Thursday 28 September 2017

Topps - Match Attax 2017/2018 (078) - Match Attax Live

Match Attax 2017/2018
500+ cards

I think this is the only section without an illustrated checklist and here's a start. About a dozen of the code cards out of what is probably 40 different cards. If you can help with scans of any of the missing cards please get in touch. The complete checklist can be found here - Topps - Match Attax 2017/2018 (036) - Checklist.
UPDATE (01-102-17 19:48):  14 more cards added, thank to John Levitt. The missing five regular cards should be added in a few days. Still looking for scans of the other five Limited Edition Match Attax Live code cards.
UPDATE (05-10-2017 11:36):  The last 5 of the 32 regular cards added.
UPDATE (06-10-2017 08:37):  John Levitt has provided scans of the three of the Limited Edition cards, just Wayne Rooney and David Luiz missing.
UPDATE (09-10-2017 08:02):  The last two cards have been added - Wayne Rooney and David Luiz - thanks to Kelly at KGF Cards, who can be found on eBay or their own online shop - KGF Cards.


  1. Hi Alan, I have recently picked up thousands of cards and noticed this set have two different backs, is this something you know about? There are some with the backing photo you use above and some with details for “Hero packets”. Would really appreciate your advice/help with this. Thank you, Richard

    1. Hi Richard,

      I am sorry it's taken me a couple of days to reply. I needed to do some research on this query.
      The Hero Packets version come from the Match Attax Extra collection:

      Topps - Match Attax Extra 2017/18 (12) - Match Attax Live

      I hope this helps.



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