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Upper Deck - UD Superstars (2003)

UD Superstars
Upper Deck
300 base cards

I've only included checklists for the subsets that include football cards or should I say David Beckham cards as he is the only footballer in the collection. I do have the complete checklist in my database, please get in touch if you need further information.
UPDATE (29-01-2019 14:23):  I've been asked whether the Black version is numbered on the card. I don't have a David Beckham example to show but I've included sections of a Black version and a Gold version showing the panels that include the card number... their not David Beckham cards but I think Joe DiMaggio and Kobe Bryant are pretty good examples.

UD Superstars - UD Spokesmen Superstars
30 cards (2 football)
PARALLEL: UD Superstars - UD Spokesmen Superstars - Black
PARALLEL: UD Superstars - UD Spokesmen Superstars - Gold

UD1.  Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds)
UD2.  Ichiro (Mariners)
UD3.  Sammy Sosa (Cubs)
UD4.  Jason Giambi (Yankees)
UD5.  Joe DiMaggio (Yankees)
UD6.  Mark McGwire (Cardinals)
UD7.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
UD8.  Michael Jordan (Wizards)
UD9.  Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
UD10.  Jay Williams (Bulls)
UD11.  Peyton Manning (Colts)
UD12.  Bobby Orr (Bruins)
UD13.  Mr. Hockey (Red Wings)
UD14.  Wayne Gretzky (Kings)
UD15.  Tiger Woods (Golf)
UD16.  Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds)
UD17.  Ichiro (Mariners)
UD18.  Sammy Sosa (Cubs)
UD19.  Jason Giambi (Yankees)
UD20.  Joe DiMaggio (Yankees)
UD21.  Mark McGwire (Cardinals)
UD22.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
UD23.  Michael Jordan (Wizards)
UD24.  Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
UD25.  Jay Williams (Bulls)
UD26.  Peyton Manning (Colts)
UD27.  Bobby Orr (Bruins)
UD28.  Mr. Hockey (Red Wings)
UD29.  Wayne Gretzky (Kings)
UD30.  Tiger Woods (Golf)
UD Superstars - Legendary Leaders Dual Jersey
20 cards (1 football)

AI/DM-L.  Allen Iverson (76ers)
AI/DM-L.  Donovan McNabb (Eagles)
DC/JB-L.  David Carr (Texans)
DC/JB-L.  Jeff Bagwell (Astros)
EJ/JO-L.  Edgerrin James (Colts)
EJ/JO-L.  Jermaine O'Neal (Pacers)
ES/AR-L.  Emmitt Smith (Cowboys)
ES/AR-L.  Alex Rodriguez (Rangers)
IS/DB-L.  Ichiro (Mariners)
IS/DB-L.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
JG/KC-L.  Jason Giambi (Yankees)
JG/KC-L.  Kerry Collins (Giants)
JK/CP-L.  Jason Kidd (Nets)
JK/CP-L.  Chad Pennington (Jets)
JR/CD-L.  Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds)
JR/CD-L.  Corey Dillon (Bengals)
JR/JR-L.  Jason Richardson (Warriors)
JR/JR-L.  Jerry Rice (Raiders)
JS/TG-L.  Junior Seau (Chargers)
JS/TG-L.  Tony Gwynn (Padres)
JW/AT-L.  Jay Williams (Bulls)
JW/AT-L.  Anthony Thomas (Bears)
KG/RM-L.  Kevin Garnett (Timberwolves)
KG/RM-L.  Randy Moss (Vikings)
KW/MM-L.  Kurt Warner (Rams)
KW/MM-L.  Mark McGwire (Cardinals)
PM/TB-L.  Pedro Martinez (Red Sox)
PM/TB-L.  Tom Brady (Patriots)
RM/PM-L.  Reggie Miller (Pacers)
RM/PM-L.  Peyton Manning (Colts)
SM/RJ-L.  Shawn Marion (Suns)
SM/RJ-L.  Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks)
SS/BU-L.  Sammy Sosa (Cubs)
SS/BU-L.  Brian Urlacher (Bears)
SY/JH-L.  Steve Yzerman (Red Wings)
SY/JH-L.  Joey Harrington (Lions)
TC/OV-L.  Tim Couch (Browns)
TC/OV-L.  Omar Vizquel (Indians)
ZP/SG-L.  Zigmund Palffy (Kings)
ZP/SG-L.  Shawn Green (Dodgers)

UD Superstars - Legendary Leaders Triple Jersey #/250
18 cards (2 football)

AI/DM/JR-L.  Allen Iverson (76ers)
AI/DM/JR-L.  Donovan McNabb (Eagles)
AI/DM/JR-L.  Jeremy Roenick (Flyers)
AR/ES/MM-L.  Alex Rodriguez (Rangers)
AR/ES/MM-L.  Emmitt Smith (Cowboys)
AR/ES/MM-L.  Mike Modano (Stars)
CR/JJ/SD-L.  Cal Ripken Jr. (Orioles)
CR/JJ/SD-L.  Jaromir Jagr (Capitals)
CR/JJ/SD-L.  Stephen Davis (Redskins)
GM/MV/SA-L.  Greg Maddux (Braves)
GM/MV/SA-L.  Michael Vick (Falcons)
GM/MV/SA-L.  Shareef Abdur-Rahim (Hawks)
IS/DB/KB-L.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
IS/DB/KB-L.  Ichiro (Mariners)
IS/DB/KB-L.  Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
IS/KG/DB-L.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
IS/KG/DB-L.  Ichiro (Mariners)
IS/KG/DB-L.  Kevin Garnett (Timberwolves)
JD/WG/LB-L.  Joe DiMaggio (Yankees)
JD/WG/LB-L.  Larry Bird (Celtics)
JD/WG/LB-L.  Wayne Gretzky (Rangers)
JG/DB/MM-L.  Drew Bledsoe (Bills)
JG/DB/MM-L.  Jason Giambi (Yankees)
JG/DB/MM-L.  Mark Messier (Rangers)
KM/JR/TG-L.  Jerry Rice (Raiders)
KM/JR/TG-L.  Karl Malone (Jazz)
KM/JR/TG-L.  Tony Gwynn (Padres)
LW/BG/PR-L.  Brian Griese (Broncos)
LW/BG/PR-L.  Larry Walker (Rockies)
LW/BG/PR-L.  Patrick Roy (Avalanche)
MM/PM/SY-L.  Mark McGwire (Cardinals)
MM/PM/SY-L.  Peyton Manning (Colts)
MM/PM/SY-L.  Steve Yzerman (Red Wings)
MP/CP/AY-L.  Alexei Yashin (Islanders)
MP/CP/AY-L.  Chad Pennington (Jets)
MP/CP/AY-L.  Mike Piazza (Mets)
PM/PP/TB-L.  Paul Pierce (Celtics)
PM/PP/TB-L.  Pedro Martinez (Red Sox)
PM/PP/TB-L.  Tom Brady (Patriots)
RC/JR/ML-L.  Jerry Rice (Raiders)
RC/JR/ML-L.  Mario Lemieux (Penguins)
RC/JR/ML-L.  Roger Clemens (Yankees)
SG/WG/KB-L.  Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
SG/WG/KB-L.  Shawn Green (Dodgers)
SG/WG/KB-L.  Wayne Gretzky (Kings)
SS/ED/BU-L.  Brian Urlacher (Bears)
SS/ED/BU-L.  Eric Daze (Blackhawks)
SS/ED/BU-L.  Sammy Sosa (Cubs)
SS/KB/MF-L.  Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
SS/KB/MF-L.  Marshall Faulk (Rams)
SS/KB/MF-L.  Sammy Sosa (Cubs)
TG/ES/ML-L.  Emmitt Smith (Cowboys)
TG/ES/ML-L.  Mario Lemieux (Penguins)
TG/ES/ML-L.  Tony Gwynn (Padres)


  1. Hi is the black /250 numbered anywhere in the card

    1. Hi RTV,
      Yes, on the front in the right-hand panel next to the panel with the players name. I don't have a Beckham card to show but I've added a scan from a Joe DiMagio card to show what I mean. I hope this helps.
      Kind regards,


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