Sunday, 2 October 2016

Masonic Trade Cards - Famous Freemasons Series One (02) - Postcard

Famous Freemasons Series One
Masonic Trade Cards
1 postcard

John Levitt has sent scans of an advertising postcard he received recently relating to a set of cards featuring 'Famous Freemasons'. As you can see Sir Alf Ramsey is featured, hence it's inclusion here.

Sir Alf Ramsey
John Wayne
Sir Winston Churchill
Tommy Cooper
Gerald Ford


  1. What a shame that the art of using the apostrophe appears to be dying. :-(

    1. Yes, one missing from the front of the card and one on the front and two on the reverse side that, by my reckoning, shouldn't be there.

  2. Yep. On the back there are THREE that shouldn't be there - "enthusiast's", 2collector's" and "card's". Also TWO missing on the back - "worlds" (twice)
    I despair and I, for one, would be appalled if someone that I knew (or had taught!) was producing this set (which also looks awful, by the way)


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