Thursday, 16 March 2017

Topps - Match Attax Extra 2016/17 (15) - Limited Edition

Match Attax Extra 2016/17
220+ cards

An illustrated checklist of the thirteen Limited Edition cards. I have included the Platinum John Stones card as that is supposed to be issued too but Topps have yet to say how or when. The complete checklist can be found here - Topps - Match Attax Extra 2016/17 (06) - Checklist.

UPDATE (16-03-2017 15:54):  Topps have just announced that 141 John Stones Platinum Limited Edition cards can be found within retail packets of Match Attax Extra exclusively in Tesco Extra and Tesco Superstores nationwide.


  1. 141 John Stones Cards available from Tesco/Tesco Express Stores.

  2. is the stones platinum in regular booster packs, or what? cheers

    1. Yes, the regular £1.00 packets. Just checked and Tesco have 250 Tesco Extra stores and 479 Tesco Superstores. So that's about 1 card in every 5 or 6 stores.
      According to Topps the cards are only available in Tesco Extra and Tesco Superstores, so they shouldn't be in Tesco Metro and Tesco Express stores.



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