Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Roox Sports - Cleveland Crunch (1999-2000)

Cleveland Crunch
Roox Sports
22 cards

The Cleveland Crunch were members of the National Professional Soccer League, an indoor football team.

Title Card
1 CC.  Hector Marinaro
2 CC.  Otto Orf
3 CC.  Tommy Tanner
4 CC.  Scott Schweitzer
5 CC.  Danny Ciornei
6 CC.  Adam Cornett
7 CC.  Kia Zolgharnain
8 CC.  Chad James
9 CC.  Zoran Karic
10 CC.  Andy Schmetzer
11 CC.  Shawn Boney
12 CC.  Jeff Deist
13 CC.  Lester Felician
14 CC.  Goran Vasic
15 CC.  Oscar Draguicevich
16 CC.  Juan Castillo
17 CC.  Andy Eller
18 CC.  Troy Dusosky
19 CC.  Nikola Ristic
20 CC.  Nick Dicello
21 CC.  Bruce Miller

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