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Match Weekly - World CupOrama (1982)

World CupOrama
Match Weekly
36 stickers

The poster and first sheet of "stickers", using the term very loosely, were included with the issue of Match Weekly dated 5 June, 1982. Further "stickers" appeared over the following two weeks. I call them stickers as that is how they are referred to in the magazine, but beware, they are not actually stickers, just an assortment of pictures (page 33 in the 5 June issue) that have to be cut out and pasted on to the poster. At the moment I only have details from one of the magazines as I'm still trying to track down the other two issues.

World CupOrama - 5 June, 1982

Noel Brotherston (Northern Ireland)
Valdir Peres (Brazil)
Herbert Prohaska (Austria)
Josef Barmos (Czechoslovakia)
Saad Aziz Al-Houti (Kuwait)
Jan Ceulemans (Belgium)
Tibor Nyilasi (Hungary)
Kenny Dalglish (Scotland)
Vladimir Petrovic (Yugoslavia)
Gaetano Scirea (Italy)
Trevor Francis (England)
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (West Germany)

World CupOrama - 12 June, 1982


World CupOrama - 19 June, 1982


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