) - 1940s
Bob Southall (Chesterfield) - 1940s
Hugh McJarrowl (Chesterfield) - 1940s
David Blakeyl (Chesterfield) - 1940s
Tommy Capell (Chesterfield) - 1940s
Stan Milburnl (Chesterfield) - 1940s
John Thompsonl (Chesterfield) - 1940s
Paul Reaney (Leeds United) - 1960/70s
John Napier (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1960/70s
Peter Downsborough (Bradford City) - 1970s
Peter A. Jackson (Bradford City) - 1970s
Steve Smith (Bradford City) - 1970s
Mick Wood (Bradford City) - 1970s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - June 2006
29 cards

Dave Nelson (Brentford) - 1940s
Fred Monk (Brentford) - 1940s
Leslie Smith (Aston Villa) - 1940s
Vic Potts (Aston Villa) - 1940s
Frank Broome (Aston Villa) - 1930s
Bill Dodgin (Arsenal) - 1950s
Grenville Hair (Leeds United) - 1950s
Jimmy Dunne (Leeds United) - 1950s
Jack Smith (Sheffield United) - 1930s
Harold Brook (Sheffield United) - 1950s
Colin Collindridge (Sheffield United) - 1950s
Eddie Quigley (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1940s
Noel Kinsey (Birmingham City) - 1950s
Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea) - 1950s
Johnny King (Stoke City) - 1950s
Arthur Rowley (Fulham) - 1940s
Bill Harper (Arsenal) - 1930s
Don Roby (Notts County) - 1950s
Ambrose Mulraney (Aston Villa) - 1940s
Bill Fraser (Sunderland) - 1950s
Eddie Clamp (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950s
Roy Finch (Lincoln City) - 1950s
Bob Jackson (Lincoln City) - 1950s
Harry Bell (Middlesbrough) - 1940s
Bill Guttridge (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950s
Harry McShane (Manchester United) - 1950s
Tommy Heron (Manchester United) - 1950s
Ronnie Cope (Manchester United) - 1950s
Frank Haydock (Manchester United) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - July 2006
33 cards

Peter McWilliam (Newcastle United) - 1900/10s
George Camsell (Middlesbrough) - 1920/30s
Bob Baxter (Middlesbrough) - 1930s
Billy Brown (Middlesbrough) - 1930s
Freddy Warren (Middlesbrough) - 1930s
Jack Martin (Middlesbrough) - 1930s
Albert Quixall (Manchester United) - 1950/60s
Bobby Johnstone (Manchester City) - 1950s
Johnny Bollands (Sunderland) - 1950s
Jesse Pye (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1940s
J. Hancock (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1940/50s
F. Ramcar (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1940s
Bill Crook (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1940/50s
D. Westcott (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1930/40s
T. Galley (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1930/40s
Bert Lister (Oldham Athletic) - 1960s
Ronnie Swan (Oldham Athletic) - 1960s
Jimmy Frizzell (Oldham Athletic) - 1960s
Bob Ledger (Oldham Athletic) - 1960s
John Colquhoun (Oldham Athletic) - 1960s
Les Dagger (Preston North End) - 1950s
Jimmy Rollo (Bradford City) - 1960s
David Latham (Southport) - 1960s
Roger Darvell (Southport) - 1960s
Terry Tighe (Southport) - 1960s
A. Peat (Southport) - 1960s
Kevin Cairns (Southport) - 1960s
Tony Beanland (Southport) - 1960s
Keith Abbis (Birghton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Adrian Thorne (Birghton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Tommy Bisset (Birghton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Denis Foreman (Birghton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Nobby Upton (Birghton & Hove Albion) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - August 2006
24 cards

R. Saunders (Liverpool) - 1950s
Don Woan (Liverpool) - 1950s
Billy Liddell (Liverpool) - 1950s
Phil Taylor (Liverpool) - 1950s
Joe Maloney (Liverpool) - 1950s
Danny Blanchflower (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Dave Dunmore (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Terry Medwin (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Bobby Smith (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Johnny Dixon (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Stan Lynn (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Dave Walsh (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Peter Aldis (Aston Villa) - 1950s
George Martin (Manager - Aston Villa) - 1950s
Colin Gibson (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Frank Moss (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Jimmy Dickinson (Portsmouth) - 1950s
Ken Leek (Leicester City) - 1950s
Raich Carter (Hull City) - 1940/50s
John Winfield (Nottingham Forest) - 1960s
Ian Storey-Moore (Nottingham Forest) - 1960s
Sam Chapman (Nottingham Forest) - 1960s
Henry Newton (Nottingham Forest) - 1960s
Jim Baxter (Nottingham Forest) - 1960s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - September 2006
19 cards

Roy Finch (Lincoln City) - 1940s
Dennis Evans (Arsenal) - 1950s
Vic Potts (Aston Villa) - 1940s
Tony Richards (Walsall) - 1950s
Bill Fraser (Sunderland) - 1950s
Noel Kinsey (Birmingham City) - 1950s
Johnny King (Stoke City) - 1950s
Stan Morgan (Arsenal) - 1940s
Peter McParland (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Stan Aldous (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Frank Fidler (Leeds United) - 1950s
Andy Graver (Lincoln City) - 1950s
John McClelland (Lincoln City) - 1950s
Joe Kennedy (West Bromwich Albion) - 1950s
Ray Barlow (West Bromwich Albion) - 1950s
Peter Wakeham (sunderland) - 1950s
Don Mills (Leeds United) - 1950s
Tom Parker (Ipswich Town) - 1950s
George Rumbold (Ipswich Town) - 1940s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - October 2006
18 cards

Forbes (Arsenal) - 1950s
Collindridge (Sheffield United) - 1940s
Rickett (Sheffield United) - 1940s
Latham (Sheffield United) - 1940s
Tommy lloyd (Bradford PA) - 1930s
Roy Cheetham (Manchester City) - 1960s
Tommy Hamilton (Shamrock Rovers) - 1950s
Bobby Harrop (Manchester united) - 1950s
Joe Lancaster (Manchester United) - 1940s
Paddy Kennedy (Manchester united) - 1950s
Peter Fletcher (Manchester United) - 1970s
Ray Hampson (Aldershot) - 1950s
Roy Killin (Peterborough United) - 1950s
Reg Hunter (Manchester United) - 1950s
Charlie Fletcher (Plymouth Argyle) - 1930s
Archie gorman (Plymouth Argyle) - 1930s
Jimmy Rae (Plymouth Argyle) - 1930s
Johnny McNeil (Plymouth Argyle) - 1930s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - November 2006
17 cards

Bill Rutherford (Southport) - 1950s
Peter Brabrook (Chelsea) - 1950/60s
Tommy Dixon (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Jim Wheeler (Reading) - 1950s
Dave Meeson (Reading) - 1950s
Dick Spiers (Reading) - 1950s
Ray Reeves (Reading) - 1950s
Crook (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950s
Bill Gutteridge (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950s
Meek (Leeds United) - 1950s
Tony Richards (Walsall) - 1950s
Harry Baldwin (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Bob Webb (Bradford City) - 1950s
Joe Wallace (Southport) - 1950s
Jack Parr (Derby County) - 1950s
Maurice Candlin (Northampton Town) - 1950s
Jackie Hudson (Chesterfield) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - December 2006
28 cards

Wally Bellett (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950s
Bill Livingstone (Chelsea) - 1950s
Ron Tindall (Chelsea) - 1950s
Derek Saunders (Chelsea) - 1950s
Jim Lewis (Chelsea) - 1950s
Len Casey (Chelsea) - 1950s
Peter Sillett (Chelsea) - 1950s
Johnny McNichol (Chelsea) - 1950s
Les Stubbs (Chelsea) - 1950s
Reg Matthews (Chelsea) - 1950s
Shay Brennan (Manchester United) - 1950/60s
Peter Jones (Manchester United) - 1950s
Bobby Harrop (Manchester United) - 1950s
Ernie Taylor (Manchester United) - 1950s
Tommy Thompson (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Harry Parkes (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Keith Jones (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Sam Steele (Port Vale) - 1950s
Roy Sproson (Port Vale) - 1950s
Tom Cheadle (Port Vale) - 1950s
Peter Russell (Notts County) - 1950s
Derek Ufton (Charlton Athletic) - 1950s
Sid O'Linn (Charlton Athletic) - 1950s
Ted Crocker (Charlton Athletic) - 1940s
Albert Uytenbogadt (Charlton Athletic) - 1950s
Arthur Kaye (Charlton Athletic) - 1960s
Fred Monk (Charlton Athletic) - 1940s
Johnny Brooks (Charlton Athletic) - 1950/60s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - January 2007
17 cards

Alex Dawson (Manchester United)
Les Olive (Manchester United)
Tony Hawksworth (Manchester United)
Joe Carolan (Manchester United)
Sammy McIlroy (Manchester United)
Jimmy Greenhoff (Manchester United)
Alan Gowling (Manchester United)
Don Givens (Manchester United)
Johnny Morris (Manchester United)
Don Gibson (Manchester United)
Jeff Whitefoot (Manchester United)
Joe Walton (Manchester United)
Ian Greaves (Manchester United)
Paddy Kennedy (Manchester United)
Maurice Setters (Manchester United)
Johnny Anderson (Manchester United)
Walter Whitehurst (Manchester United)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - January 2007
40 cards

Frank Swift (Manchester City) - 1930/40s
Ronnie Cope (Manchester United) - 1950s
Jimmy McIlroy (Burnley) - 1950s
Doug Newlands (Burnley) - 1950s
Doug Winton (Burnley) - 1950s
Ernie Randall (Chelsea) - 1950s
Ken Armstrong (Chelsea) - 1950s
Freddie Lewis (Chelsea) - 1950s
Johnny Harris (Chelsea) - 1950s
Albert Tennant (Chelsea) - 1950s
Len Goulden (Chelsea) - 1950s
Billy Gray (Chelsea) - 1950s
Dick Foss (Chelsea) - 1950s
Bob Edwards (Chelsea) - 1950s
Eric Parsons (Chelsea) - 1950s
Alan Dicks (Chelsea) - 1950s
Stan Willemse (Chelsea) - 1950s
Jim Smith (Chelsea) - 1950s
Johnny McCann (Barnsley) - 1950s
George Spruce (Barnsley) - 1950s
Colin Swift (Barnsley) - 1950s
Frank Bartlett (Barnsley) - 1950s
Lol Chappell (Barnsley) - 1950s
Bob Wood (Barnsley) - 1950s
Tim Ward (Derby County) - 1930/40s
Sid Tickridge (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Laurie Cunningham (Manchester United) - 1970s
Tommy Sloan (Manchester United) - 1970s
Jimmy Nicholl (Manchester United) - 1970s
Chris McGrath (Manchester United) - 1970s
Lou Macari (Manchester United) - 1970s
Steve Coppell (Manchester United) - 1970s
Gary Bailey (Manchester United) - 1970s
Stewart Houston (Manchester United) - 1970s
Martin Buchan (Manchester United) - 1970s
Nobby Stiles (Manchester United) - 1960/70s
Colin Bell (Manchester City) - 1970s
Willie Young (Arsenal) - 1970s
Mark Lawrenson (Liverpool) - 1980s
Brian Clough (Middlesbrough) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - February 2007
37 cards

Alf Fields (Arsenal) - 1930/50s
Dennis Evans (Arsenal) - 1950s
Jack Kelsey (Arsenal) - 1950s
Len Wills (Arsenal) - 1950s
Stan Charlton (Arsenal) - 1950s
Vic Groves (Arsenal) - 1950s
Andy Rollings (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1970s
Eric Steele (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1970s
Peter Sayer (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1970s
Peter Ward (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1970s
Peter Noble (Burnley) - 1970s
Jack Balmer (Liverpool) - 1930/50s
Phil Taylor (Liverpool) - 1930/50s
Tony Book (Manchester City) - 1970s
David Herd (Manchester United) - 1960s
Gordon McQueen (Manchester United) - 1970s
Jimmy Nicholl (Manchester United) - 1970s
Mickey Thomas (Manchester United) - 1970s
Paddy Roche (Manchester United) - 1970s
Stewart Houston (Manchester United) - 1970s
Arthur Albiston (Manchester United) - 1980s
Geoff Waker (Middlesbrough) - 1940/50s
Tom Blenkinsop (Middlesbrough) - 1940/50s
George Hardwick (Middlesbrough) - 1940s
Peter Taylor (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Alan Kermaghan (Middlesbrough) - 1980s
Bernie Slaven (Middlesbrough) - 1980s
Gary Hamilton (Middlesbrough) - 1980s
Gary Parkinson (Middlesbrough) - 1980s
Stuart Ripley (Middlesbrough) - 1980s
David Jones (Norwich City) - 1970s
Mark Barham (Norwich City) - 1980s
Willie Telfer (Rangers) - 1950s
Derek Parlane (Rangers) - 1970s
Peter Taylor (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1970s
Ian Crook (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1980s
Martin Peters (West Ham United) - 1960s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - March 2007
38 cards

Peter Goring (Arsenal) - 1940/50s
Joe Haverty (Arsenal) - 1950s
Jim Fotheringham (Arsenal) - 1950s
Danny Clapton (Arsenal) - 1950s
Gordon Nutt (Arsenal) - 1950s
Ken Suttle (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Steve Pears (Manchester United) - 1980s
Colin Todd (Derby County) - 1970s
Bruce Rioch (Derby County) - 1970s
Paul Proudlock (Middlesbrough) - 1980s
Dean Glover (Middlesbrough) - 1980s
Brian Laws (Middlesbrough) - 1980s
Harry Medhurst (Chelsea) - 1950s
Len Kell (Chelsea) - 1950s
Albert Scanlon (Manchester United) - 1950s
Davie Cooper (Rangers) - 1980s
Peter Osgood (Chelsea) - 1970s
Eamonn Bannon (Chelsea) - 1970s
Lee Frost (Chelsea) - 1970s
Tommy Wright (Leicester City) - 1990s
Reg Wyatt (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950/60s
John Williams (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950/60s
Harry Penk (Southampton) - 1960s
Wilf Carter (Plymouth Argyle) - 1960s
Bill Bradbury (Hull City) - 1950s
Brian Bulless (Hull City) - 1950s
Ken Harrison (Hull City) - 1950s
Jack Yeomanson (West Ham United) - 1940s
Wally Barnes (Arsenal) - 1950s
Johnny Dixon (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Ken Chisholm (Sunderland) - 1950s
Derek Reeves (Southampton) - 1950s
Pat Parker (Southampton) - 1950s
Cyril Hodges (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1940s
Charlie Hurley (Sunderland) - 1950s
Billy Wright (Leicester City) - 1950s
Horace Gager (Nottingham Forest) - 1950s
Mike Tiddy (Cardiff City) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - April 2007
39 cards

Alex James (Arsenal) - 1930s
Andy Ducat (Arsenal, Aston Villa) - 1900/1920s
Leslie Compton (Arsenal) - 1930/50s
Dave Nelson (Arsenal, Brentford, Queens Park Rangers) - 1930/40s
Alf Kirchen (Arsenal) - 1930s
Laurie Scott (Arsenal) - 1940s
Reg Lewis (Arsenal) - 1940/50s
Dave Bowen (Arsenal) - 1950s
Denis Compton (Arsenal) - 1940s
Ewan Fenton (Blackpool) - 1950s
Walter Rickett (Blackpool) - 1940/50s
Ron Suart (Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers) - 1940/50s
Frank O'Farrell (West Ham United) - 1950's
John Aston, Snr (Manchester United) - 1940/50s
Bob Wood (Barnsley) - 1950s
Harry Hough (Barnsley) - 1950s
Roy Little (Manchester City) - 1950s
Maurice Marston (Northampton Town) - 1950s
Felix Staroscik (Northampton Town) - 1950s
Ron Patterson (Northampton Town) - 1950s
Tommy McLain (Northampton Town, Sunderland) - 1950s
Freddy Ramscar (Queens Park Rangers) - 1950s
Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool) - 1970s
Johnny Hancocks (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1940/50s
Ron Burbeck (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Eddie Wainwright (Everton) - 1950s
Alan Lawson (Oldham Athletic) - 1960s
Alan Williams (Bristol City, Oldham Athletic) - 1950/60s
Peter Mccall (Oldham Athletic) - 1960s
Jim Bowie (Oldham Athletic) - 1960s
Ken Branagan (Manchester City) - 1950s
John Schofield (Birmingham City) - 1950s
Fred Monk (Brentford) - 1940/50s
Tommy Thompson (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Pat Mulligan (Chelsea) - 1970s
Peter Houseman (Chelsea) - 1960/70s
Alan Hudson (Chelsea) - 1960/70s
David Webb (Chelsea) - 1960/70s
John Hollins (Chelsea) - 1960/70s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - May 2007
39 cards

Charlie Crowe (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Joe Harvey (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Reg Davies (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Ron Batty (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Alec Gaskell (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Alan Monkhouse (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Tommy Walker (Newcastle United) - 1950s
John Thompson (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Tommy Casey (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Ivor Allchurch (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Ernie Bond (Manchester United) - 1950s
Geoff Twentyman (Liverpool) - 1950s
Peter Jackson (Wrexham) - 1950s
Dennis Griffiths (Wrexham) - 1950s
Ron Hewitt (Wrexham) - 1950s
Albert Parker (Wrexham) - 1950s
Gordon Richards (Wrexham) - 1950s
Phil Gwatkin (Wrexham) - 1950s
Pat Egglestone (Wrexham) - 1950s
Archie Wright (Clyde) - 1940s
Allan Ashman (Nottingham Forest) - 1940s
Mark Hooper (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1930s
Ron Burke (Manchester United) - 1950s
Ian Wilson (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Frank Marshall (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Jack Grainger (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Danny Williams (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Jack Selkirk (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Peter Johnson (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950/60s
Len Allchurch (Swansea Town) - 1950s
Harry Griffiths (Swansea Town) - 1950s
Billy Rees (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Dennis Pacey (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Ken Facey (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Les Blizzard (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
George Aitken (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
George Wardle (Queens Park Rangers) - 1940s
John Ryden (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Harry Bodle (Accrington Stanley) - 1950s
Donald Ashe (Accrington Stanley) - 1950s
Charlie Sneddon (Accrington Stanley) - 1950s
Benny Jones (Chelsea) - 1950s
Tom Cheadle (Port Vale) - 1950s
Basil Hayward (Portsmouth) - 1950s
Albert Mullard (Walsall) - 1940s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - June 2007
38 cards

Lindy Delapenha (Portsmouth) - 1950s
Arthur Fitzsimons (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Joe Scott (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
John Craggs (Middlesbrough) - 1970s
Derrick Downing (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Billy Day (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Carl Taylor (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Alan Ramage (Middlesbrough) - 1970s
Frank Spraggon (Middlesbrough) - 1960/70s
Rolando Ugolini (Middlesbrough) - 1940/50s
Brian Phillips (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Alex Smith (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Eddie Holliday (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Arthur Horsfield (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Willie Whigham (Middlesbrough) - 1960/70s
Hugh McIlmoyle (Middlesbrough) - 1960/70s
Stuart Boam (Middlesbrough) - 1970s
Jack Charlton (Leeds United) - 1950/60s
Johnny Carey (Manchester United) - 1940/50s
Joe Walton (Manchester United) - 1940s
John Barnwell (Arsenal) - 1950/60s
Doug Cowie (Dundee) - 1950s
Phil Gee (Leicester City) - 1990s
Bobby Davison (Derby County) - 1980s
Harry Leyland (Blackburn Rovers) - 1950s
Terry Butcher (Ipswich Town) - 1970/80s
Alan Fox (Wrexham) - 1950s
Ally McGowan (Wrexham) - 1950s
Wyn Davies (Wrexham) - 1950s
Cyril Done (Liverpool) - 1940s
Harold Bell (Tranmere Rovers) - 1950s
Denis Herod (Stoke City) - 1950s
Pat Jones (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950s
Neil Langman (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950s
Bob Wilson (Preston North End) - 1950s
Willie Cunningham (Preston North End) - 1950s
Fred Else (Preston North End) - 1950s
Frank O'Farrell (Preston North End) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - July 2007
40 cards

Matt Busby (Manchester United) - 1940/50/60s
John Hendrie (Middlesbrough) - 1990s
Tom Brolly (Millwall) - 1930/40s
Frank Mitchell (Chelsea) - 1950s
Cyril Trigg (Birmingham City) - 1930/40/50s
Bill Hughes (Chelsea) - 1940/50s
Eddie Kilshaw (Bury) - 1930/40s
Ernie Shepherd (Fulham, Queens Park Rangers) - 1940/50s
Brian Nicholas (Queens Park Rangers, Derby County) - 1940/50s
Harry Brown (Queens Park Rangers, Derby County) - 1940/50s
Arthur Turner (Birmingham City) - 1940s
Eric Kerfoot (Leeds United) - 1950s
Chris Crowe (Leeds United) - 1950s
Grenville Hair (Leeds United) - 1950s
Harold Searson (Leeds United) - 1950s
Ken Plant (Bury) - 1950s
George Griffiths (Bury) - 1950s
Les Hart (Bury) - 1950s
Ron Suart (Blackpool) - 1950s
Reg Elvy (Blackburn Rovers) - 1950s
Eddie Quigley (Preston North End) - 1950s
Eric Bell (Preston North End) - 1950s
Albert Scanlon (Manchester United) - 1950s
Paddy Kennedy (Manchester United) - 1950s
Lew Goram (Bury) - 1950s
Don Bradley (Mansfield Town) - 1950s
Oscar Fox (Mansfield Town) - 1950s
Sid Storey (York City) - 1950s
Matt Patrick (York City) - 1950s
Gordon Brown (York City) - 1950s
Billy Fenton (York City) - 1950s
John Simpson (York City) - 1950s
Percy Andrews (York City) - 1950s
John Linaker (York City) - 1950s
Walter Glabraith (Accrington Stanley) - 1950s
Colin Hudson (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Ray Wilcox (Newport County) - 1950s
John McSeveny (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Riley Cullum (Charlton Athletic) - 1940/50s
Johnny Byrne (Crystal Palace, West Ham United) - 1940/50s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - August 2007
51 cards

Johnny Anderson (Manchester United, Nottingham Forest) - 1940/50s
Johnny Downie (Manchester United) - 1950s
Jack Warner (Manchester United) - 1940s
Wilf McGuinness (Manchester United) - 1950s
Tommy Heron (Manchester United, York City) - 1950s
Ronnie Rooke (Arsenal) - 1940s
Jack Jennings (Cardiff City, Middlesbrough) - 1920/30s
Harry Wake (Cardiff City) - 1920s
Dennis Lawson (Cardiff City, Clyde) - 1920/30s
Vic Keeble (Newcastle United) - 1950s
John Church (Norwich City) - 1940s
Keith Kettlebrough (Sheffield United) - 1960s
Auggie Scott (Southampton) - 1940s
Brian Sawyer (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Roy Lambert (Rotherham United) - 1950/60s
Lol Morgan (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Roy Ironside (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Peter Perry (Rotherham United) - 1950s
Brian Jackson (Rotherham United) - 1950/60s
Billy Rudd (York City) - 1960s
Wally Gould ("Brighton & Hove Albion
, York City") - 1960s
Tommy Forgan (York City) - 1950/60s
Barry Jackson (York City) - 1950/60s
Alan Woods (York City) - 1960s
Tom Lockie (York City) - 1930/60s - Manager
John Ryden (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Doug Rees (Ipswich Town) - 1950s
David Deacon (Ipswich Town) - 1950s
Tom Parker (Ipswich Town) - 1950s
Jim Feeney (Ipswich Town) - 1950s
Allenby Driver (Norwich City) - 1940s
Derek Fazackerley (Blackburn Rovers) - 1970s
Peter Barnes (Manchester City, Manchester United, West Bromwich Albion) - 1970/80s
Alan Oakes (Manchester City) - 1960/70s
Dennis Tueart (Manchester City) - 1970s
Dennis Leman (Manchester City, Wrexham) - 1970/80s
Tom Bell (Oldham Athletic) - 1940s
Bill Ormond (Oldham Athletic) - 1940/50s
John Whyte (Oldham Athletic) - 1950s
Syd Goodfellow (Oldham, Accrington) - 1950s
Frank Blunstone (Chelsea) - 1950s
Tony Waddington (Manchester United, Crewe Alexandra) - 1940/50s
George Kaye (Liverpool, Swindon Town) - 1940/50s
Norman Uprichard (Portsmouth) - 1950s
Jimmy Bain (Chelsea, Swindon Town) - 1940/50s
Joffre Gulliver (Reading) - 1940s
Michael Betteridge (West Bromwich Albion, Swindon Town) - 1940/50s
Harry Lunn (Swindon Town) - 1950s
George Hunt (Swindon Town) - 1950s
Roy Onslow (Swindon Town) - 1940/50s
Garth Hudson (Swindon Town) - 1940/50s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - September 2007
51 cards

Eddie McCreadie (Chelsea) - 1960/70s
Charlie Cooke (Chelsea) - 1960/70s
John Woodward (Aston Villa) - 1960s
Brian Walsh (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Derek Sullivan (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Gerry Hitchens (Cardiff City, Aston Villa) - 1950s
Graham Vearncombe (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Danny Malloy (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Colin Baker (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Trevor Ford (Cardiff City, Aston Villa) - 1950s
Ron Stitfall (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Alan Harrington (Cardiff City) - 1950s
Harry Kirtley (Cardiff City) - 1950s
John McSeveney (Manchester United, Cardiff City, Hull City) - 1950s
Ron Stockin (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Cardiff City) - 1950s
Eddie Crossan (Blackburn Rovers) - 1940s
Johnny Carey (Manchester United) - 1940/50s
Derek Lampe (Fulham) - 1950s
Arthur Stevens (Fulham) - 1950s
Joe Bacuzzi (Fulham) - 1950s
Jimmy Hill (Fulham) - 1950s
Roy Dwight (Fulham, Nottingham Forest) - 1950s
Ian Black (Fulham) - 1950s
Johnny Haynes (Fulham) - 1950s
Brendan O’Connell (Fulham) - 1950s
Tony Macedo (Fulham) - 1950s
Peter Firmani (Charlton Athletic) - 1950s
Ken Chamberlain (Charlton Athletic) - 1950s
Frank Reed (Charlton Athletic) - 1950s
John Ryan (Charlton Athletic) - 1950s
Harry Potts (Burnley, Everton) - 1940/50s
Matt Woods (Blackburn Rovers) - 1950s
Eric Moore (Everton) - 1950s
Albert Dunlop (Everton) - 1950s
G. Cummins (Luton Town) - 1950s
George Meek (Leeds United) - 1950s
Jimmy Dunn (Leeds United) - 1950s
Kevin Moran (Manchester United) - 1970/80s
Frank Haydock (Manchester United) - 1960s
Joe Jordan (Manchester United) - 1970s
Warren Bradley (Manchester United) - 1950s
Alan Gowling (Manchester United) - 1960/70s
Sammy McMillan (Manchester United) - 1960s
Frank Kopel (Manchester United) - 1960s
Jimmy Ryan (Manchester United) - 1960s
Joe Carolan (Manchester United) - 1960s
Ashley Grimes (Manchester United) - 1960s
Laurie Cassidy (Manchester United) - 1950s
Micky Thomas (Manchester United) - 1970s
Alex Forsyth (Manchester United) - 1970s
David Sadler (Manchester United) - 1960s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - October 2007
51 cards

Willie Bauld (Hear of Midlothian) - 1950s
John Cumming (Hear of Midlothian) - 1950/60s
Roy McCrohan (Norwich City) - 1950s
Ron Ashman (Norwich City) - 1950s
Ken Nethercott (Norwich City) - 1950s
Dave Mackay (Tottenham Hotspur)
Fionan Fagan (Manchester City) - 1950s
Ken Barnes (Manchester City) - 1950s
John Williamson (Manchester City) - 1950s
Don Revie (Manchester City) - 1950s
John Hart (Manchester City) - 1950s
Roy Little (Manchester City) - 1950s
Dave Ewing (Manchester City) - 1950s
Nigel Sims (Aston Villa) - 1950s
Ron Flowers (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950/60s
Norman Deeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950/60s
Johnny Giles (Manchester United, Leeds United) - 1960/70s
Jimmy Thompson (Oldham Athletic) - 1950s
Bobby McIlvenny (Oldham Athletic) - 1950s
George Burnett (Oldham Athletic) - 1950s
George Crook (Oldham Athletic) - 1950s
Tommy Lowrie (Manchester United) - 1950s
Alex Simpson (Notts County) - 1940/50s
Russell Crossley (Liverpool) - 1950s
Joe Maloney (Liverpool) - 1950s
Joe Wallace (Shrewsbury Town, Southport) - 1950/60s
Colin Whitaker (Bradford PA, Oldham Athletic) - 1950/60s
Bill Shortt (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950s
Les Major (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950s
Chris Balderstone (Carlisle United) - 1960s
Barrie Meyer (Bristol Rovers) - 1950s
Harry Penk (Southampton) - 1960s
Pat Crerand (Manchester United) - 1960s
Tony Grimshaw (Manchester United) - 1970s
Darren Ferguson (Manchester United) - 1990s
Ian Greaves (Manchester United) - 1950s
Viv Anderson (Arsenal, Manchester United) - 1980s
Mick Martin (Manchester United, West Bromwich Albion) - 1970s
Stephen Pearson (Manchester United, Middlesbrough) - 1980s
Wes Brown (Manchester United) - 2000s
John O’Shea (Manchester United) - 2000s
Mickael Silvestre (Manchester United) - 2000s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - November 2007
38 cards

Tommy Walker (Hear of Midlothian) - 1930s
Ken Brown (West Ham United) - 1950/60s
Phil Woosnam (West Ham United) - 1950s
Len Dolding (Chelsea) - 1940s
Benny Jones (Chelsea) - 1940s
Frank Broome (Aston Villa) - 1930s
Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic) - 1940/50s
Bill Ridding (Manchester City, Manchester United, West Bromwich Albion, Leeds United) - 1930s
Reg Halton (Manchester United) - 1930s
Bob Paisley (Liverpool) - 1940/50s
Billy Liddell (Liverpool) - 1950s
Ray Lambert (Liverpool) - 1930/50s
Charlie Ashcroft (Liverpool) - 1940/50s
Jimmy Payne (Liverpool) - 1940/50s
Eddie Spicer (Liverpool) - 1930/50s
Brian Williams (Liverpool) - 1950s
George Higgins (Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers) - 1940/50s
Malcolm Barrass (Bolton Wanderers) - 1950s
Ray Parry (Bolton Wanderers, Blackpool,Bury) - 1950/60s
Ralph Banks (Bolton Wanderers) - 1940/50s
Roy Hartle (Bolton Wanderers) - 1950/60s
Harry Hassle (Huddersfield Town, Bolton Wanderers) - 1940/50s
Tommy Younger (Hibernian, Liverpool, Leeds United) - 1950/60s
Ron Capewell (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Jackie Sewell (Sheffield Wednesday, Aston Villa) - 1940/50s
Alan Finney (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Derek Dooley (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Albert Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester United) - 1950s
Alex Parker (Falkirk, Everton) - 1950/60s
David Herd (Arsenal, Manchester United) - 1950/60s
Vic Groves (Arsenal) - 1950/60s
Terry Medwin (Swansea Town, Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950/60s
Mel Charles (Swansea Town, Arsenal) - 1950/60s
Ivor Allchurch (Swansea Town, Newcastle United) - 1950/60s
Peter Anderson (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950/60s
George Taylor (Bolton Wanderers) - 1930s
Guiliano Maiorana (Manchester United) - 1980s
Ray Wilkins (Chelsea, Manchester United) - 1970s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - December 2007
50 cards

Lee Sharpe (Manchester United) - 1990s
Mark Robins (Manchester United) - 1990s
Tony Gill (Manchester United) - 1990s
Russell Beardsmore (Manchester United) - 1990s
Steve Bruce (Manchester United) - 1990s
Mal Donaghy (Manchester United) - 1990s
Colin Gibson (Manchester United) - 1990s
Andrei Kanchelskis (Manchester United) - 1990s
Wilf McGuinness (Manchester United) - 1990s
Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
Billy Garton (Manchester United) - 1990s
Lee Martin (Manchester United) - 1990s
Michael Pollitt (Manchester United) - 1990s
Ian Donald (Manchester United) - 1960
Steve Coppell (Manchester United) - 1970s
Ralph Milne (Manchester United) - 1980s
Steve Paterson (Manchester United) - 1970s
Carlo Sartori (Manchester United) - 1960s
Ian Ure (Arsenal, Manchester United) - 1960/70s
Henning Berg (Manchester United) - 1990s
Chris McGrath (Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United) - 1970s
Jim Leighton (Manchester United) - 1980s
Alex Machin (Chelsea, Plymouth Argyle) - 1940s
John McInnes (Chelsea) - 1940s
Les Allen (Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Bill Robertson (Chelsea) - 1950s
Jackie Plenderleith (Manchester City) - 1960s
Dennis Parsons (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Aston Villa) - 1940/50s
Peter Sillett (Southampton, Chelsea) - 1950s
Jack Gregory (Southampton) - 1950s
Henry Horton (Southampton) - 1950s
Bill Ellerington (Southampton) - 1950s
Johnny Walker (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Reading) - 1940/50s
Eric Day (Southampton) - 1950s
Frank Dudley (Leeds United, Cardiff City) - 1940/50s
Peter Farrell (Everton) - 1950s
Bobby Cameron (Leeds United) - 1950s
Billy Waugh (Luton, QPR) - 1940/50s
Harry Brown (Queens Park Rangers, Notts County, Plymouth Argyle) - 1940/50s
Tony Ingham (Queens Park Rangers) - 1950s
Ray Savino (Norwich City) - 1950s
Ralph Hunt (Norwich City) - 1950s
Johnny Gavin (Norwich City, Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950s
Bobby Brennan (Norwich City, Fulham) - 1950s
Bob Iverson (Aston Villa) - 1930/40s
Chic Brodie (Gillingham, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Brentford) - 1950/60s
Ron Saunders (Portsmouth) - 1950/60s
Les Riggs (Newport County, Crewe Alexandra) - 1950/60s
Jack Hannaway (Manchester City) - 1950s
Jimmy MacEwan (Aston Villa) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - February 2008
45 cards

John Phillips (Portsmouth) - 1950s
Ron Newman (Portsmouth, Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Graham Shaw (Sheffield United) - 1950s
Gerry Summers (Sheffield United, West Bromwich Albion) - 1950s
Joe Shaw (Sheffield United) - 1950s
Billy Hodgson (Sheffield United) - 1950s
Bobby Howitt (Sheffield United) - 1950s
Howard Johnson (Sheffield United) - 1950s
Jack Smith (Sheffield United) - 1930s
Gerry Young (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1960s
Peter Swan (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1960s
Don McEvoy (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1960s
Alan Finney (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950/60s
Arthur Albiston (Manchester United) - 1970/80s
Remi Moses (Manchester United) - 1980s
Albert Dunlop (Everton) - 1950s
Derek Temple (Everton) - 1950s
Jimmy Tansey (Everton) - 1950s
Dave Hickson (Everton) - 1950s
Mick Meagan (Everton) - 1950s
Brian Harris (Everton) - 1950s
Eddie Thomas (Everton) - 1950s
Don Donovan (Everton, Grimsby Town) - 1950s
Ron Nicholls (Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff City) - 1950s
Geoff Bradford (Bristol Rovers) - 1950s
Howard Radford (Bristol Rovers) - 1950s
Bill Roost (Bristol Rovers) - 1950s
Peter Hooper (Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff City) - 1950/60s
Bobby Etheridge (Bristol City) - 1950s
John Watkins (Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff City) - 1950/60s
Ben Fenton (West Ham United, Millwall) - 1930s
Neil Langman (Plymouth Argyle) - 1950s
Peter Fisher (Northampton Town, Shrewsbury Town, Wrexrham) - 1940/50s
Harry Boyle (Rochdale) - 1950s
George Wardle (Middlesbrough ,Cardiff City, Queens Park Rangers) - 1930/40s
Ralph Birkett (Arsenal, Newcastle United, Middlesbrough) - 1930s
Jimmy Trotter (Bury, Sheffield Wednesday) - 1930s
Eddie Holliday (Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950/60s
Billy Day (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Arthur Fitzsimons (Middlesbrough) - 1950s
Hugh McIlmoyle (Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday) - 1960s
Vic Rouse (Crystal Palace) - 1950/60s
Alf Noakes (Crystal Palace) - 1950s
Terry Long (Crystal Palace) - 1950s
Mike Deakin (Crystal Palace) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - March 2008
38 cards

Denis Law (Manchester United)
Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
George Best (Manchester United)
Francis Burns (Manchester United)
David Sadler (Manchester United)
Nobby Stiles (Manchester United)
Pat Crerand (Manchester United)
Bill Foulkes (Manchester United)
Tony Dunne (Manchester United)
Ian Greaves (Manchester United) - 1950s
Johnny Giles (Manchester United, Leeds United) - 1950/60s
Bob Stokoe (Newcastle United) - 1950s
Steve Smith (Huddersfield Town, Bolton Wanderers) - 1960/70s
Stan Bowles (Queens Park Rangers) - 1970s
Ray Train (Sunderland, Bolton Wanderers) - 1970s
Jimmy Nicholson (Manchester United) - 1960s
Dave Clements (Coventry City) - 1960s
Denis Clarke (Huddersfield Town) - 1960s
Colin Dobson (Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield Town) - 1960/70s
Alan Gowling (Manchester United) - 1970s
Masimo Taibi (Manchester United) - 1990s
Jim Montgomery (Sunderland) - 1970s
Mel Holden (Sunderland) - 1970s
Mick Henderson (Sunderland) - 1970s
Billy Hughes (Sunderland) - 1970s
Paddy Johnston (Middlesbrough, Grimsby Town) - 1940/50s
Tommy Docherty (Arsenal) - 1950/60s
Wally Taylor (Grimsby Town, Oldham Athletic) - 1940/50s
Theo Foley (Exeter City, Charlton Athletic) - 1950/60s
Ray Carter (Exeter City) - 1960s
Les Mcdonald (Exeter City) - 1950/60s
Arnold Mitchell (Exeter City) - 1950/60s
Glen Wilson (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Graham Rees (Exeter City) - 1950/60s
Allan Jones (Exeter City, Wrexham) - 1950/60s
Frank Gregg (Walsall) - 1960s
Jimmy O’Neill (Sunderland) - 1950s
Dennis Allen (Reading) - 1960s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - May 2008
38 cards

Ray Barlow (West Bromwich Albion) - 1940/50s
Len Millard (West Bromwich Albion) - 1940/50s
Glyn Hood (West Bromwich Albion) - 1940/50s
Bill Elliott (West Bromwich Albion) - 1940/50s
Jimmy Sanders (West Bromwich Albion) - 1940/50s
Jimmy Pemberton (West Bromwich Albion) - 1940/50s
Arthur Smith (West Bromwich Albion) - 1940/50s
Jim Purdie (Millwall) - 1940s
Tom Brolly (Millwall) - 1930/40s
Len Tyler (Millwall) - 1940s
Willie Hurrell (Millwall) - 1940/50s
Harry Osman (Southampton, Millwall) - 1930/40s
Bobby Kirk (Hear of Midlothian) - 1950s
Angus Morrison (Preston North End) - 1950s
Tommy Docherty (Preston North End, Arsenal) - 1950s
Frank Westlake (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1930/40s
Eddie Quigley (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1940s
Dennis Woodhead (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1940/50s
Hugh Swift (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1940s
Clarrie Jordan (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1940/50s
Doug Witcomb (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1940/50s
Rolando Ugolini (Celtic, Middlesbrough) - 1940/50s
Jack Overfield (Leeds United) - 1950s
Ted Elliott (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950s
Stan Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1930/40s
Trevor Steven (Everton) - 1980s
Micky Thomas (Manchester United, Everton, Chelsea) - 1970/80s
Dai Davies (Everton) - 1970s
Harry Bell (Middlesbrough) - 1940/50s
Billy Reed (Brighton & Hove Albion, Ipswich Town) - 1950s
George Mcluckie (Ipswich Town, Reading) - 1950s
Ted Phillips (Ipswich Town) - 1950s
Roy Bailey (Ipswich Town) - 1950/60s
Jimmy Leadbetter (Brighton & Hove Albion, Ipswich Town) - 1950/60s
Neil Myles (Ipswich Town) - 1950s
Basil Acres (Ipswich Town) - 1950s
Ken Malcolm (Ipswich Town) - 1950/60s
Gary Porter (Watford) - 1980s
Nigel Gibbs (Watford) - 1980s
Kenny Jackett (Watford) - 1980s
Lee Sinnott (Watford) - 1980s
Les Taylor (Watford) - 1980s
Nigel Callaghan (Watford) - 1980s
Neil Smillie (Watford) - 1980s
Colin West (Watford) - 1980s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - June 2008
60 cards

Johnny Morris (Manchester United, Derby County, Leicester City) - 1940/50s
Jimmy Rimmer (Manchester United, Arsenal) - 1960/70s
Francis Burns (Manchester United, Southampton, Preston North End) - 1960/70s
Willie Morgan (Burnley, Manchester United, Burnley) - 1960/70s
Neil Young (Manchester City) - 1960s
Les Allen (Tottenham Hotspur, Queens Park Rangers) - 1950/60s
Cliff Jones (Swansea Town, Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950/60s
Maurice Norman (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950/60s
Terry Dyson (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950/60s
Jeff Astle (West Bromwich Albion) - 1960/70s
Mike Summerbee (Swindon Town, Manchester City) - 1960/70s
Cyrille Regis (West Bromwich Albion, Coventry City) - 1980s
Tony Hateley (Notts County, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool) - 50/60s
Eddie Clamp (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Arsenal, Stoke City) - 1950/60s
Jackie Dyson (Manchester City) - 1950s
Brendan McInally (Luton Town) - 1960s
Charlie Fleming (Sunderland) - 1950s
Bill Fraser (Sunderland) - 1950s
Alan Durban (Cardiff City, Derby County, Shrewsbury Town) - 1960/70s
Noel Brotherston (Blackburn Rovers) - 1970/80s
Paul Bradshaw (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers) - 1970/80s
Glen Keeley (Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers) - 1970/80s
Tony Book (Manchester City) - 1960/70s
Derek Spence (Oldham Athletic, Bury, Blackpool) - 1970s
David Peach (Southampton) - 1970s
Simon Garner (Blackburn Rovers) - 1970s
Mick Wood (Blackburn Rovers, Bradford City) - 1970/80s
Les Bradd (Notts County, Stockport County) - 1960/70s
Norman Bell (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1970s
Brian Flynn (Burnley, Leeds United) - 1970s
Paul Richardson (Stoke City, Sheffield United) - 1970s
John Rutter (Stockport County) - 1970s
Bill Rafferty (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Newcastle United) - 1970/80s
Malcolm Crosby (Aldershot, York City, Wrexham) - 1980s
Paul Randall (Stoke City, Bristol Rovers) - 1970/80s
Terry Conroy (Stoke City) - 1960/70s
Steve Baker (Southampton) - 1980s
Gerry Forest (Southampton) - 1980s
Ian Cranston (Stoke City) - 1990s
Nicky Chatterton (Crystal Palace, Millwall) - 70/80s
Jerry Murphy (Crystal Palace, Chelsea) - 1970/80s
Glynn Hodges (Wimbledon, Newcastle United, Watford, Sheffield United+C2189) - 1980/90s
Alan Cork (Wimbledon) - 1980s
Micky Gynn (Peterborough United, Coventry City) - 1980s
Brian Kilcline (Notts County, Coventry City) - 1980s
Steve Sedgley (Coventry City, Tottenham Hotspur) - 1980s
Nick Pickering (Sunderland, Coventry City) - 1980s
Steve Ogrizovic (Coventry City) - 1980s
Ricky Hill (Luton, Leicester) - 1980/90s
Kenny Burns (Birmingham City, Nottingham Forest, Leeds United) - 70/80s
Gary Mills (Nottingham Forest, Leicester City) - 1980s
Ken Hardwick (Doncaster Rovers) - 1950s
Jack Bertolini (Workington, Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Jack Vitty (Workington, Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1950s
Jack Stamps (Derby County) - 1940/50s
Ray Yeoman (Northampton Town, Middlesbrough) - 1950/60s
Jack English (Northampton Town) - 1940/50s
Ben Collins (Northampton Town) - 1940/50s
Tunji Banjo (Leyton Orient) - 1970s
Glen Roeder (Orient, Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle United) - 1970/80s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - July 2008
55 cards

Mike Phelan (Manchester United)
Mark Hughes (Manchester United)
Pat Dunne (Manchester United)
Peter Coyne (Manchester United) - 1970s
Diego Forlan (Manchester United)
Ted Mcdougall (Manchester United)
Lou Macari (Manchester United)
Mick Martin (Manchester United)
Peter Davenport (Manchester United)
Raymond Van Der Gouw (Manchester United)
Jordi Cruyff (Manchester United)
Warren Bradley (Manchester United) - 1950s
Kevin Moran (Manchester United)
Graham Hogg (Manchester United)
Dwight Yorke (Manchester United)
Alex Notman (Manchester United)
Peter Beardsley (Manchester United, Newcastle United) - 1980/90s
Stan Mortensen (Blackpool)
Dave Durie (Blackpool) - 1950s
Peter Hauser (Blackpool) - 1950s
Barry Fry (Bolton Wanderers) - 1960s
Dennis Reeves (Chester, Wrexham) - 1960s
Elfed Morris (Chester, Wrexham) - 1960s
Michael Metcalfe (Chester, Wrexham) - 1960s
Roger Holmes (Lincoln City) - 1960s
Keith Ellis (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950/60s
Bob Earnshaw (Barnsley) - 1960s
Alan Hill (Barnsley, Rotherham United, Nottingham Forest) - 1960s
John Bettany (Huddersfield Town, Barnsley) - 1960s
Eric Brookes (Barnsley, Northampton Town, Peterborough United) - 1960/70s
Jock Steele (Barnsley Manager) - 1960s
Mick Mcgrath (Blackburn Rovers, Bradford PA) - 1950/60s
Bobby Ham (Bradford PA, Bradford City) - 1960/70s
John Hardie (Bradford PA) - 1960s
Albert Broadbent (Manchester United) - 1950/60s
Gerry Lightowler (Bradford PA, Bradfrord City) - 1960s
Ronnie Bird (Bradford PA, Bury, Cardiff City) - 1960s
Jim Fryatt (Manchester United) - 1960/70s
Alick Jeffrey (Doncaster Rovers) - 1950/60s
Colin Grainger (Sheffield United, Sunderland) - 1950/60s
Graham Ricketts (Bristol Rovers, Stockport County) - 1950/60s
Len Weare (Newport County) - 1950/60s
John Bird (Newport County, Swansea Town) - 1950/60s
Len Hill (Newport County, Swansea Town) - 1960/70s
Graham Rathbone (Newport County, Grimsby Town, Cambridge United) - 1960/70s
Jeff Thomas (Newport County) - 1960/70s
Dai Jones (Newport County, Mansfield Town) - 1950/60s
Granville Smith (Newport County) - 1960s
David Williams (Newport County) - 1960s
Tom Rudkin (Arsenal, Southampton, Bristol City) - 1940s
Ray Warren (Bristol Rovers) - 1940/50s
Jack Pitt (Bristol Rovers) - 1940/50s
Fred Leamon (Bristol Rovers,Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1940s
Tommy Mclain (Sunderland, Northampton Town) - 1940/50s
Alfie Biggs (Bristol Rovers) - 1950/60s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - August 2008
51 cards

Peter Baker (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1950/60s
Geoff Hurst (West Ham United, Stoke City) - 1960/70s
Eddie Mcmorran (Barnsley, Doncaster Rovers) - 1950s
Ron Walker (Doncaster Rovers) - 1950s
Ron Wylie (Notts County, Aston Villa, Birmingham City) - 1950/60s
Bill Brown (Grimsby Town) - 1950S
Gerry Priestley (Grimsby Town) - 1950s
Tony Reeson (Grimsby Town) - 1950S
Jim Maddison (Grimsby Town) - 1950s
Paddy Johnston (Middlesbrough, Grimsby Town) - 1940/50s
Les Olive (Manchester United) - 1950s
Gordon Wilmott (Stockport County) - 1950s
Billy Mcculloch (Stockport County) - 1950s
Jack Philbin (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1930s
Ewan Fenton (Blackpool) - 1950s
Leslie Compton (Arsenal) - 1930/50s
Wally Bellett (Chelsea, Plymouth Argyle) - 1950s
Bill Robertson (Chelsea) - 1950s
Ian Mcfarlane (Chelsea, Leicester City) - 1950s
Kevin Baron (Liverpool, Southend United, Northampton Town) - 1940/50s
Len Wilkins (Southampton) - 1950s
Johnny Johnson (Millwall) - 1940/50s
Alan Monkhouse (Millwall, Newcastle Utd) - 1950s
Ted Hinton (Fulham, Millwall) - 1940/50s
Albert Mcpherson (Walsall) - 1940/50s
Ken Hodkisson (Walsall) - 1950/60s
Harold Haddington (Walsall) - 1950/60s
Johnny Jarman (Barnsley, Walsall) - 1950s
Bill Guttridge (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Walsall) - 1950s
Jack Hannaway (Manchester City, Gillingham, Southport) - 1950s
Johnny Wheeler (Bolton Wanderers, Liverpool) - 1950s
Paddy Roche (Manchester United, Brentford, Halifax Town) - 70/80s
Pat Whelton (Leyton Orient) - 1950s
Peter Mcmahon (Leyton Orient, Aldershot) - 1950s
Sep Smith (Leicester City) - 1930/40s
Maurice Tompkin (Leicester City, Huddersfield Town) - 1930/40s
Don Welsh (Charlton Athletic) - 1930/40s
Gordon Hurst (Charlton Athletic) - 1940/50s
Eric Lancelotte (Charlton Athletic, Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1930/40s
William Baxter (Nottingham Forest, Notts County) - 1930/50s
Stan Richards (Swansea Town, Cardiff City) - 1940s
Ray Powell (Swansea Town, Scunthorpe United) - 1940/50s
John O’driscoll (Swansea Town) - 1940/50s
Tony Henry (Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Oldham Athletic) - 70/80s
Gerard Keegan (Manchester City, Oldham Athletic) - 1970/80s
Peter Barnes (Manchester City, Manchester United, West Bromwich Albion, Leeds United) - 1970/80s
Ken Clements (Manchester City, Oldham Athletic) - 1970/80s
Terry Simpson (Southampton, West Bromwich Albion, Peterborough United) - 1960s
Mark Robins (Manchester United, Norwich City) - 1990s
Michael Stewart (Manchester United) - 1990s
Neil Whitworth (Manchester United) - 1990s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - September 2008
61 cards

Dariusz Dziekanowski (Celtic) - 1980s
Jan Molby (Liverpool) - 1980s
Howard Kendall (Everton) - 1970s
Alan A’Court (Liverpool) - 1950s
Peter Thompson (Liverpool) - 1960/70s
Alan Kennedy (Liverpool) - 1970/80s
Francis Lee (Manchester City) - 1960s
Roy Mcfarland (Derby County) - 1970s
David Armstrong (Middlesbrough) - 1970s
Frank Lampard, Snr (West Ham United) - 1970/80s
Mick McCarthy (Manchester City) - 1980s
Kevin Hector (Derby County) - 1960/70s
Brian Pilkington (Burnley) - 1960s
John Richards (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1970s
Paul Madeley (Leeds United) - 1960/70s
Alan Peacock (Middlesbrough) - 1950/60s
Albert Kinsey (Manchester United) - 1960s
Paul Bracewell (Everton) - 1980s
Mel Sterland (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1970/80s
Martin Dobson (Burnley) - 1960/70s
Steve Williams (Southampton) - 1970/80s
Andy Townsend (Southampton) - 1980s
Roy Aitken (Celtic) - 1970/80s
Tommy Boyd (Celtic) - 1990s
John Collins (Celtic) - 1990s
Kenny Dalglish (Celtic) - 1960/70s
Murdo McLeod (Celtic) - 1970/80s
Danny McGrain (Celtic) - 1970/80s
Paul McStay (Celtic) - 1980/90s
Ian Durrant (Rangers) - 1980s
Steve Heighway (Liverpool) - 1970s
Jim Leighton (Manchester United) - 1990s
Roy Keane (Manchester United) - 1990/2000s
Mark Hughes (Manchester United) - 1980/90s
Norman Whiteside (Manchester United) - 1980s
David McCreery (Manchester United) - 1970s
Mal Donaghy (Manchester United) - 1980s
Asa Hartford (West Bromwich Albion) - 1970s
Bryan Hamilton (Everton) - 1970s
Alan Rough (Partick Thistle) - 1970s
Terry Yorath (Leeds United) - 1970s
Eddie Gray (Leeds United) - 1970s
Andy Gray (Aston Villa) - 1970s
Alan Hansen (Liverpool) - 1970s
Gary Gillespie (Liverpool) - 1980s
Ray Houghton (Liverpool) - 1980s
Graeme Souness (Liverpool) - 1970/80s
Steve Nicol (Liverpool) - 1980s
Gordon Durie (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1990s
Archie Gemmill (Derby County) - 1970s
Con Martin (Aston Villa) - 1940/50s
Stan Crowther (Manchester United) - 1950s
Tony Dorigo (Aston Villa) - 1980s
Bobby Thomson (Aston Villa) - 1960s
Jackie Sewell (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Ronnie Dix (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1940s
Lew Chatterley (Aston Villa) - 1960s
Tony Hateley (Liverpool) - 1960s
Peter Broadbent (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950/60s
Nigel Spink (Aston Villa) - 1980s
Des Bremner (Aston Villa) - 1970/80s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - October 2008
61 cards

Gary McAllister (Leeds United) - 1990s
Steve McMahon (Liverpool) - 1980s
Alex Young (Hear of Midlothian) - 1950s
David Speedie (Blackburn Rovers) - 1990s
Graeme Sharp (Everton) - 1980s
Kevin Sheedy (Everton) - 1980s
Kevin Ratcliffe (Everton) - 1980s
Neville Southall (Everton) - 1980s
Gary Speed (Leeds United) - 1990s
Ray Stewart (West Ham United) - 1980s
Bruce Rioch (Derby County) - 1970s
Dean Saunders (Liverpool) - 1990s
Stuart McCall (Everton) - 1980s
Kevin Gallacher (Blackburn Rovers) - 1990s
Steve Staunton (Aston Villa) - 1990s
Ronnie Whelan (Liverpool) - 1980s
John Aldridge (Liverpool) - 1980s
Frank Mountford (Stoke City) - 1940/50s
Ken Thomson (Stoke City) - 1950s
John Sellars (Stoke City) - 1950s
John Malkin (Stoke City) - 1950s
Albert Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Jackie Sewell (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Alan Finney (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Brian Ryalls (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Eddie Gannon (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Vin Kenny (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Redfern Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Jack Shaw (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Dennis Woodhead (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1950s
Barry Butler (Norwich City) - 1950/60s
Alex South (Brighton & Hove Albion) - 1940/50s
Derek Hines (Leicester City) - 1950s
Ron Jackson (Leicester City) - 1950s
Eric Littler (Leicester City) - 1950s
Peter Small (Leicester City) - 1950s
Mal Griffiths (Leicester City) - 1950s
Arthur Rowley (Leicester City) - 1950s
Gordon Fincham (Leicester City) - 1950s
Eddie Russell (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1950s
Harry Gregg (Manchester United) - 1950/60s
Bobby Charlton (Manchester United) - 1950/60s
Walter Bingley (York City) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - October 2008 - Career details
12 cards

Reg Allen (Manchester United) - 1950s
Shay Brennan (Manchester United) - 1960s
George McLachlan (Manchester United+D98) - 1930s
Ted Buckle (Manchester United) - 1950s
Cliff Collinson (Manchester United) - 1940s
Jack Warner (Manchester United) - 1940s
Tommy Bogan (Manchester United) - 1940/50s
Allenby Chilton (Manchester United) - 1940/50s
David Pegg (Manchester United) - 1950s
Roger Byrne (Manchester United) - 1950s
Jimmy Delaney (Manchester United) - 1950s
John Aston (Manchester United) - 1940/50s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - November 2008 - Career details
12 cards

Ernie Taylor (Manchester United) - 1950s
Ron Ferrier (Manchester United) - 1930s
John Hanlon (Manchester United) - 1930/40s
Geoff Bent (Manchester United) - 1950s
Beaumont Asquith (Manchester United) - 1930s
Billy Dale (Manchester United) - 1930s
Frank Mcpherson (Manchester United) - 1920/30s
Jimmy Bain (Manchester United) - 1920s
Charlie Hillam (Manchester United) - 1930s
Billy Chapman (Manchester United) - 1930s
Reg Halton (Manchester United) - 1930s
Stan Pearson (Manchester United) - 1950s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - November 2008
51 cards

Colin Todd (Derby County) - 1970s
John Hicton (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Eric McMordie (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Frank Spraggon (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Don Masson (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Billy Horner (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Stan Anderson (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Derrick Downing (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Willie Whigham (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Geoff Butler (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Dave Chadwick (Middlesbrough) - 1960s
Colin Cooper (Middlesbrough) - 1980/90s
Keith Curle (Manchester City) - 1990s
Brian Deane (Leeds United) - 1980s
Ego Ehiogu (Aston Villa) - 1990s
Tim Flowers (Blackburn Rovers) - 1990s
Graeme Le Saux (Blackburn Rovers) - 1990s
Phil Neville (Manchester United) - 1990s
Kieran Richardson (Manchester United) - 2000s
David Batty (Leeds United) - 1990s
Nicky Butt (Manchester United) - 1990s
Steve Hodge (Leeds United) - 1990s
Steve McMahon (Liverpool) - 1980s
Stuart Ripley (Blackburn Rovers) - 1990s
Tim Sherwood (Blackburn Rovers) - 1990s
Steve Stone (Nottingham Forest) - 1990s
Nigel Clough (Nottingham Forest) - 1990s
Steve Coppell (Manchester United) - 1970s
Andy Sinton (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1990s
David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1990s
Carlton Palmer (Sheffield Wednesday) - 1990s
Peter Taylor (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1970s
Ian Lawther (Sunderland) - 1950/60s
Freddie Worrall (Portsmouth) - 1930s
Len Boyd (Birmingham City) - 1950s
Ken Green (Birmingham City) - 1950s
Peter Murphy (Birmingham City) - 1950s
Trevor Smith (Birmingham City) - 1950s
Ray Martin (Birmingham City) - 1950s
Eric McMillan (Chelsea) - 1950s
Dennis Fidler (Port Vale) - 1950s
Paul Konchesky (Fulham) - 2000s
Nick Barmby (Hull City) - 2000s
Lee Hendrie (Aston Villa) - 2000s
Emile Heskey (Wigan Athletic) - 2000s
David James (Portsmouth) - 2000s
Brian Marwood (Arsenal) - 1980s
Darius Vassell (Manchester City) - 2000s
Phil Thompson (Liverpool) - 1970s
Sammy Lee (Liverpool) - 1970s
Gary Birtles (Manchester United) - 1980s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - December 2008 - Career details
14 cards

Johnny Berry (Manchester United) - 1950s
Johnny Ball (Manchester United) - 1950s
Billy Hullett (Manchester United) - 1940s
Johnny Carey (Manchester United) - 1940s
Dennis Viollet (Manchester United) - 1950s
Gordon Clayton (Manchester United) - 1950s
Beaumont Asquith (Manchester United) - 1930s
Bill Wrigglesworth (Manchester United) - 1940s
John Walton (Manchester United) - 1950s
Arthur Lochhead (Manchester United) - 1920s
Ernie Hine (Manchester United) - 1930s
Tommy Smith (Manchester United) - 1920s
Tommy Lang (Manchester United) - 1930s
Tommy Dougan (Manchester United) - 1930s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - December 2008
51 cards

Ray Clemence (Liverpool) - 1970s
Jamie Carragher (Liverpool)
Sol Campbell (Arsenal)
Joey Barton (Newcastle United)
Clive Allen (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1980s
Gareth Barry (Aston Villa)
Luke Young (Middlesbrough)
Darren Anderton (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1990s
Robbie Fowler (Liverpool) - 1990s
Kerry Dixon (Chelsea) - 1980s
Alan Devonshire (West Ham United) - 1980s
Gordon Cowans (Aston Villa) - 1970/80s
Tony Cottee (West Ham United) - 1980s
Ian Walker (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1990s
Kevin Phillips (West Bromwich Albion)
Chris Powell (Charlton Athletic)
Micah Richards (Manchester City)
Kevin Richardson (Everton) - 1980s
Michael Ricketts (Walsall)
John Salako (Crystal Palace) - 1980s
Nicky Shorey (Reading)
Trevor Sinclair (Manchester City)
Alan Smith (Manchester United, Newcastle United)
David Unsworth (Everton) - 1990s
Gareth Southgate (Middlesbrough)
Matthew Upson (West Ham United)
Richard Wright (Ipswich Town)
Scott Parker (West Ham United)
David Nugent (Portsmouth)
Michael Ball (Manchester City)
Warren Barton (Newcastle United) - 1990s
James Beattie (Sheffield United)
Jermain Defoe (Portsmouth)
Stewart Downing (Middlesbrough)
David Dunn (Blackburn Rovers)
Michael Gray (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Steve Howey (Newcastle United) - 1990s
Glen Johnson (Portsmouth)
Jermaine Jenas (Tottenham Hotspur)
Seth Johnson (Derby County)
Jonathan Woodgate (Tottenham Hotspur)
Chris Kirkland (Wigan Athletic)
Shaun Wright-Phillips (Manchester City)
Danny Murphy (Fulham)
Gavin McCann (Bolton Wanderers)
Lee Bowyer (West Ham United)
Wayne Bridge (Chelsea)
Nick Pickering (Coventry City) - 1980s
Steve Guppy (Leicester City) - 1990s
Owen Hargreaves (Manchester United)
Alvin Martin (West Ham United) - 1970/80s
Nigel Martin (Leeds United) - 1990s
Zat Knight (Aston Villa)
Danny Mills (Leeds United) - 2000s
Andy Hinchcliffe (Everton) - 1990s
Johnny Duncan (Leicester City) - 1920s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - January 2009 - Career details
10 cards

Walter McMillan (Manchester United) - 1930s
Bill Bainbridge (Manchester United) - 1946
Laurie Cunningham (Manchester United) - 1980s
Arthur Chesters (Manchester United) - 1930s
Charlie Craven (Manchester United) - 1930s
Frank Clempson (Manchester United) - 1950s
Eric Westwood (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
Eric Eastwood (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
David Jones (Manchester United) - 1930s
W.J. Carey (Manchester United) - Wartime Only

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - January 2009
60 cards

Niall Quinn (Manchester City)
Paul Sturrock (Dundee United)
Maurice Malpas (Dundee United)
Craig Levein (Hear of Midlothian)
Mike Doyle (Manchester City)
John Scale (Wimbledon)
Ray Parlour (Arsenal)
Earl Barratt (Everton)
John Hollins (Chelsea)
Steve Perryman (Tottenham Hotspur)
Graham Rix (Arsenal)
Gary Mabbutt (Tottenham Hotspur)
Derek Statham (West Bromwich Albion)
Graham Roberts (Tottenham Hotspur)
Peter Shilton (Nottingham Forest)
Mike Summerbee (Manchester City)
Mike Pejic (Stoke City)
Phil Parkes (Queens Park Rangers)
Mick Mcneil (Middlesbrough)
Colin Mcdonald (Burnley)
Ray Pointer (Burnley)
Paul Scholes (Manchester United)
Theo Walcott (Arsenal)
Brian Stein (Luton Town)
Mick Mills (Ipswich Town)
Stuart Pearce (Nottingham Forest)
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Ledley King (Tottenham Hotspur)
Gary Neville (Manchester United)
Jamie Rednapp (Liverpool)
Michael Owen (Liverpool)
Paul Merson (Arsenal)
Paul Ince (Manchester United)
Dave Watson (Everton)
Danny Wallace (Manchester United)
Dwight Yorke (Manchester United)
Mark Bosnich (Manchester United)
Terry McDermott (Liverpool)
Des Walker (Nottingham Forest)
Kenny Sansom (Arsenal)
Russell Osman (Ipswich Town)
Colin Harvey (Everton)
Phil Neal (Liverpool)
Gary Stephens (Tottenham Hotspur)
Trevor Stephen (Everton)
Matt Le Tissier (Southampton)
Bob McLaughlin (Southampton) - 1950s
Len Wilkins (Southampton) - 1950s
Dickie Dowsett (Southampton) - 1950s
John Page (Southampton) - 1950s
Brian Bedford (Southampton) - 1950s
John Flood (Southampton) - 1950s
Tom Traynor (Southampton) - 1950s
John Parker (Southampton) - 1950s
Tom Mulgrew (Southampton) - 1950s
Roy Oakley (Southampton) - 1950s
John Christie (Southampton) - 1950s
Bryn Elliott (Southampton) - 1950s
Eric Day (Southampton) - 1950s
Eoin Hand (Portsmouth) - 1970s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - February 2009 - Career details
12 cards

Cliff Collinson (Manchester United) - 1940s
Harry McDonald (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
Billy Hullett (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
Alf Bellis (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
G. Griffiths (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
W. Griffiths (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
Paddy Sloan (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
J. Hacking (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
C. Chadwick (Manchester United) - Wartime Only 
J. Wilson (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
Cliff Frear (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
Len Langford (Manchester United) - Wartime Only

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - February 2009
53 cards

Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough)
Ron Turnbull (Manchester City)
Roy Clarke (Manchester City)
Ron Powell (Manchester City)
Joe Fagan (Manchester City)
Willie Walsh (Manchester City)
Cyril Lello (Everton)
Aubrey Powell (Everton)
Neil Webb (Manchester United)
Dick Malone (Sunderland)
Bobby Kerr (Sunderland)
Gary Bennett (Sunderland)
David White (Manchester City)
Jason Wilcox (Blackburn Rovers)
Chris Woods (Norwich City)
Mark Wright (Liverpool)
Tony Daley (Aston Villa)
Peter Davenport (Manchester United)
Gary Pallister (Manchester United)
Eric Gates (Ipswich Town)
Tony Adams (Arsenal)
John Barnes (Liverpool)
Ron Baynham (Luton Town)
Phil Boyer (Norwich City)
Ivor Broadis (Newcastle United)
Trevor Brooking (West Ham United)
Mark Chamberlain (Stoke City)
Mick Channon (Southampton)
Trevor Cherry (Leeds United)
Martin Chivers (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ralph Coates (Tottenham Hotspur)
Terry Cooper (Leeds United)
Joe Corrigan (Manchester City)
Tony Currie (Sheffield United)
John Fashanu (Wimbledon)
Trevor Francis (Nottingham Forest)
Ian Gillard (Queens Park Rangers)
Colin Grainger (Sheffield United)
Doug Holden (Bolton Wanderers)
Don Howe (West Bromwich Albion)
Alan Hudson (Chelsea)
Laurie Hughes (Liverpool)
Steve Hunt (Coventry City)
Alec Lindsay (Liverpool)
Brian Little (Aston Villa)
Paul Mariner (Ipswich Town)
Rodney Marsh (Manchester City)
David Nish (Derby County)
Mike O’grady (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Stuart Pearson (Manchester United)
Len Phillips (Portsmouth)
John Radford (Arsenal)
Paul Reaney (Leeds United)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - March 2009
47 cards

Bobby Smith (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1960s
Tommy Smith (Liverpool)
Joe Royle (Everton)
Dennis Tueart (Manchester City)
Dave Watson (Sunderland)
Gerry Young (Sheffield Wednesday)
Kevin Beattie (Ipswich Town)
Eddie Baily (Tottenham Hotspur)
Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)
Colin Bell (Manchester City)
Johnny Brooks (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ken Brown (West Ham United)
Tony Brown (West Bromwich Albion)
Ray Charnley (Blackpool)
John Fantham (Sheffield Wednesday)
Ron Flowers (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Mike Hellawell (Birmingham City)
Norman Hunter (Leeds United)
Mick Jones (Leeds United)
Gary Lineker (Tottenham Hotspur)
Larry Lloyd (Liverpool)
Malcolm McDonald (Arsenal)
Gordon Milne (Liverpool)
Keith Newton (Blackburn Rovers)
Bobby Robson (West Bromwich Albion)
David Thomas (Burnley)
Derek Ufton (Charlton Athletic)
Trevor Whymark (Ipswich Town)
Ronnie Allen (West Bromwich Albion)
Joe Baker (Arsenal)
W. Carr (Huddersfield Town) - 1920/30s
Mick Harford (Luton Town)
David Johnson (Ipswich Town)
Peter Taylor (Tottenham Hotspur)
Billy Hamilton (Burnley)
Bruce Rioch (Aston Villa)
Gerry Francis (Queens Park Rangers)
Alan Thompson (Newcastle United)
Paul Goddard (West Ham United)
Colin Todd (Derby County)
Rob Jones (Liverpool)
Barry Venison (Newcastle United)
Robert Lee (Newcastle United)
Geoff Thomas (Crystal Palace)
John Gregory (Derby County)
Paul Walsh (Tottenham Hotspur)
Peter Reid (Everton)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - April 2009
46 cards

Bill Ellerington (Southampton)
Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
Eddie Lowe (Fulham)
Bill Slater (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Peter Swan (Sheffield Wednesday)
Tommy Thompson (Aston Villa)
Willie Watson (Sunderland)
Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool)
George Eastham (Arsenal)
Terry Paine (Southampton)
Tony Waiters (Blackpool)
Gerry Byrne (Liverpool)
Ian Callaghan (Liverpool)
Gil Merrick (Birmingham City)
Martin Peters (Tottenham Hotspur)
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
Henrik Larsson (Manchester United)
Phil Taylor (Liverpool)
Bert Williams (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
George Cohen (Fulham)
Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa, Manchester United)
Russell Beardsmore (Manchester United)
Alan Brazil (Manchester United)
Harry Potts (Everton, Burnley)
Ken Birch (Everton)
Roy Wood (Leeds United)
Harry Ware (Stoke City) - 1930s
Bernard Robinson (Norwich City) - 1930s
Billy Furness (Norwich City) - 1930s
Peter Burke (Oldham Athletic) - 1930s
Percy Grosvenor (Leicester City) - 1930s
Alex Mclaren (Leicester City) - 1930s
Roger Heywood (Leicester City) - 1930s
Eric Stubbs (Leicester City) - 1930s
Roger Hunt (Liverpool)
Alan Ball (Blackpool)
Stan Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Billy Elliott (Southampton)
Peter Harris (Portsmouth)
Bill Nicholson (Tottenham Hotspur)
Walter Winterbottom (Manchester United)
Stan Moore (Swansea Town) - 1930s
Tom Emanuel (Swansea Town) - 1930s
Joe Lloyd (Swansea Town) - 1930s
Reuben Simons (Swansea Town) - 1930s
George Lowrie (Newcastle United)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - May 2009
35 cards

David Beckham (Manchester United)
Norman Deeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Jim Langley (Fulham)
Bill Mcgarry (Huddersfield Town)
Bert Sproston (Manchester City)
Dennis Wilshaw (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
David Rocastle (Arsenal)
Colin Calderwood (Tottenham Hotspur)
Steve Clarke (Chelsea)
Tommy Gemmell (Celtic)
Andy Goram (Manchester United)
Dave Mackay (Tottenham Hotspur)
Dave Mcpherson (Hear of Midlothian)
Gordon Mcqueen (Manchester United)
David Narey (Dundee United)
Pat Bonner (Celtic)
Frank Stapleton (Manchester United)
Steve Staunton (Liverpool)
Colin Clarke (Southampton)
Alan Mcdonald (Queens Park Rangers)
John O’neill (Leicester City)
Vic Crowe (Aston Villa)
Derek Kevan (West Bromwich Albion)
Oliver Conmy (Peterborough United)
Peter Deakin (Peterborough United)
John Kirkham (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Peter Mcparland (Aston Villa)
Peter Johnson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Frank Rankmore (Cardiff City)
John Fairbrother (Northampton Town)
Jack Rowley (Manchester United)
Jack Crompton (Manchester United)
Dick Malone (Sunderland)
Hugh Adcock (Leicester City) - 1920s
Arthur Chandler (Leicester City) - 1920s

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - June 2009
49 cards

George Hardwick (Middlesbrough)
Bedford Jezzard (Fulham)
Peter Osgood (Chelsea)
Ray Parry (Bolton Wanderers)
Len Shackleton (Sunderland)
Jim Taylor (Fulham)
Alun Evans (Liverpool)
Lindy Delapenha (Middlesbrough)
Derek Stonehouse (Middlesbrough)
Ollie Norris (Middlesbrough)
Joe Birbeck (Middlesbrough)
Jimmy Gordon (Middlesbrough)
Jimmy Hartnett (Middlesbrough)
Arthur Fitzsimons (Middlesbrough)
Harry Gregg (Manchester United)
Bill Whare (Nottingham Forest)
Geoff Thomas (Nottingham Forest)
John Quigley (Nottingham Forest)
Stuart Imlach (Nottingham Forest)
Tommy Wilson (Nottingham Forest)
Jim Barrett (Nottingham Forest)
Tommy Graham (Nottingham Forest)
Jack Hutchison (Nottingham Forest)
Colin Appleton (Leicester City)
Tony Knapp (Leicester City)
Howard Riley (Leicester City)
Bill Webb (Leicester City)
Jimmy Dunne (Leicester City)
Don Walker (Leicester City)
Alick Jeffrey (Doncaster Rovers)
Charlie Williams (Doncaster Rovers)
Bert Tindall (Doncaster Rovers)
Gerry Young (Sheffield Wednesday)
Derek Wilkinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Tom Mcanearney (Sheffield Wednesday)
Roy Shiner (Sheffield Wednesday)
Ralph O’Donnell (Sheffield Wednesday)
Norman Curtis (Sheffield Wednesday)
Phil Jagielka (Everton)
Joleon Lescott (Everton)
Stan Collymore (Liverpool)
David Bentley (Blackburn Rovers)
Dean Ashton (West Ham United)
Anthony Gardner (Hull City)
Joe Hart (Manchester City)
Scott Carson (West Bromwich Albion)
Stephen Warnock (Blackburn Rovers)
Paul Robinson (Blackburn Rovers)
Barry Bridges (Chelsea)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - July 2009
46 cards

Johnny Berry (Manchester United)
Paul Gascoigne (Tottenham Hotspur)
Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
George Male (Arsenal)
Syd Owen (Luton Town)
Trevor Smith (Birmingham City)
Bill Perry (Blackpool)
Peter Ward (Brighton & Hove Albion)
Aaron Lennon (Tottenham Hotspur)
Willie Duff (Charlton Athletic)
Gordon Jago (Charlton Athletic)
John Hewie (Charlton Athletic)
Bobby Ayre (Charlton Athletic)
Trevor Edwards (Charlton Athletic)
Stuart Leary (Charlton Athletic)
Jack Boxley (Bristol City)
Tony Cook (Bristol City)
Jack White (Bristol City)
Tommy Burden (Bristol City)
David Lawrence (Bristol Rovers)
Norman Sykes (Bristol Rovers)
Bill Roost (Bristol Rovers)
David Pyles (Bristol Rovers)
John Mcilvenny (Bristol Rovers)
Bobby Rooney (Workington)
Lee Sharpe (Manchester United)
Ian Storey-Moore (Manchester United)
Alan Brazil (Manchester United)
Billy Hullett (Manchester United) - Wartime only
Sammy McIlroy (Manchester United)
Gerry Daly (Manchester United)
Wyn Davies (Manchester United)
Danny Higginbottom (Manchester United)
Nicola Jovanovic (Manchester United)
Jeff Wealands (Manchester United)
Carlo Sartori (Manchester United)
Massimo Taibi (Manchester United)
Danny Wallace (Manchester United)
Billy Wrigglesworth (Manchester United)
Tim Howard (Manchester United)
Michael Appleton (Manchester United)
Reg Hunter (Manchester United)
Liam O’Brien (Manchester United)
Mike Duxbury (Manchester United)
Brian Greenhoff (Manchester United)
Chris Turner (Manchester United)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - August 2009
28 cards

Wilf Copping (Arsenal) - 1930s
George Bedford (Leicester City) - 1930s
Jack Bowers (Leicester City) - 1930s
W. Frame (Leicester City) - 1930s
Matt Moralee (Leicester City) - 1930s
Mal Griffiths (Leicester City) - 1930s
Dennis Hatsell (Preston North End)
Bill Cunningham (Preston North End)
Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
Terry Mcdermott (Liverpool)
John Beresford (Newcastle United)
Alan Neilson (Newcastle United)
Peter Beardsley (Newcastle United)
Matt Le Tissier (Southampton)
Ken Monkou (Southampton)
Jeff Kenna (Blackburn Rovers)
Andy Gray (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Mel Eves (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Paul Bradshaw (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Geoff Palmer (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Jim Kelly (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Norman Bell (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Peter Daniel (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Steve Daley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Sammy Chung (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
George Berry (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Gary Pierce (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
John Richards (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - September 2009
28 cards

Keith Curle (Manchester City)
Fionan Fagan (Manchester City)
Mike Doyle (Manchester City)
Willie Donachie (Manchester City)
Alan Kernaghan (Manchester City)
Gary Flitcroft (Manchester City)
Steve Lomas (Manchester City)
Uve Rosler (Manchester City)
Francis Lee (Manchester City)
Roy Clarke (Manchester City)
Earl Barrett (Manchester City)
Peter Beagrie (Manchester City)
Tony Book (Manchester City)
Ted Farmer (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Peter Reid (Everton)
Joe Royle (Everton)
Robbie Fowler (Liverpool)
Colin Hendry (Blackburn Rovers)
David Provan (Rangers)
Jimmy Millar (Rangers)
Ian McMillan (Airdrie, Rangers)
Tom Forsyth (Rangers)
Arthur Numan (Rangers)
Eric Bo Anderson (Rangers)
Chris Woods (Rangers)
Jim Stewart (Rangers)
David Weir (Rangers)
Marco Negri (Rangers)
Christian Dailly (West Ham United)
Alan Johnston (Sunderland)
Jim Bett (Aberdeen)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - October 2009
43 cards

Joseph Brough (Tottenham Hotspur) - 1908
Joseph Schofield (Stoke City) - 1891
Tom Page (Port Vale) - 1920s
Bill Morris (Burnley)
Duggie Reid (Portsmouth)
Jack Froggatt (Portsmouth)
Peter Harris (Portsmouth)
Jimmy Dickenson (Portsmouth)
Bert Barlow (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Portsmouth)
Guy Wharton (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Portsmouth)
Cliff Parker (Portsmouth)
Harry Ferrier (Portsmouth)
Reg Flewin (Portsmouth)
Ernie Butler (Portsmouth)
Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough)
Bill Whitaker (Middlesbrough)
Micky Fenton (Middlesbrough)
Gerry Bowler (Millwall)
Bill Hindmarsh (Swindon Town)
Garth Hudson (Swindon Town)
JIMMY Mcalinden (Southend United)
Steve Walford (West Ham United)
Alan Devonshire (West Ham United)
Alan Dickens (West Ham United)
Bobby Barnes (West Ham United)
Keith Rowland (West Ham United)
Jimmy Quinn (West Ham United)
Steve Potts (West Ham United)
Tony Gale (West Ham United)
Frank Lampard Snr (West Ham United)
Ludek Miklosko (West Ham United)
Phil Parkes (West Ham United)
Geoff Pike (West Ham United)
Paul Goddard (West Ham United)
Bobby Gould (West Ham United)
Nobby Solano (West Ham United)
Ron Harbertson (Wrexham)
Reg Holland (Wrexham)
George Evans (Wrexham)
Alan Fox (Wrexham)
Mike Metcalf (Wrexham)
Stan Bennion (Wrexham)
Arthur Johnson (Wrexham)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - November 2009
33 cards

Ron Dicks (Middlesbrough)
Dick Robinson (Middlesbrough)
George Hardwick (Middlesbrough)
Harry Bell (Middlesbrough)
Geoff Walker (Middlesbrough)
Harold Dobbie (Middlesbrough)
Jimmy Gordon (Middlesbrough)
Eric Bell (Blackburn Rovers)
Eddie Crossan (Blackburn Rovers)
Willie Kelly (Blackburn Rovers)
Eddie Quigley (Sheffield Wednesday)
Bobby Langton (Bolton Wanderers)
John Flood (Southampton)
Jack Gregory (Southampton)
Bob McLaughlin (Southampton)
John Hoskins (Southampton)
Bryn Elliott (Southampton)
Eric Day (Southampton)
John Christie (Southampton)
Tom Traynor (Southampton)
Glyn Davies (Derby County)
Ray Straw (Derby County)
Albert Mays (Derby County)
Tommy Powell (Derby County)
Bert Mozley (Derby County)
Colin Bell (Derby County)
Dennis  McQuillan (Derby County)
Jimmy Dunn (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
John McCole (Bradford City)
David Boyle (Bradford City)
Martin Bakes (Bradford City)
Tom Flockett (Bradford City)
Derek Stokes (Huddersfield Town)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - December 2009
32 cards

Alf Kirchen (Arsenal)
Herbie Roberts (Arsenal)
Wilf Copping (Arsenal)
Ronnie Rooke (Arsenal)
Peter Creamer (Middlesbrough)
Malcom Smith (Middlesbrough)
Willie Whigham (Middlesbrough)
Jimmy Cochrane (Middlesbrough)
Billy Horner (Middlesbrough)
Bob Appleby (Middlesbrough)
Stuart Boam (Middlesbrough)
Curtis Fleming (Middlesbrough)
Archie Stephens (Middlesbrough)
Graham Kavanagh (Middlesbrough)
Alan Moore (Middlesbrough)
John Hendrie (Middlesbrough)
Arthur Horsfield (Middlesbrough)
Tony Mowbray (Middlesbrough)
Hugh Mcilmoyle (Middlesbrough)
Brian Phillips (Middlesbrough)
Arthur Fitzsimons (Middlesbrough)
Joe Scott (Middlesbrough)
Alex Smith (Middlesbrough)
Phil Parkes (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Derrick Parkin (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Bobby Thomson (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Mike Bailey (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Les Wilson (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Derek Clarke (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
John Mcalle (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Frank Munro (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Mike Kenning (Charlton Athletic)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - January 2010
25 cards

Tom Galley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Sam Weaver (Newcastle United)
Vic Woodley (Chelsea)
Dick Spence (Chelsea)
Joe Payne (Chelsea)
Tuncay (Middlesbrough)
Abel Xavier (Middlesbrough)
George Boateng (Middlesbrough)
Stuart Parnaby (Birmingham City)
Mike Sheron (Manchester City)
Gary McSwegan (Notts County)
Lee McCulloch (Rangers)
Craig Moore (Rangers)
Gordon Petric (Rangers)
Stuart McCall (Rangers)
Neil Mccann (Hear of Midlothian)
Billy Dodds (Rangers)
Mike Doyle (Manchester City)
Adrian Heath (Everton)
Alf Inge Haarland (Leeds United)
Jim Whiteley (Manchester City)
Jeff Whiteley (Manchester City)
Lee Bradbury (Southend United)
Kevin Bond (Manchester City)
Kit Symons (Manchester City)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - February 2010
19 cards

Frank Taylor (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1930s
Harry Oscroft (Stoke City)
Ken Thomson (Stoke City)
Bill Finney (Stoke City)
Frank Mountford (Stoke City)
John Malkin (Stoke City)
Bob Cairns (Stoke City)
Johnny King (Stoke City)
Alan Martin (Stoke City)
Bill Robertson (Stoke City)
John Mccue (Stoke City)
Johnny Sellars (Stoke City)
Frank Bowyer (Stoke City)
Brian Doyle (Bristol Rovers)
Jack Chisholm (Plymouth Argyle)
Sam McCrory (Plymouth Argyle)
Paddy Ratcliffe (Plymouth Argyle)
Maurice Tadman (Plymouth Argyle)
Bob Thomas (Plymouth Argyle)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - March 2010
40 cards

Fred Pincott (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - 1930s
Tim Flowers (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Wayne Clarke (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Hugh Curran (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Derek Dougan (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Colin Booth (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Ted Farmer (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Jimmy Murray (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Terry Wharton (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Alan Hinton (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Bobby Mason (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Bill Baxter (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Ronnie Allen (West Bromwich Albion)
Peter McParland (Aston Villa)
Frank Hill (Arsenal) - 1930s
Jim Scott (Newcastle United)
Bryan Robson (Newcastle United)
Bobby Moncur (Newcastle United)
Albert Bennett (Newcastle United)
Ben Arentoft (Newcastle United)
Frank Clarke (Newcastle United)
David Craig (Newcastle United)
Tommy Gibb (Newcastle United)
Jim Iley (Newcastle United)
Ollie Burton (Newcastle United)
Keith Dyson (Newcastle United)
Wyn Davies (Newcastle United)
John McNamee (Newcastle United)
Willie McFaul (Newcastle United)
Jackie Sinclair (Sheffield Wednesday)
Roy Stephenson (Burnley)
Harry Mather (Burnley)
Reg Attwell (Burnley)
Les Shannon (Burnley)
Brian Pilkington (Burnley)
Jock Winton (Burnley)
Jimmy McIlroy (Burnley)
Roy Bailey (Ipswich Town)
Pete Berry (Crystal Palace)
Jack Edwards (Crystal Palace)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - April 2010
56 cards

John Aston, Jnr (Manchester United)
Bertie Auld (Celtic)
Dave Bassett (Wimbledon)
Jim Beglin (Liverpool)
Colin Bell (Manchester City)
Peter Bonetti (Chelsea)
Tony Book (Manchester City)
Ivor Broadis (Newcastle United)
Steve Chalmers (Celtic)
John Connelly (Burnley)
David Craig (Newcastle United)
Jim Craig (Sheffield Wednesday)
Wyn Davies (Newcastle United)
Alex Dawson (Manchester United)
Tommy Docherty (Arsenal)
Tony Dunne (Manchester United)
David Fairclough (Liverpool)
Tom Finney (Preston North End)
Tony Hately (Liverpool)
Alan Hudson (Chelsea)
David Johnson (Liverpool)
Joey Jones (Liverpool)
Mark Lawrenson (Liverpool)
Bobby Lennox (Celtic)
Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)
Malcolm MacDonald (Arsenal)
Dave Mackay (Tottenham Hotspur)
Frank McAvennie (West Ham United)
Willie McFaul (Newcastle United)
Mick McGrath (Blackburn Rovers)
Jimmy McIlroy (Stoke City)
John McNamee (Newcastle United)
Bob Moncur (Newcastle United)
Frank O'Farrell (West Ham United)
Glyn Pardoe (Manchester City)
Brian Pilkington (Burnley)
Andy Ritchie (Manchester United)
George Ross (Preston North End.)
David Sadler (Manchester United)
Tommy Smith (Liverpool)
Alex Stepney (Manchester United)
Mel Sterland (Sheffield Wednesday)
Danny Wallace (Manchester United)
Ron Yeats (Liverpool)
Neil Young (Manchester City)
Mark Brennan (Ipswich Town)
Ian Atkins (Ipswich Town)
Terry Butcher (Ipswich Town)
Irvin Gernon (Ipswich Town)
Mark Grew (Ipswich Town)
Mich D’Avray (Ipswich Town)
Kevin Steggles (Ipswich Town)
Frank Yallop (Ipswich Town)
Steve Mccall (Ipswich Town)
Alan Sunderland (Arsenal)
Jason Dozzell (Tottenham Hotspur)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - June 2010

20 cards

Bill Shergold (Newport County)
Ray Wilcox (Newport County)
Arthur Hudgell (Sunderland)
John Mapson (Sunderland)
Willie Watson (Sunderland)
Billy Walsh (Sunderland)
Arthur Wright (Sunderland)
Fred Hall (Sunderland)
Jack Stelling (Sunderland)
Tommy Manley (Manchester United) - 1930s
Reg Newton (Brentford)
Billy Dare (Brentford)
Ron Greenwood (Brentford)
Ron Munro (Brentford)
Billy Elliott (West Bromwich Albion)
Joe Kennedy (West Bromwich Albion)
Stan Rickaby (West Bromwich Albion)
George Lee (West Bromwich Albion)
Gerry Glazzard (West Ham United)
Derek Ufton (Charlton Athletic)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - July 2010
21 cards

Ivor Broadis (Manchester City)
Jackie Mudie (Blackpool)
 David Frith (Blackpool)
 Ewan Fenton (Blackpool)
Jack Yeomanson (West Ham United)
Frank O'Farrell (West Ham United)
Derek Parker (West Ham United)
Dick Walker (West Ham United)
Tommy Southren (West Ham United)
Terry Woodgate (West Ham United)
Jim Barrett (West Ham United)
Ernie Devlin (West Ham United)
Ted Fenton (West Ham United)
Terry Pope (Newport County)
Beriah Moore (Newport County)
Don Haines (Newport County)
Reg Parker (Newport County)
Cliff Birch (Newport County)
Len Staples (Newport County)
George Beattie (Newport County)
Danny Newall (Newport County)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - August 2010
23 cards

Mike O'Grady (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Joe Gardiner (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Bill Slater (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Norman Deeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Bill Shorthouse (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Roy Swinbourne (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Jimmy Dunne (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Gerry Taylor (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Peter Daniel (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Barry Powell (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
George Berry (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Geoff Palmer (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Frank Munro (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Chic Brodie (Brentford)
Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool)
Alun Evans (Liverpool)
Ron Baynham (Luton Town)
Gordon Turner (Luton Town)
Jim Pemberton (Luton Town)
Bernard Moore (Brighton & Hove Albion)
Joe Scott (Middlesbrough)
Hugh McJarrow (Sheffield Wednesday)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - January 2011
23 cards

Lenny Langford Jnr (Manchester United) - Wartime Only
Fabien Barthez (Manchester United)
Jordi Cruyff (Manchester United)
Arnold Muhren (Manchester United)
Mark Dempsey (Manchester United)
Darren Ferguson (Manchester United)
Juan Veron (Manchester United)
Roy Keane (Manchester United)
Teddy Sheringham (Manchester United)
Danny Wallace (Manchester United)
Mark Bosnich (Manchester United)
Massimo Taibi (Manchester United)
Gabriel Obertan (Manchester United)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - August 2011
11 cards

Steve Pears (Manchester United, Middlesbrough)
Brian Parkinson (Manchester United)
Frank Fidler (Manchester United, Leeds United)
Joe Lancaster (Manchester United)
Warren Bradley (Manchester United)
John Anderson (Manchester United)
Len Langford (Manchester United)
Reg Foulkes (Manchester United)
Derek Lewin (Manchester United Reserves)
Reg Harrison (Derby County)
Harry Hooper (Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Ham United, Birmingham City)

Footballers ~ Cut Signatures - April 2012
8 cards

Doug Bing (West Ham United)
Tommy Dixon (Brighton & Hove Albion)
Roy Patrick (Nottingham Forest)
Jackie Dyson (Manchester City)
Watson (West Ham United)
Collins (West Ham United)
Chalkley (West Ham United)
Willard (Brighton & Hove Albion)

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