Thursday 19 January 2017

Rostron, New Wortley - Leeds United F.C. Postcards (03)

Leeds United F.C. Postcards
Rostron, New Wortley (Fielding - photographer)
Unknown number

Gary Curtis has provided some scans of cards from this series.

A. Campey
E.A. Hart   (1920-1936 at Leeds United)
T. Jennings  (1925-1934 at Leeds United)
C.J. Keetley  (1927-1934 at Leeds United)  -   without Rostron, New Wortley reference
Bill Menzies   (1922-1934 at Leeds United)
J.F. Potts   (1926-1934 at Leeds United)
Geo. Reed   (1923-1931 at Leeds United)
T. Townsley   (1925-1930 at Leeds United)
Dick Ray (1927-1935 at Leeds United - Manager)  -  updated 17-04-2020  -  thanks to Gary Curtis


  1. Just finding time due to Covid-9 lockdown, the unknown guy is Leeds Manager Dick Ray 1927-35.


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