Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bimbo Bread (Mexico) - The Best Players of the European Leagues

The Best Players of the European Leagues
Bimbo Bread
72 cards

Valdes (Barcelona)
Belletti (Barcelona)
Marquez (Barcelona)
Puyol (Barcelona)
Xavi (Barcelona)
Larsson (Barcelona)
Giuly (Barcelona)
Eto'o (Barcelona)
Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
van Bronckhorst (Barcelona)
Deco (Barcelona)
Oleguer (Barcelona)
Toldo (Inter Milan)
Cordoba (Inter Milan)
Zanetti (Inter Milan)
Davids (Inter Milan)
Adriano (Inter Milan)
Veron (Inter Milan)
Cambiasso (Inter Milan)
Recoba (Inter Milan)
Materazzi (Inter Milan)
Stankovic (Inter Milan)
Martins (Inter Milan)
Vieri (Inter Milan)
Buffon (Juventus)
Tacchinardi (Juventus)
Montero (Juventus)
Emerson (Juventus)
Ibrahimovic (Juventus)
Del Piero (Juventus)
Nedved (Juventus)
Camoranesi (Juventus)
Trezeguet (Juventus)
Zambrotta (Juventus)
Thuram (Juventus)
Cannavaro (Juventus)
Howard (Manchester United)
Gary Neville (Manchester United)
Heinze (Manchester United)
Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
Rooney (Manchester United)
van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
Giggs (Manchester United)
Smith (Manchester United)
Keane (Manchester United)
Scholes (Manchester United)
Silvestre (Manchester United)
Casillas (Real Madrid)
Salgado (Real Madrid)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Borja (Real Madrid)
Zidane (Real Madrid)
Helguera (Real Madrid)
Raul (Real Madrid)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Figo (Real Madrid)
Owen (Real Madrid)
Cesar (Real Madrid)
Guti (Real Madrid)
Raul Bravo (Real Madrid)
Gravesen (Real Madrid)
Portillo (Real Madrid)
Woodgate (Real Madrid)
Samuel (Real Madrid)
Celades (Real Madrid)
Slari (Real Madrid)
Pavon (Real Madrid)
Beckham (Real Madrid)
Mejia (Real Madrid)
Lopez (Real Madrid)

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