Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Esso - ESV-6 Soccer Superstars Top Team Collection (02) - Packets

ESV-6 Soccer Superstars Top Team Collection
12 pairs

These are usually found with just one complete pair of footballers. Most seem to be paired in alphabetical order, as there are 22 players you would expect a total of 11 pairs, buth Pat Jennings can be found paired with both Kevin Keegan and Bobby Moore. John Toshack was a Liverpool player at this time, but is shown wearing a Cardiff City shirt.

1.  Colin Bell (Manchester City)
2.  Billy Bremner (Leeds United)
3.  Martin Chivers (Tottenham Hotspur)
4.  Kenny Dalglish (Glasgow Celtic)
5.  Mike England (Tottenham Hotspur)
6.  Eddie Gray (Leeds United)
7.  David Hay (Glasgow Celtic)
8.  Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool)
9.  Norman Hunter (Leeds United)
10.  Leighton James (Burnley)
11.  Pat Jennings (Tottenham Hotspur)
12.  Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
13.  Peter Lorimer (Leeds United)
14.  Malcolm MacDonald (Newcastle United)
15.  Paul Madeley (Leeds United)
16.  Rodney Marsh (Manchester City)
17.  Roy McFarland (Derby County)
18.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
19.  Martin Peters (Tottenham Hotspur)
20.  Peter Shilton (Leicester City)
21.  Peter Storey (Arsenal)
22.  John Toshack (Cardiff City)

Colin Bell (Manchester City) / Billy Bremner (Leeds United)
Martin Chivers (Tottenham Hotspur) / Kenny Dalglish (Glasgow Celtic)
Mike England (Tottenham Hotspur) / Eddie Gray (Leeds United)
David Hay (Glasgow Celtic) / Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool)
Norman Hunter (Leeds United) / Leighton James (Burnley)
Pat Jennings (Tottenham Hotspur) / Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
Pat Jennings (Tottenham Hotspur) / Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
Peter Lorimer (Leeds United) / Malcolm MacDonald (Newcastle United)
Paul Madeley (Leeds United) / Rodney Marsh (Manchester City)
Roy McFarland (Derby County) / Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
Martin Peters (Tottenham Hotspur) / Peter Shilton (Leicester City)
Peter Storey (Arsenal) / John Toshack (Cardiff City)

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