Thursday 18 May 2017

Sharpdale Products - Neggo Boys Photo Printing Outfit

Neggo Boys Photo Printing Outfit
Sharpdale Products, Edinburgh
16 subjects

Matthew Zubrot has sent in scans of this item. He doesn't know when it was issued but suggests it was probably between 1949 and 1951 as Don Bradman was Knighted in 1949. Size (in frame): 12cm x 9.5cm approx.


Jones - Birmingham
Cowan - Morton
Havell - Hearts
Dawson - Falkirk
Finney - England
Mortensen - Blackpool


D. Wright - Kent
W. J. Edrich - Middlesex
L. B. Fishlock - Surrey
J. Hardstaff - Notts
D. Compton - Middlesex
Sir Don Bradman - Australia


Eddie Lack
Dennis Parker
Bill Maddern
Dick Campbell

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