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Panini - FIFA 365 2018 - The Golden World of Football (11) - Checklist - Serbia, Slovenia

FIFA 365 2018 - The Golden World of Football
Serbia, Slovenia
602 stickers

Wila75 has provided photos of some of the stickers from the Serbian and Slovenian version. I haven't reproduced the main checklist, instead I've added a link to the original checklist posted on this site and then added a checklist for the extra 60 stickers.

1-542. FIFA 365 2018 - The Golden World of Football

FIFA 365 2018 - The Golden World of Football - S prefix - Serbia, Slovenia

S1.  Shirt (FC Crvena zvezda)
S2.  Badge (FC Crvena zvezda)
S3.  Milan Borjan (FC Crvena zvezda)
S4.  Filip Stojković (FC Crvena zvezda)
S5.  Abraham Frimpong (FC Crvena zvezda)
S6.  Dušan Anđelković (FC Crvena zvezda)
S7.  Vujadin Savic (FC Crvena zvezda)
S8.  Srđan Babić (FC Crvena zvezda)
S9.  Guélor Kanga (FC Crvena zvezda)
S10.  Nenad Milijaš (FC Crvena zvezda)
S11.  Damien Le Tallec (FC Crvena zvezda)
S12.  Mitchell Donald (FC Crvena zvezda)
S13.  Slavoljub Srnić (FC Crvena zvezda)
S14.  Ricardinho (FC Crvena zvezda)
S15.  Uroš Račić (FC Crvena zvezda)
S16.  Branko Jovičić (FC Crvena zvezda)
S17.  Luka Adžić (FC Crvena zvezda)
S18.  Richmond Boakye (FC Crvena zvezda)
S19.  Nemanja Milić (FC Crvena zvezda)
S20.  Aleksandar Pešić (FC Crvena zvezda)
S21.  Shirt (FK Partizan)
S22.  Badge (FK Partizan)
S23.  Vladimir Stojković (FK Partizan)
S24.  Miroslav Vulićević (FK Partizan)
S25.  Bojan Ostojić (FK Partizan)
S26.  Nemanja Miletić (FK Partizan)
S27.  Mohamed El Monir (FK Partizan)
S28.  Nemanja Miletić (FK Partizan)
S29.  Marko Jevtović (FK Partizan)
S30.  Saša Ilić (FK Partizan)
S31.  Milan Radin (FK Partizan)
S32.  Marko Janković (FK Partizan)
S33.  Seydouba Soumah (FK Partizan)
S34.  Danilo Pantić (FK Partizan)
S35.  Petar Đuričković (FK Partizan)
S36.  Nebojša Kosović (FK Partizan)
S37.  Zoran Tošić (FK Partizan)
S38.  Đorđe Jovanović (FK Partizan)
S39.  Léandre Tawamba Kana (FK Partizan)
S40.  Theophilus Solomon (FK Partizan)
S41.  Shirt (NK Maribor)
S42.  Badge (NK Maribor)
S43.  Jasmin Handanović (NK Maribor)
S44.  Marko Šuler (NK Maribor)
S45.  Aleksander Rajčević (NK Maribor)
S46.  Mitja Viler (NK Maribor)
S47.  Jean-Claude Billong (NK Maribor)
S48.  Matej Palčič (NK Maribor)
S49.  Martin Milec (NK Maribor)
S50.  Blaž Vrhovec (NK Maribor)
S51.  Aleks Pihler (NK Maribor)
S52.  Dino Hotić (NK Maribor)
S53.  Marwan Kabha (NK Maribor)
S54.  Valon Ahmedi (NK Maribor)
S55.  Damjan Bohar (NK Maribor)
S56.  Martin Kramarič (NK Maribor)
S57.  Jasmin Mešanović (NK Maribor)
S58.  Marcos Tavares (NK Maribor)
S59.  Gregor Bajde (NK Maribor)
S60.  Luka Zahović (NK Maribor)


  1. Is Levski in this years version? Or are the in a different version with Steaua and Panathinaikos?

    1. Hi,

      I only know of the two versions so far, but I expect there will be others. If you find out about an album that includes Levski please let me know.

      Thank you.


  2. Hi do you have the teams pages like the UK extra pages? I would like to print them. Have a good day

    1. Hi Starkie,

      Sorry, I've only scanned the extra UK pages so far, I'm not sure I'll get around to scanning all the other pages.



    2. Ok my friend, no problem. I took the UK's Extra Pages and I will print them, because in Latinamerica we wouldn't have those teams, cuz some teams change. Then I will get the stickers. :) Have a nice day Alan


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