Monday 23 October 2017

Manil (Portugal) - Estrelas do Futebol Mundial (1993)

Estrelas do Futebol Mundial
193 stickers

Gregory Graetz asked if I knew which collection thie Eusebio sticker comes from. I do, but I don't have a checklist. A strange collection of flags, banknotes and international footballers, can anyone help?

10.  Banknote (Portugal)
11.  Banknote (Portugal)
12.  Banknote (Portugal)
13.  Banknote (Portugal)
14.  Eusebio (Portugal)
15.  Bento (Portugal)
16.  J. Antonio (Portugal)
17.  Eurico (Portugal)

73.  Maldini (Italy)
74.  Costacurta (Italy)
86.  Simone (Italy)

102.  Hassler (Germany)

110.  Grun (Belgium)

123.  Rijkaard (Holland)
125.  Gullit (Holland)

137.  Gascoigne (England)

155.  Thern (Sweden)

158.  Flag (Brazil)
159.  Banknote (Brazil)
160.  Banknote (Brazil)
161.  Taffarel (Brazil)
162.  Aldair (Brazil)
163.  Jorginho (Brazil)

176.  Careca (Brazil)
177.  Casagrande (Brazil)

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