Sunday, 3 January 2016

Taddy & Co. - (ZJ03-745) Sports & Pastimes Series 1

(ZJ03-745) Sports & Pastimes Series 1
Taddy & Co.
25 cards (1 football, sort of)

Another unusual card to find on this blog - Pushball has also been called Horse Soccer, Equine Soccer and Hoofball. The Taddy version is usually listed as having been issued in 1912, whilst most of the other issuers seem to be dated to the 1923/1924/1925 era. I've shown the front of one card, all the others are exactly the same. I've included backs of some of the other versions too though there are some I haven't been able to track down. The title on the front of the cards tell us that this is Series 1 but I don't believe a second series was ever produced. Here's a list of the issuers I know of, some are tobacco companies, followed by the 25 card checklist. The plain backed version was issued by Teofani & Co. Ltd.

Taddy & Co.
James Almond & Sons
Bucktrout & Co Ltd
T.H. Collins, Mansfield
Jonathan Edmondson & Co Ltd.
Evershed & Son Ltd
T.P. & R. Goodbody
Hudden & Co. Ltd
Miranda Ltd
Redford & Co.
W. Sandorides & Co Ltd
W. Sword & Co.
Teofani & Co. Ltd

1.  Tiger Hunt in India
2.  Kangaroo Hunting
3.  Ski Jumping in Norway
4.  Fox Hunting
5.  Yacht Racing
6.  Golf
7.  Military Pushball
8.  Catching Crocodiles
9.  Elephant Hunting in India
10.  Bear Hunting
11.  Lacrosse
12.  Lion Hunting
13.  Tent Pegging
14.  Moose Shooting in British Columbia
15.  Polo
16.  Steeplechasing
17.  Otter Hunting
18.  Salmon Fishing
19.  Pig Sticking in India
20.  Tobogganing
21.  Hunting Antelopes in India
22.  Skating
23.  Archery
24.  Motoring
25.  Grouse Shooting

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