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Topps - Match Attax SPFL 2017/18 (11) - 6-card sheets

Match Attax SPFL 2017/18
360+ cards

The Daily Record gave away sheets of Match Attax SPFL 2017/18 cards with their Saturday issue, the Sunday Mail gave away from cards the following day and then the Daily Record continued to give away sheets of 6 cards from the following Monday through to Friday. The sheets include International Star cards, only available in this format. At the moment I only have details for one of the sheets.
UPDATE (19-09-2017 18:14):  Andy R has provided a list of another sheet, the sheets are numbered for reference purposes only, they are not numbered in the order they were issued. Thanks to Derek Raith for the complete list of the International Star cards.
UPDATE (20-09-2017 17:14):  Andy R has provided a photo of the second sheet which he is 99% certain was included with the Sunday Mail on 17 September, 2017.
UPDATE (02-10-2017 09:24):  Bill Campbell has provided a list of the cards on another sheet, listed here as 'sheet 3' though the sequence number is not known yet.

Match Attax SPFL 2017/18 - Daily Record - 16 September, 2017 - sheet 1

IS1.  Craig Gordon (Celtic)
42.  Darren O'Dea (Dundee)
67.  Greg Docherty (Hamilton Academical)
IS4.  Kári Árnason (Aberdeen)
158.  Blair Spittal (Partick Thistle)
305.  Gavin Reilly (St Mirren)

Match Attax SPFL 2017/18 - Sunday Mail - 17 September, 2017 - sheet 2

IS2.  Mikael Lustig (Celtic)
168.  Fabio Cardoso (Rangers)
201.  Richard Foster (St. Johnstone)
IS10.  Arnaud Djoum (Hearts)
16.  Scott Wright (Aberdeen)
121.  Dom Thomas (Kilmarnock)

Match Attax SPFL 2017/18 - sheet 3

IS3.  Keiran Tierney (Celtic)
319.  Derek Riordan (Hibernian)  -  Fans' Favourite
136.  Ross MacLean (Motherwell)  -  Rising Star
IS7.  Aaron Hughes (Heart of Midlothian)
186.  Andrew Davies (Ross County)  -  Captain
242.  Paul McMullan (Dundee United)

Match Attax SPFL 2017/18 - International Star

IS1.  Craig Gordon (Celtic)
IS2.  Mikael Lustig (Celtic)
IS3.  Keiran Tierney (Celtic)
IS4.  Kári Árnason (Aberdeen)
IS5.  Mark Reynolds (Aberdeen)
IS6.  Aaron Hughes (Heart of Midlothian)
IS7.  Christophe Berrra (Heart of Midlothian)
IS8.  Bruno Alves (Rangers)
IS9.  Scott Brown (Celtic)
IS10.  Arnaud Djoum (Heart of Midlothian)
IS11.  Stuart Armstrong (Celtic)
IS12.  Tom Rogic (Celtic)
IS13.  James Forrest (Celtic)
IS14.  Leigh Griffiths (Celtic)


  1. I dont know what sheet number it is out of the 6, but the one i got had:
    IS2. Mikael Lustig (Celtic)
    168. Fabio Cardoso (Rangers)
    201. Richard Foster (St. Johnstone)
    IS10. Arnaud Djoum (Hearts)
    16. Scott Wright (Aberdeen)
    121. Dom Thomas (Kilmarnock)

    1. Thanks Andy,

      It's really difficult tracking them down, they don't seem to be popping up on eBay.



    2. Im 99% confident it was from the Sunday Mail on the 10th September as was pre-inserted into the paper like the initial Saturday one from the Daily Record. The rest were definately voucher redeems.
      it's a pretty awful picture I took as I dont have scanner but your more than welcome to take from here and use/enhance if it helps.

    3. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for letting me know and for the link. I think I'll be able to use the photo of the sheet. I'll add it here later today.



  2. I have a complete sheet which includes;-
    IS3 Keiran Tierney
    319 Derek Riordan
    136 Ross MacLean
    IS7 Aaron Hughes
    186 Andrew Davies
    242 Paul McMullen

    I can let you have a scan if you want it.

    The sheets were only acvailable when buying the paper via a R S McColls stores. I've found it worth asking if they have any spare sheets still lying about the shop.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thank you for the list. If you can do a scan for me that would be great, I can add it to the sheets shown above.



  3. Missing Sheet Lists

    Sheet 4
    IS5 Mark Reynolds
    281 Derek Gaston
    135 Carl McHugh
    IS9 Scott Brown
    318 James McCarthy
    274 Alan Lithgow

    Sheet 5
    IS6 Christophe Berra
    93 David Gray
    295 Lyndon Dykes
    IS12 Tom Rogic
    175 Nico Kranjcar
    270 John Baird

    Sheet 6
    IS8 Bruno Alves
    191 Jamie Lindsay
    251 Declan McManus
    IS14 Leigh Griffiths
    222 James Dale
    303 Stephen McGinn

    Sheet 7
    IS13 James Forrest
    230 Craig Barr
    323 Richard Brittain
    IS11 Stuart Armstrong
    140 Elliott Frear
    88 Rory Currie

    1. Thanks Bill,

      I'll be adding a new post with the scans you provided later today.

      Thank you,



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