Tuesday 16 August 2016

Panini - Euro 88 (08) - Coca Cola Poster (Germany)


Euro 88
Panini / Coca Cola
West Germany
28 stickers

In West Germany the album was available with a special poster to hold 28 extra mini stickers that were attached to Coca Cola bottles (both sides of the poster are shown above).

1.  Immel (West Germany)

2.  Illgner (West Germany)
3.  Reuter (West Germany)
4.  Berthold (West Germany)
5.  Herget (West Germany)
6.  Hörster (West Germany)
7.  Buchwald (West Germany)
8.  Foda (West Germany)
9.  Kohler (West Germany)
10.  Frontzeck (West Germany)
11.  Pflügler (West Germany)
12.  Matthäus (West Germany)
13.  Dorfner (West Germany)
14.  Schwabl (West Germany)
15.  Rahn (West Germany)
16.  Wuttke (West Germany)
17.  Thon (West Germany)
18.  Brehme (West Germany)
19.  Littbarski  (West Germany)
20.  Völler (West Germany)
21.  Klinsmann (West Germany)
22.  Allofs (West Germany)
23.  Neubarth  (West Germany)
24.  Ordenewitz (West Germany)
25.  Hochstätter (West Germany)
26.  Eckstein (West Germany)
27.  Borowka (West Germany)
28.  Beckenbauer (West Germany)

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