Thursday 16 March 2017

Topps - Match Attax Extra 2016/17 (16) - Nordic 25 Years Super Team

Match Attax Extra 2016/17
220+ cards

An illustrated checklist of the fourteen cards in the Nordic 25 Years Super Team series. The complete checklist can be found here - Topps - Match Attax Extra 2016/17 (06) - Checklist.


  1. Replies
    1. I presume they'll be in the collection when it's issued in the Nordic countries.


  2. Has anyone seen these cards or been able to buy them? If so where from?

  3. I have been told that these were in Match Attax Extra packs in Nordic countries...there are currently a few on eBay but at £19+ postage each!!
    I have managed to get hold of all of these apart from Number 4 - Sami Hyypia....if anyone has this please let me know....this is the last card I need to complete the full set of EVERY is very frustrating!!

  4. Im looking for the peter schmeichel card from this set, can anyone help please?


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