Monday 24 July 2017

deCoubertin Books - Famous Toffeemen (02)

Famous Toffeemen
deCoubertin Books
6 cards

The illustrations used in the original post were just concept art, this is what the cards actually look like. The book costs £15.99 and can be ordered directly from the publishers - deCoubertin Books.
UPDATE (31-07-2017 16:29):  Paul Chauveau has provided scans of a sample card back and the packet the cards were issued in.

T.G. 'Tommy' Jones (Everton)
T.G. 'Tommy' Jones (Wales)
W.R. 'Dixie' Dean (Everton)
Thomas Lawton (Everton)
Edward 'Ted' Sagar (Everton)
Alan Ball (Everton)

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