Friday 1 July 2016

Cohen, Weenen & Co. (Circus Girl Cigarettes) - Heroes Of Sport (3)

Heroes Of Sport
Cohen, Weenen & Co. (Circus Girl Cigarettes)
100 (49 Footballers)

Peter has been doing a lot of research on this collection...
Please find attached small scans of the Cohen Weenen Heroes of Sport series. It contains 44 scans, without the four rugby players. Those in sepia are based on Ogden's cards similar to those of the Cohen Weenen set. The cards almost certainly look like this but it would be nice to confirm that. So they are in UNCONFIRMED category. I hope with the help of other collectors we can get them all confirmed.
The mysterious J. Hernie is actually John Harvey of Newcastle United and Sunderland. I've put his portrait in that place on the set sheet. The original card is from Ogden's series but is more than possible that it looks just like this. 
F.G. Wylie is incorrect, this is actually Thomas Graham Wyllie (Tom) not 'F.G.' as stated on both cards. I suspected he may have had a brother but there is only one 'Wyllie' that played for Bury in this era. It is almost certainly the Liverpool player 'Tom'. Goodness knows where the 'F.G.' came from!
UPDATE (01-07-2016 13:45):  Some cards added to the partial illustrated checklist.

Allsop (Nottingham Forest)

J. Banks (West Bromwich Albion)
R. R Barker (English International)
W. I. Bassett (West Bromwich Albion)
H. Boyd (Woolwich Arsenal)
A. Brady (Sheffield Wednesday)
A.Bradley (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Brash (Sheffield Wednesday)
C. Athersmith (C. Athersmith) (Aston Villa)
Cayhill  (Woolwich Arsenal)
F.H. Crawshaw  (Sheffeld Wednesday)
H. Davis (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Devey (Aston Villa)
W. Dunlop (Sunderland)
M.E. Earp (Sheffield Wednesday)
Evans (Aston Villa)
Fegan (Rugby)
Ferguson (Sunderland)
Field (Rugby)
J. Gillespie (Sunderland)
Gosling (Rugby)
A. Hamilton (Sunderland)
J. Hernie (Sunderland) - John Harvey (Newcastle United)   *** see note above
T. Hislop (Stoke)
J. Hutchinson (West Bromwich Albion)
J. Jamieson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Jenkyns (Millwall Athletic)
D. Jones (Bolton Wanderers)
H. Matthews (Woolwich Arsenal)
C. McGahey (Corinthians)
G. McGalachan (Rugby)
McGregor (Scottish International) (Rugby)
R. McNeil (Sunderland)
A. Montgomery (Bury)
W. Place (Junr.) (Bury)  -  should be Burnley, never played for Bury - thanks to Baz Warburton
Powell (Woolwich Arsenal)
W. Purviss (Small Heath)
H. Reay (Everton)
R.R. Sandliands (Old Westminsters)
A. Scott  (Nottrngham Forest)
J. Sharp  (Preston North End)
Bosworth Smith (Oxford University)
G.O. Smith  (Corinthians)
S. Smith  (Aston Villa)
F. Spikesley  (Sheffield Wednesday)
Storer (Millwall) - never played for Millwall - shown wearing an Arsenal jersey   -   thanks to Leitchaj and Pat - 19-10-2023
G.F. Wheldon (Small Heath)   -   amended 19-05-2016
W. Williams  (West Bromwich Albion)
F.G. Wyllie (Bury)  - Tom Wylie (Liverpool)     *** see note above

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