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de Haas & van Brero Zeepfabrieken - Goal door Leo Pagano, Alles over Voetbal Voor Jong de Oud! (02)

Goal door Leo Pagano, Alles over Voetbal Voor Jong de Oud!
de Haas & van Brero Zeepfabrieken, Apeldoorn
232 cards

Wila75 has provided the complete checklist for this collection as well as some photos - A17, A18, B11 (no. 29), G21 (no. 160) and G22 (no. 161), with the last two coming from the 1948 Olympic Games.

Eerste hoofdstuk - wij maken kennis met de sport in het algemeen - A1-A18

1.  Not everyone is happy with the goal
2.  Another situation in front of goal that leads to discussion
3.  Goalkeeper tries to stop the ball way behind the line
4.  Brandes (Feyenoord) tries to reach to the ball, goalkeeper has it in his hands
5.  van Onselen (V.S.V.) stops in time to avoid gaolkeeper Saris
6.  Westphal (Blauw Wit) stretches his arm like goalkeeper Kluit (Haarlem) and touches the ball before the goalkeeper
7.  Leaning in the air on your opponent
8.  Jumping in the back of an opponent
9.  Bicycle kick by a Feyenoord player while E.D.O. goalkeepr Wille tries to save, dangerous play
10.  Tackle from behind by a goalkeeper
11.  Atempt on the ball, but tackling the opponent
12.  Only goal of the match against Hamers (Stormvogels) meaning relegation in the season 1948-1949, the 17 year old boy replacing the injured National team goalkeeper Kraak
13.  Piet Kraak sitting in the stands and watching the game
14.  Piet Kraak left his place in the stand to check on his injured team-mate
15.  3d stamp
16.  2½d stamp
17.  1 shilling stamp
18.  6d stamp

Tweede hoofdstuk - de spelregels - B1-B13

19.  The field
20.  Team leader cleaning snow from the goalline
21.  On a winterday the youth players trainign in the snow
22.  The groundkeeper bringing on the chalk lines
23.  Picture of the goalline and post
24.  Crossbar and post must fit together
25.  The net must be ankered in the ground and not only on post and crossbar
26.  2 children blowing air in a football
27.  Football with lace on the outside
28.  Football with wrong lace on the outside
29.  British-Indian player without shoes at the start of a match
30.  Shoe with 6 studs
31.  Shoe with 6 studs, but with nails coming out of it

Derde hoofdstuk- de spelregels - C1-C23

32.  Referee Metz is calming downthe players from A.G.O.V.V. and Heracles
33.  Stopwatch of the referee
34.  K.N.V.B. badge that is on the refereees outfit
35.  Before the macth the captains of the Netherlands and France shake hands in front of the referee on the 26th of April 1949
36.  The Dutch captain van der Linden had won the toss on 26th of May 1947 against France and chooses the side he want to play
37.  Kick off
38.  Sinterklaas taking a kick off
39.  Ball on the line: meaning play on
40.  Ball outside the line: meaning out of the game
41.  Ball ¾ over the line: meaning play on
42.  Goalkeeper hold the ball on the line: meaning no goal and play on
43.  The ball outside the corner circle: meaning not legit to take the corner
44.  The ball inside the corner circle: meaning paly on and take the corner
45.  Player controlling the ball with his chest and....
46.  lets it roll of it into the goal
47.  Player with the ball betweens his legs, goalkeeper on the ground...
48.  and now the player jumps wtih the ball still between his legs into the goal.
49.  Karel Kaufmann (trainer of the K.N.V.B.) taking a referee's ball, the players around him waiting....
50.  he lets the ball drop from his hands.....
51.  and one player hits the ball before it hits the ground: meaning doing the drop again.
52.  and this time the ball hits the ground and the players could play on
53.  Game situation: player with the ball against two defenders, behind the defenders a teammate and the goalkeeper. In this situation it is a goal and not offside if the player with the ball goes by himself and scores a goal
54.  Game situation: rebound given away by the goalkeeper and the striker scores. No offside because the touch of the goalkeeper made it a new situation

Vierde hoofdstuk - de spelregels - D1-D30

55.  Player on the ground making an unintended handball
56.  Ball played with the hand
57.  Ball played with the hand
58.  Ball played with the hand
59.  Whille jumping to head the ball, placing hand on shoulder of opponent
60.  Holding the goalkeeper while he jumps to catch the ball
61.  Pushing away an opponent
62.  Attacking an opponent rough
63.  High kicking with opponent nearby
64.  Heading low with risk of being kicked in the head
65.  Heading low without an opponent nearby
66.  Raymond Braine (Belgium ) heading low to the ball in the match against the Netherlands in 1918
67.  Goalkeeper de Munck sees how the ball goes in
68.  2 players pushing with the chest, not allowed
69.  1 player pushing his shoulder against the back of another player: not allowed
70.  Karel Kaufmann shows how to push the shoulde correctly
71.  Free kick with the wall at 9.15m. In the wall 1 player pushes his teammate in his back: allowed
72.  Goalkeeper in front of his line, during open play allowed, when it is a penalty the goalkeeper must stand....
73.  on the line with his feet,
74.  or behind the line with both feet
75.  Throw in: 2 feet with the heels on the line: allowed
76.  Throw in: standing on the toes (meaning back of feet in the air): not allowed
77.  Throw in: feet behind the line, he drops the ball, meaning the other team can throw in
78.  Throw in: Ball above the head on his way to drop
79.  Throw in: Ball should be released above the head and not in front of the head: not allowed
80.  Throw in: Ball above the head but with one hand: not allowed
81.  Karel Kaufmann shows how to throw in correctly
82.  Goal kick: the ball is in the corner of the box and can be taken
83.  Corner kick: player holds the flag in his hand to create more space
84.  Corner kick: player hold the tip of the flag in his hands to keep balance

Vijfde hoofdstuk - de techniek - E1-E35

85.  Kick Smit shows how to head a ball
86.  Player spreads his legs to prevent a collision with the goalkeeper
87.  Keep your eyes on the ball: player is headingwith his face
88.  Keep your eyes on the ball: 1 player keeps his eyes closed, the other has no idea where the ball is
89.  4 players with an eye on the ball
90.  Kees Rijvers tries to stop the ball but it goes of his feet to a defender
91.  Stopping the ball with your stomach
92.  Stopping the ball on your chest
93.  Stopping the ball with your feet in a way to play on
94.  Stopping the ball with your feet and standing still
95.  Stopping the ball with your feet and the ball jumps away
96.  Heading the ball without looking in the middle of your head: jumping with bended knees
97.  Heading the ball without looking in the middle of your head: jumping straight
98.  Karel Kaufmann shows the player how to stand before he heads the ball away
99.  Heading the ball correctly
100.  Heading the ball correctly
101.  Stopping the ball with your head so it drops on the ground to play on
102.  Interception with the head
103.  A goalkeeper seems to head the ball away, or is it the moment of taking the picture that makes it look like that?
104.  Sprinting away from your opponent
105.  Wim Roosen tries to go around a French player
106.  Clearing the ball
107.  Placing your foot in a way to kick the ball
108.  Kicking the ball: Karel Kaufmann shows how to place your foot if you want to play the ball
109.  Kicking the ball: inside left foot kick
110.  Kicking the ball: play the ball with outside right foot to go around the defender
111.  Stopping the ball: Karel Kaufmann show how to do it good, under the foot
112.  Stopping the ball: Karel Kaufmann show how to do it wronf, with the tip of your foot
113.  Stopping the ball under the foot, but bending backwards is not good
114.  Goalkeeper saves the ball ., jumping with body behind the ball so no chance togo past him
115.  Goalkeeper pick up the ball with his legs open, great chance to roll through his legs
116.  Goalkeeper down on thee ground without a chance to stop the rebound of Abe Lenstra
117.  Goalkeeper on his back, no doubt for him to see the ball is in the back of the net
118.  Goalkeeper Kraak saves the ball and pushes it over the crossbar to make it a corner
119.  Goalkeeper Kraak saves the ball while jumping perfectly
Zesde hoofdstuk - de tactiek - F1-F20
120.  Line up: 1-2-3-5
121.  Before 1925 a player was offside when there were less then 3 players in front of him. In this picture the player is offside, only 2 players in front of him
122.  After 1925 a player was offside when there were less then 2 players in front of him. In this picture the player is on side because there are 2 players in front of him
123.  Line up: W-formation
124.  Line up: W-formation
125.  Line up: Middle European system
126.  Line up: Slingerback system
127.  Line up: Grendel system, mostly played in Switzerland
128.  Line up: Stopperspil system with defendeing halfs
129.  Line up: Stopperspil system with attacking halfs
130.  In the Stopperspil system the spil following his man as a third back
131.  The "magic square" in the Stopperspil system
132.  Attacking "kanthalfs
133.  Player with the ball and no opportunity to find a free teammate (all well defended)
134.  Three defenders on 1 striker giving the other strikers a chance to score
135.  The goalkeeper assisted by 3 teammates to clear the ball, leaving strikers from the opponent unattendend
136.  The wall at a free kick moment, remember to look out for some free players of the opponent
137.  2 Belgian player totally free in front of the Dutch goal
138.  1 defender stay close to the striker, goalkeeper goinf for the ball and another defender on the goalline
139.  Blocking the striker with the risk of a penalty against

Zevende hoofdstuk - het interland-voetbal herleeft - G1-G25

140.  The national teams of the Netherlands and Belgium before their match in Rotterdam
141.  Goalkeeper Kraak and Schijvenaarlooking at the ball that went over the goal
142.  Defender backing up his goalkeeper and defends the goal
143.  Not always necessery of a defender to stand close at the goalkeeper. Here Kraak takes the ball with ease and Schijvenaar look at the Belgian opponent
144.  Belgian player Mermans reacts like it is not a goal because of a bunch of players before the Dutch goal
145.  1st Belgian goal after WW II. 2nd minute of the match in Amsterdam on 12th of May 1946
146.  A goal of Rijvers for the Netherlands
147.  The 5th Dutch goal in the match scored by Wilkes (final score Netherland -Belgium 6- 3)
148.  21st of November 1948 the Belgians scoring 0-1 by Chaves who headed the ball after a mistake by Terlouw behind goalkeeper van Raalte
149.  Belgian player Thirifayt scoring against goalkeeper Kraak
150.  Another draw, 2nd Belgian goal of the match against the Netherlands in April 1948. The goal ment 1-2 in a match that ended 2 - 2 in ROtterdam
151.  Belgian goalkeeper anticipate just before Abe Lenstra could score
152.  April 1947 Bergman (Blauw-WIt) scores the first Dutch goal of the match against Belgium in Amsterdam (final score 2 - 1)
153.  The second goal of Bergman (Blauw-Wit) in this match
154.  Abe Lenstra gets the ball past the Belgian goalkeeper, a defender is in time to help him out of trouble
155.  The national teams of the Netherlands and France before their match in Rotterdam, 23rd of April 1949
156.  Terlouw hesitates what gave Baratte the chance to score 0-1 for the French team. Goalkeeper de Munck sees how the ball goes in via the goalpost
157.  Timmermans makes his first of three goals in in his debutmatch to egual the game again
158.  action moment before the Dutch goal, France can not score.
159.  S.V.V. - player van Schijdel has his share in the 4 - 1 victory against France
160.  Olympic Games 1948 : Goal of the Netherlands against Ireland.
161.  Olympic Games 1948 : Appel loses the ball to an England player
162.  21st of September 1947 Netherland - Switzerland, Captains de Vroet and Amado at the toss
163.  6th goal against Switzerland made by Wilkes ( final result 6 - 2)
164.  Toss before the Netherlands - Seden on the 9th of June 1948 (final result 1 - 0)

Achtste hoofdstuk - prestaties van spelers en clubs na 1945 - H1-H20

165.  Steenbergen of S.V.V saves before the line
166.  the back of A.G.O.V.V. can not prevent a goal of Be Quick (Zutphen) and goalkeepr Veenhuizen sees how the ball goes in
167.  Goalkeeper van Raalte of Blauw-Witgets the ball before Faas WIlkes (Xerxes) can head it in the goal
168.  Koning (Xerxes) in action while Wilkes waits what is going to happen against Haarlem
169.  Goalkeeper v.d. Bijl (Feyenoord) gets the ball aginst E.D.O
170.  Schijvenaar cleares the ball of the line
171.  Goalkeeper van Raalte in his sweatpants to protect him against the cold
172.  Goalkeeper Feenstra (Heerenveen) tries to save but is without a chance
173.  Abe Lenstra (Heerenveen) makes it 1 - 1 against E.D.O. , Schijvenaar is just to late
174.  Abe Lenstra (Heerenveen) with a goal against V.S.V.
175.  Goalkeeper Saris (B.V.V.) saves en Kees Krijgh helps him with this in the match against (N.A.C.)
176.  Krijgh (B.V.V.) and van Lith (S.V.V.) both trying to head the ball away
177.  Goossens of S.V.V. goes around the goalkeeper of N.O.A.D. and scores a goal
178.  Boeree (Haarlem) heads the ball into the net before goalkeeper van Raalte (Blauw-Wit) could get it
179.  Goalkeepre Brand (Go Ahead) has more succes against a Haarlem-attacker
180.  Groeneveld (Haarlem) also stopped by Brand (Go Ahead)
181.  E.D.O is one of the few teams with numbers on their shirts
182.  Jonker of A.G.O.V.V. receives before the Championship match 2 baskets with eggs for his teammates
183.  Karel Lotsy presenting the trophy of the Dutch Cup tournament
184.  de Zilveren Bal
185.  de Arol-beker

Negende hoofdstuk - voetbal rond onze landsgrenzen - J1-J20

186.  picture from a F.A. Cup match
187.  F.A. Cup final 1948: Blackpool scoring 1-0 against Manchester United from the penalty spot
188.  F.A. Cup final 1949: Wolverhampton Wanderers scoring 1-0 against Leicester City
189.  Billy Wright with the F.A. Cup and his teammates from Wolverhampton Wanderers after winning the 1949 final
190.  John Carey with the F.A. Cup and his teammates from Manchester United after winning the 1948 final
191.  The King of England handing over the F.A. Cup to John Carey
192.  a fan of .... (possibly Newcastle United)
193.  fans of Leicester City
194.  fans of ..... on their way to the F.A. Cup final
195.  The Duke of Edinburgh is introduced to the players of England and Scotland. In the middle is goalkeeper Frank Swift.
196.  England - Scotland, the Scottisch goalkeeper is without a chance against Carter
197.  Frank Swift in the 66th match between England and Scotland (1-3) on April 9th 1949
198.  An exciting moment in front of the Tottenham Hotspur goal
199.  The goalkeeper of Middlesbrough bounce the ball back in action
200.  England - France (3-0) England player Hardwick try to tackle a French player
201.  France - England (2-1) May 20th 1946. Goalkeeper Da Rui (France) intercepted the ball
202.  England - Switzerland (6-0) Goalkeepr Corrodi (Switzerland) saves
203.  Great Brittain - Rest of Europe May 10th 1947 in Glasgow. Tommy Lawton and Italian Parola
204.  Goalkeeper Da Rui saves an attempt of English player Mannion in the match Great Brittain - Rest of Europe
205.  Goalkeeper Frank Swift saves in the same match, that Great Brittain won with 6-1

Tiende hoofdstuk - de sport in pers en radio - K1-K21

206.  Nederlands jeugdelftal
207.  Oud Internationals
208.  Haarlem
209.  B.V.V.
210.  S.V.V.
211.  Heerenveen
212.  Limburgia
213.  N.A.C.
214.  A.G.O.V.V.
215.  V.S.V.
216.  Friesland
217.  K.F.C
218.  R.C.H.
219.  N.O.A.D.
220.  Radiowagen
221.  buitenkant radiohokje
222.  zicht vanuit binnenkant radiohokje
223.  Han Hollander
224.  Ir. van Emmenes
225.  Aad van Leeuwen
226.  Leo Pagano

Kampioenselftal Ie klasse afdeling 1 in het seizoen 1949-1950

227.  Blauw Wit

Kampioenselftal Ie klasse afdeling 2 in het seizoen 1949-1950

228.  Ajax

Kampioenselftal Ie klasse afdeling 3 in het seizoen 1949-1950

229.  Enschedese Boys

Kampioenselftal Ie klasse afdeling 4 in het seizoen 1949-1950

230.  Limburgia

Kampioenselftal Ie klasse afdeling 5 in het seizoen 1949-1950

231.  Heerenveen

Kampioenselftal Ie klasse afdeling 6 in het seizoen 1949-1950

232.  Maurits

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