Tuesday 16 May 2017

Panini - FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 (04) - Rewe - Unnumbered Stickers

FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011
336 stickers

As well as containing special stadium stickers, the packets available from Rewe also included some regular stickers from the main collection, but these stickers are unnumbered and are also thicker. I am aware of 60 different stickers issued in the Rewe packets.

Nadine Angerer (Germany)
Kim Kulig (Germany)
Alexandra Popp (Germany)
Linda Bresonik (Germany)
Martina Müller  (Germany)
Birgit Prinz (Germany)
Inka Grings (Germany)
Kerstin Garefrekes (Germany)
Simone Laudehr (Germany)
Fatmire Bajramaj (Germany)
Ariane Hingst (Germany)
Amy Rodrigues (U.S.A.)
Rachel Buehler (U.S.A.)
Alex Morgan (U.S.A.)
Carli Lloyd (U.S.A.)
Abby Wambach (U.S.A.)
Heather Mitts (U.S.A.)
Hope Solo (U.S.A.)
Heather O’Reilly (U.S.A.)
Stephanie Cox (U.S.A.)
Kirsty Yallop (New Zealand)
Amber Hearn (New Zealand)
Rosie White (New Zealand)
Ali Riley (New Zealand)
Jenny Bindon (New Zealand)
Ria Percival (New Zealand)
Hannah Wilkinson (New Zealand)
Betsa Hasset (New Zealand)
Hannah Wall (New Zealand)
Stella Mbachu (Nigeria)
Perpetua Nkwocha (Nigeria)
Gladys Akpa (Nigeria)
Onome Ebi (Nigeria)
Grace Okoronkwo (Nigeria)
Precious Dede (Nigeria)
Ebere Orji (Nigeria)
Laure Lepailleur (France)
Elise Bussaglia (France)
Corinne Franco (France)
Laure Boulleau (France)
Gaetane Thiney (France)
Elodie Thomis (France)
Celine Deville (France)
Marie-Laure Delie (France)
Gloria Chinasa Okoro (Equatorial Guinea)
Salimata Simpore (Equatorial Guinea)
Pereira Carolina (Equatorial Guinea)
Ghislaine Noah Nke (Equatorial Guinea)
Sinforosa Eyang (Equatorial Guinea)
Mirian Silva Paixao (Equatorial Guinea)
Natali Abeso (Equatorial Guinea)
Jade Boho (Equatorial Guinea)   -   amended 20-11-2022  -  thanks to Ignacio
Nilla Fischer (Sweden)
Kosovare Asllani (Sweden)
Caroline Seger (Sweden)
Lisa Dahlkvist (Sweden)
Antonia Göransson (Sweden)
Lotta Schelin (Sweden)
Hedvig Lindahl (Sweden)
Lina Nilsson (Sweden)


  1. Hi Alan. The last sticker listed from Guinea Ecuatorial, is not BILGUISA SIMPORE, it is JADE BOHO. Not sure if I can send you a pic here, but I can send it to you anyway. Thanks. Ignacio.


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