Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Card Insert Ltd. - (CAR-020a/b//CBI-1A/B) Famous Footballers (02)

(CAR-020a/b//CBI-1A/B) Famous Footballers
Card Insert Ltd.
1 card issued

Mick Parsons has sent in scans of three other versions of this card. The previous post, showing the card with details printed on the back, can be found here - Card Insert Ltd. - CAR-020a/CBI-1A Famous Footballers.

(CAR-020b/CBI-1B) Famous Footballers - Sepia - no name on the front

(CAR-020a/CBI-1A) Famous Footballers - Black - no name on the front
(CAR-020a/CBI-1A) Famous Footballers - Black - Name on the front - Details on the back  - shown previously
(CAR-020a/CBI-1A) Famous Footballers - Black - Name in red - plain back

12.  J. Logie (Arsenal)

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