Tuesday 5 April 2016

Lidl - Euro 2016 Stikeez

Euro 2016 Stikeez
25 figures

Coming to a store near you, Euro 2016 Stikeez. The stikeez craze first broke last summer, now Lidl are bringing out a new range of characters representing the teams that have qualified for Euro 2016. One blind packet is given free when spending a certain amount of money, they are also available to buy and will be in Lidl stores across Europe in the coming weeks, if they haven't started appearing already.

Trophy (gold)
Albania (red)
Austria (white)
Belgium (red)
Croatia (blue)
Czech Republic (red)
England (white)
France (blue)
Germany (white)
Hungary (green)
Iceland (blue)
Italy (blue)
Northern Ireland (green)
Poland (red)
Portugal (green)
Republic of Ireland (green)
Romania (yellow)
Russia (white)
Slovakia (blue)
Spain (red)
Sweden (yellow)
Switzerland (white)
Turkey (red)
Ukraine (yellow)
Wales (green)

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