Wednesday 1 November 2017

Unknown issuer (Portugal) - Unknown title (1980's- cut-outs)

Unknown title
Unknown issuer
90 cut outs

Mark Avenell has provided a scan of a new addition to his collection, the Bobby Moore cut-out shown above. They are cut from an unknown Portuguese newspaper. I've assumed that there are 90 in the set if they decided to leave the best for last, with Eusebio featured at no. 90.
UPDATE (02-11-2017 09:41):  Issued date amended to 1980's.

34.  Beckenbauer
35.  Bobby Moore
43.  Jacky Charlton
90.  Eusebio


  1. I am sure they don't come from 1966. Beckenbauer's cut-out mentions the NY Cosmos (he didn't play there until the mid-70s) and tells that he played for Hamburg, something he did in the early 80s. Bobby Moore's talks about the 1970 World Cup. My guess is that they were made in the mid-80s.


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