Sunday 23 July 2017

Lychgate Press - Everton Ladies ~ Football In Action

Everton Ladies ~ Football In Action
Lychgate Press
10 cards

UPDATE (24-07-2017 14:27):  I was pleased to finally complete the checklist for this set recently but I've been contacted by Paul Chauveau who informs me the set consists of 20 cards not 10. Fortunately Paul was able to give me the full checklist, nine of the players appear twice in the set. All the photographs used in the set were taken by Philip Neill.

1.  Rachel Brown
2.  Lindsey Johnson
3.  Becky Easton
4.  Rachel Unitt
5.  Fara Williams
6.  Amy Kane
7.  Emily Westwood
8.  Jill Scott
9.  Natashia Dowie
10.  Toni Duggan
11.  Jo Potter
12.  Rachel Brown
13.  Becky Easton
14.  Rachel Unitt
15.  Fara Williams
16.  Amy Kane
17.  Emily Westwood
18.  Jill Scott
19.  Natashia Dowie
20.  Jo Potter

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