Thursday, 14 April 2016

A. & J. Donaldson - Sports Favourites - Postcards

Sports Favourites - Postcards
A. & J. Donaldson
8 postcards

Robert Muat has enlisted the help of Harry Richards to compile a checklist for the Sports Favourites postcards.
All 8 are Wee Heads and were enlargements of cards from the main set, except for Thornton and Tully, where new drawings were used. Thornton's original card is 2 colours. A new design was need because all the other cards were 3 colours. For some reason the Tully postcard was also a new design, even though the original card was in 3 colours.
The postcards were redemptions and Robert seems to recall that 25 regular cards were needed to be able to receive a postcard.

Evans (Celtic)
Miller (Celtic)
Tully (Celtic)
Weir (Celtic)
Shaw (Rangers)
Thornton (Rangers)
Woodburn (Rangers)
Young (Rangers)

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