Friday, 6 May 2016

Stoke Sentinel - Football Caricatures by Wilfrid Sheard

Football Caricatures by Wilfrid Sheard
Stoke Sentinel
5 known

I'm not sure if these were intended to be cut out and kept, but the caricatures by Wilfrid Sheard are as good as any of the ones featured in newspapers in the years after the Second World War. I don't know when these appeared in the newspaper, most of the players were at their clubs through most of the 1940's though Ted Oldfield left Port Vale in 1947. Five are listed here but there are probably many more and I am very grateful to James Cotton for the scans.

George Heppell (Port Vale)

J.E. (Ted) Oldfield (Port Vale)
"Billy" Pointon (Port Vale)
Dennis Herod (Stoke City)
Fred Steele (Stoke City)

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