Friday 12 February 2016

I. Rutter & Co. - Comic Phrases

Comic Phrases
I. Rutter & Co.
54 cards (1 football)

It's not often I come across a proper football cigarette card that I haven't covered before. One of an unnumbered set of 54 cards. The cards are numbered here for reference purposes only and 11 subjects remain unlisted.
  1. A chilling reception
  2. A dandy coloured coon
  3. An enjoyable smoke
  4. A friendly argument
  5. A hopeless case   -   added 19-01-2022
  6. A Hurricane (Upper case)
  7. A killing costume   -   added 19-01-2022
  8. A Marine Painter
  9. A Miss with a Mission for a Man with a Mansion (Upper case)
  10. A Moonlight Serenade
  11. A Snapshot (Upper case)
  12. A stern chase is a long chase
  13. A striking advertisement   -   added 19-01-2022
  14. A Study from the Antique (Upper case)
  15. A Tailor's Dummy (Upper case)
  16. An interesting occupation   -   added 19-01-2022
  17. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home (Upper case)    -   added 19-01-2022
  18. Beautiful Aroma
  19. Bicycle for sale, Cheap! Owner Given up Riding (Upper case)
  20. Caught in the Act!
  21. Circumstances alter Cases (Upper case)
  22. Coming Events Cast their Shadows Before (Upper case)
  23. First Favourites   -   added 19-01-2022
  24. Getting a Lift in Life
  25. Got up to kill
  26. Hard Up for a Light
  27. His Night Out
  28. How doth the little busy bee delight to bark and bite (Upper case)    -   added 19-01-2022
  29. Hurrying to Catch the Mail (Upper case)
  30. In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to love    -   added 19-01-2022
  31. Is civilization a failure? (Upper case)    -   added 19-01-2022
  32. Keeping Pace with the Times (Upper case)
  33. Married beneath her
  34. My Heart's in the Highlands (Upper case)
  35. None but the brave deserve the fare (Upper case)    -   added 19-01-2022
  36. Off to Philadelphia in the Morning (Upper case)
  37. Oft in the stilly night
  38. Oh! My poor jaw    -   added 19-01-2022
  39. Oh! Would I were a Bird (Upper case)
  40. One for the Referee
  41. Rock Me to Sleep Mother
  42. Smoke Mitcham Cigarettes
  43. Stew'd soles and eels
  44. Stick to Mitcham Cigarettes (Upper case)
  45. The Emancipation of Woman (Upper case)
  46. The girl I left behind me
  47. The Man that broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (Upper case)
  48. The Mother-in-Law
  49. The new woman
  50. The Size of the Fish We Lose (Upper case)
  51. Tommy's Last Tune
  52. Two to one on the field
  53. We Won't Go Home Till Morning (Upper case)
  54. What are the Wild Waves Saying? (Upper case)

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