Thursday, 6 July 2017

Master Vending - (MAS-150/MCA-2) Cardmaster Football Tips (04)

(MAS-150/MCA-2) Cardmaster Football Tips
Master Vending
50 cards

Richard White has provided scans of card number 12 - George Farm (Blackpool & Scotland) - which is grey backed with no address. Richard also has a cream backed card with no address and a number 3 version of the card with no address.

I wonder if the cards with and without details of the firm are not really variations. It seems that if there is room under the block of text the address details are included, if there's not enough room those details are omitted.
The original checklist can be found here (includes an alphabetical listing) - Master Vending - (MAS-150/MCA-2) Cardmaster Football Tips and the original and later checklists - Master Vending - (MAS-150/MCA-2) Cardmaster Football Tips (02).

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