Sunday, 30 July 2017

D.C. Thomson / Scoop - Sportstar Record Card (02)

Sportstar Record Card
D.C. Thomson / Scoop
85+ cut outs

These are cut from the magazine. Earlier ones were printed in colour, but these later ones are just black & white. They are unnumbered and the numbers refer to the issue number of the magazine they appeared in. A checklist for the 1978 issues can be found here - D.C. Thomson / Scoop - Sportstar Record Card.

84.  Kenneth Graham Sansom (Crystal Palace)

85.  Ole Olsen (Speedway)
95.  Gary Owen (West Bromwich Albion) - 10-11-1979
96.  Tony Ward (Rugby Union) - 17-11-1979
124.  Des Bremner - 31-05-1980
126.  Geoff Capes (Athletics) - 14-06-1980

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