Sunday, 10 April 2016

Unknown issuer (Turkey) - 2014 World Cup Adrenalyn Trading Card Game


2014 World Cup Adrenalyn Trading Card Game
Unknown issuer
Russia / Turkey
Unknown number

These cards look familiar but they are not made by Panini. This collection seems to have been printed in Russia for the Turkish market. These cards are unnumbered so it's not possible to known how many there are to collect (why do companies do that!). I suppose it's possible they've copied all the cards from Panini's official Road to 2014 World Cup Adrenalyn XL collection, with subtle changes like no refernce to 'XL', alterations to the logo, changes to the backs of the cards, etc.
UPDATE (15-04-2016 13:58):  I've heard from Ali Murat Atay and I've got it the wrong way round, These cards are produced in Turkey, probably in the city of Adana, for the Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian markets.

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