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Sunday Mail - (SUN-250-1/SURR-1-1A) Sunday Mail Junior Sports Club (B&W) (06)

(SUN-250-1/SURR-1-1A) Sunday Mail Junior Sports Club (B&W) 
Sunday Mail
63 known postcards

Alistair McIlroy has provided information on four more cards so I thought it was about time I compiled all the information from previous posts to create a comprehensive list of all the cards known to date. As well as footballers, the list also includes a referee and some other sporting personalities. I've added numbers but these are for reference purposes only, making it easier to know how many cards are listed.
  1. George Aitken (East Fife)
  2. Archie Baird (Aberdeen)
  3. Alfie Boyd (St. Johnstone)
  4. Maurice Candlin (Partick Thistle)
  5. Bobby Combe (Hibernian)
  6. Jim Cowan (Greenock Morton)
  7. Sammy Cox (Rangers)
  8. Peter Craigmyle (Referee)
  9. Jerry Dawson (Rangers)   -   added 24-06-2022  -  thanks to Davy McB
  10. John Deakin (St Mirren)
  11. Jimmy Delaney (Celtic, Manchester United) Scotland kit
  12. Bobby Dickson (Clyde)
  13. Arthur Dixon (Clyde)   -   amended - originally listed as Rangers - thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  14. Jimmy Duncanson (Rangers)
  15. Helen Elliot (Table Tennis)
  16. Bobby Evans (Celtic)
  17. Willie Findlay (Rangers)   -   added 24-06-2022  -  thanks to Davy McB
  18. Bobby Flavell (Airdrieonians)
  19. Cathie Gibson (Swimmer)
  20. Torry Gillick (Rangers)
  21. John Govan (Hibernian)
  22. Bobby Hogg (Celtic)
  23. Billy Houliston (Queen of the South)  -  amended (typo)  -  thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  24. Wilson Humphries (Motherwell)
  25. Jackie Husband (Partick Thistle)   -   thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  26. Jimmy Inglis (Falkirk)
  27. Les Johnston (Clyde)
  28. Jimmy Kenny (Boxer)
  29. Jimmy Kerr (Hibernian) 
  30. Jacky Law (Queen of the South)
  31. David Letham (Queens Park)
  32. Alex Linwood (Clyde)
  33. Hugh Long (Clyde)
  34. John Love (Albion Rovers)
  35. Ian McColl (Rangers)  -  amended (typo)  -  thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  36. Peter McKennan (Partick Thistle) 
  37. Ian McMillan (Airdrieonians)
  38. Billy McPhail (Clyde)
  39. John McPhail (Celtic)
  40. Jimmy McPhie (Falkirk)
  41. Alex McSpadyen (Partick Thistle)
  42. Alex Macaulay (Queens Park)
  43. Jimmy Mallan (Celtic)
  44. Bobby Mitchell (Third Lanark)
  45. Alan Paterson (Athlete)
  46. Willie Paton (Rangers)
  47. Tommy Pearson (Aberdeen)
  48. W. Penman (Raith Rovers)
  49. Willie Redpath (Motherwell)
  50. Lawrie Reilly (Hibernian)  -  amended (typo)  -  thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  51. Archie Shaw (Motherwell)
  52. Davie Shaw (Hibernian)
  53. Ronnie Simpson (Celtic)
  54. Reggie Smith (Dundee)
  55. Billy Steel (Greenock Morton)
  56. Jack Thaler (Paisley Pirates - Ice Hockey)
  57. Willie Thornton (Rangers)
  58. Charlie Tully (Celtic) - Ireland kit  -  updated  -  thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  59. Willie Waddell (Rangers)
  60. Jimmy Walker (Partick Thistle)
  61. Tommy Walker (Hearts)   -   thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  62. Jock Weir (Celtic)   -   thanks to Alistair McIlroy
  63. Willie Woodburn (Rangers)
  64. Tommy Wright (Partick Thistle)
  65. Geo. Young (Rangers)


  1. There is also B&W and colour versions of Jerry Dawson (Rangers).

    Davy McB.

  2. Also a B&W of Willie Findlay, Rangers.

    Davy McB.

  3. Thank you Davy, I've added the two to this list and just going to add Jerry Dawson to the coloured checklisted. Cheers.


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