Saturday 18 November 2017

Kiazim Emin - (ZS04-740) Sports en Natuur (Woven Silks)

(ZS04-740) Sports en Natuur (Silks)
Kiazim Emin
126 silks (1 football)

I have to admit I know nothing at all about silks issued with tobacco products in the Netherlands. bri.d on the forum thinks there are 126 silks in the set. Further help has been provided by Alan Stevens, one of the foremost experts on silk issues produced by tobacco and trade companies. He confirms that there are 126 silks in the series, they measure 75mm x 50mm and there is only one football silk but there are some colour variations in circulation. An album was produced to hold all 126 subjects. Alan's research has been published and more information can be found on the Books page on this blog - page down to number 075. A full checklist can be found in The Handbook of Worldwide Tobacco and Trade Silk Issues.


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