Monday 1 August 2016

Anonymous - (ZJC-110-1/ZJ5-39-1) Cricketers & Footballers - Caption in one line

(ZJC-110-1/ZJ5-39-1) Cricketers & Footballers - Caption in one line
33 cards known (3 football)

The cards measure 60mm x 40mm, have plain backs and are unnumbered. They are numbered here for reference purposes only. Please note that the two players listed as 'Notts County' are actually cricketers who played for Nottinghamshire.
UPDATE (05-08-2016 13:22):  Brian Jukes has kindly provided scans of four of the cricketers from this series, none of which were previously listed.
  1. L.K. Capewell (Aston Villa)
  2. J.W.H.T. Douglas (Essex)
  3. T.J. Durston (Middlesex)
  4. R.M. Eggo (Reading)
  5. P.C.H. Fender (Surrey)
  6. A.E.R. Gilligan (Sussex)
  7. A.G. Graham (Millwall Ath.)
  8. S. Haden (Arsenal)
  9. Hallows (Lancashire)
  10. H.T.W. Hardinge (Kent)
  11. J.W. Hearne (Middlesex)
  12. E. Hendren (Middlesex)
  13. J.B. Hobbs (Surrey)
  14. R. Kilner (Yorkshire)
  15. W.H. Livsey (Hampshire)
  16. G.G. MaCauley (Yorkshire)
  17. H. Makepeace (Lancashire)
  18. F.T. Mann (Middlesex)
  19. C.P. Mead (Hampshire)
  20. H.R. Murrell (Middlesex)
  21. T. Oates (Notts County)
  22. E. Oldroyd (Yorkshire)
  23. Pearson (Worcester)
  24. P. Perrin (Essex)
  25. W. Rhodes (Yorkshire)
  26. A.C. Russell (Essex)
  27. A. Sandham (Surrey)
  28. J. Seymour (Kent)
  29. H. Strudwyck (Surrey)
  30. H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire)
  31. R. Tyldesley (Lancashire)
  32. W. Whysall (Notts County)
  33. F.E. Woolley (Kent)


  1. Thanks for showing the Eggo card Alan. It's the same photo they used for the Pinnace series, but I had no idea this card existed. Another one to look out for!

    1. Hi Chris,

      It's not a good picture, being a scan of a photocopy, but these cards are so rare. Good luck with your search.



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